1. Can food influence the gender of your baby?

    Eat certain foods and amounts to influence your baby's gender.

    How to Be a Submissive Lover

    Just like domination, submission also carries its stigmas and clichés that would have us believe all manners of mythical nonsense. Being atypically dominant, writing this piece did not come naturally to me. I've had very little experience in submitting to a lover and I wanted to seek out further information to assist me. I was staggered upon conducting my research to find that there is a distinct lack of information on the subject. I could regale you with tales of those who submit to professional dominants, give you insight into lifestyle submission and shock you with extreme pornographic episodes. But even with the wealth of knowledge open to the public domain online, I could barely find a useful sentiment on purely sexual submission.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I have submissive sexual desires, but in no way do these desires resemble the extreme portrayals I've stumbled across researching this piece. I don't want to confuse what is in essence an achievable sexual fantasy with a much deeper and more involved form of submission that I've come across in my time as a professional dominatrix. Although the two can be intrinsically bound for those who crave sexual submission, the majority of us are seeking nothing more than some between-the-sheets action with little or no desire for it to infringe on our day-to-day lives.

    I have been using vibrators for years but my new man isn't into sex toys. What can I do?

    Try and get him to view it as a toy for both of you to enjoy.

    Spice Up Your sex Life by Joining the Mile High Club

    Tips for enjoying discreet fun while flying the friendly skies.

    How can I achieve multiple orgasms with my partner and vibrator?

    There are plenty of women who can only orgasm with a vibrator. Don't worry about it!

    Seven Health Benefits of Sex

    Increased life expectancy, health and fitness - sex just keeps getting better!

    I love masturbating but my vibe is too noisy. Can you recommend a quiet but powerful one?

    Bullets tend to be the quietest vibrators or why not try a bigger but silent vibrator?

    A bedroom staple for many people, the bullet is often considered the sex toy that guarantees zero to orgasm in under a minute. But the bullet vibrator is a toy that should be exploited to its full orgasmic potential.

    Want a few more ideas for how to use this versatile little vibrator? Look no further! This guide will give you some new ideas for how to use a bullet vibrator.

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