1. Is it safe to use sex toys while I am pregnant?

    Sex and pregnancy is still something of a taboo, despite it being one of the most natural things possible.

    During pregnancy, your hormones go wild and some days you'll be craving non-stop multiple orgasms and other days you'd happily leave your Jessica Rabbit Vibrator to gather dust under the bed.

    So enjoy the beautiful and rewarding time that is pregnancy, without the worry!

    I have very protruding labia and I would like to get them removed. Can you help?

    Please let me reassure you that having inner lips which protrude is perfectly normal. I'd generally say leave well alone, but you're obviously very troubled by this long-standing problem.

    Can you tell me why, when I am ready to climax, I pass wind? I hate it - any ideas please?

    You say it happens when you’re about to climax, and I suspect this is because that’s the moment when you’re completely letting go.

    Top Tips For Using Your Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator

    The Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator, with it's 10 tongues ready to tempt you into orgasmic bliss, has finally arrived!

    The sensational oral sex simulator, a one of a kind for clitoris' everywhere, has been hailed as a revolution in orgasms. And a revolution it is! So grab your Sqweel and read on for my top tips to a climax that'll have you sqweeling!

    My boyfriend and I are 19 but he believes in no sex before marriage. It's very difficult... help!

    You say his wish for no sex before marriage is part of his faith - which I assume you don’t belong to.

    I worry that my boyfriend is now more interested in porn than me. He doesn't seem to want sex. Help!

    I can see why you’re feeling hurt and confused, with your partner not initiating sex, and instead seeming to prefer porn and self-pleasure.

    Five steps to squirting... the secret of female ejaculation revealed!

    Locating your G-spot (yes, it does exist!) can open up a whole new and orgasmic world of pleasure. The next step is to discover how to enjoy a G-spot orgasm… and then ejaculate.

    I'm a 36 year-old married woman with diabetes and a very low sex drive. How can I get aroused?

    You’re absolutely right that a low sex drive plus difficulty in becoming aroused is common in people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

    Top Ten Sexy Hotels

    Whether you're looking for a long romantic getaway or a dirty weekend of hardcore, out-and-out, going-at-it-like-rabbits, utterly decadent, unstoppably sexy, rampant filth, take a little advice from our top ten sexy hotels list and you won't be disappointed…

    From the cosy and romantic to the practically pornographic, with this list of hotels, there really is something for everyone.

    1. Morgans Hotel, St Martin's Lane, London, England
    Not only is this hotel located in London's ultra glamorous Westminster but it is so uniquely sexy that you may not actually leave your room the entire time you're there!

    With sleek white furniture, colour changing mood-lighting and glass walls you won't be able to resist the allure to get down and dirty…

    Ultimate Hotel Fantasy: Have sex up against those floor-to-ceiling glass walls that overlook one of the trendiest parts of London! Nothing is more rebellious or exhibitionistic!

    I'm a single woman with a complicated relationship with man. He likes me but I think he's gay. Help!

    I think you’ve made this whole thing far more complicated than it needs to be! You’ve been relying on guesswork.

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