Lovehoney Survey Links High IQ to High Sex Drive

by Lucy

on 9 Jul 2014

The results are in!

Think university league tables are boring? Think again…

You may remember a little survey we ran a few weeks ago, which was all about education and sex. Well, the results are in, and (teamed with our latest sales data) what we discovered makes for some pretty interesting reading…

Cambridge University topped the sex toy league table, followed by Oxford - suggesting a high IQ could mean a higher sex drive, and that high-fliers are more open to sexual experimentation. Woah!

Not only were they officially the most sexually adventurous, students at Cambridge University spent 25% more than they did last year - with sexy lingerie being the biggest seller for this brainy bunch.

Nottingham and Northampton Universities, however, fell to the bottom of the sexual league with the least money spent on sex toys per student. You can do better than that!

Read on to find out how the rest of them scored…

It's official, students at Cambridge University spend more on sex toys than at any other university.

Spending at Cambridge, the fourth best university in the world, actually shot up by 25% in the last year to £12,400, which works out 69p a head. The most popular items amongst Cambridge students were erotic lingerie, with fetish catsuits and crotchless knickers amongst the most popular purchases. Ooh-er!

Oxford University was just pipped to the post and came second in our sex league table. They spent £8,800 on sex toys - or 41p for each of its 21,000 students - and the best-selling items were G-spot vibrators and butt plugs.

Leeds University lagged far behind our two elite universities in third place with spending of £6,600 - almost half of Cambridge's total, whilst Manchester came in fourth place, with an annual spending of £5,600.

The high levels of sex toy spending appear to show a heightened interest in sex amongst students in the Russell Group of elite universities - particularly Cambridge and Oxford. All bar two of the top 10 spending colleges are in the prestigious Russell Group. These figures seem to suggest that students with high IQs may also have high sex drives.

Our Loveyhoney co-founder Richard Longhurst sums it up like this: "All Lovehoney research shows a big interest in sexual experimentation amongst high-fliers, so it is no surprise that Cambridge University comes so far ahead on sex toy spending, with Oxford University in second."

"Whether this proves that a high IQ equates to a high sex drive is another matter. We've found that everyone in the UK is becoming a lot more relaxed about sex and lot more interested in trying new things."

"A big factor in this has been Fifty Shades of Grey which has completely changed the sexual landscape in the UK and made millions far more prepared to try new things. With the movie out next year, we are expecting customers to become even more risque. It's the kind of long-term change in sexual behaviour patterns which would make an interesting topic of research for the boffins at Cambridge University."

Top 20 Universities and Spending:

1 Cambridge £12,400
2 Oxford £8,800
3 Leeds £6,600
4 Manchester £5,600
5 Lancaster £5,400
6 York £4,600
7 Southampton £3,700
8 Durham £3,600
9 Aberystwyth £3,200
10 University College London £3,200
11 Kent £3,100
12 Sheffield £2,900
13 St Andrews £2,700
14 Keele £2,600
15 East Anglia £2,600
16 Cardiff £2,400
17 Newcastle £2,300
18 Sussex £2,300
19 Hertfordshire £2,200
20 Bath £2,200

Bottom 5:

1 Nottingham
2 Northampton
3 Aberdeen
4 Luton
5 Greenwich

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Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
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Originally published on 9 Jul 2014. Updated on 5 Aug 2020