1. Time to Rediscover Your Sex Life

    Too exhausted, busy with the kids or simply not in the mood? Read on

    Can I use a cock ring to get an erection?

    It's easier to put a ring on before you're erect.

    Are all types of lube safe to use during oral sex?

    Water-based and silicone lubes are safe to taste.

    How can I introduce S&M into my sex life?

    This is new territory in your relationship so I suggest you take it very gently.

    I've always faked my orgasms and I'm too ashamed to admit this to my boyfriend

    How is he ever going to discover what works for you?

    How can I improve my sexual confidence? I feel like I'm letting my relationship down

    Sexual confidence is something which needs to be created together.

    Loss of libido and depression? Your partner could be suffering from TDS

    Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome affects many men over the age of 50 and can be treated in most cases.

    I get recurring cystitis. Is it related to frequent sex and the size of my boyfriend's penis?

    Lots of sex can increase the risk of cystitis which is why it is nicknamed the 'honeymoon' disease.

    Why does sex get overlooked as we get older?

    Don't let age get in the way of an exciting sex life.

    I have been with my partner for 4 years and never orgasmed. What is wrong with me?

    How much stimulation is your partner giving to your clitoris? Most women need this in order to climax.

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