Sex Position Challenge: Say Hello to The Hammock

Sex Position Challenge: Say Hello to The Hammock

by Lovehoney

on 22 May 2015

Sex Position of the Month The Hammock

Are you looking for some bedroom inspiration? Trying a new position is a great way to keep your encounters with your partner fun and fresh, and this one is a winner!

If you tried our last Sex Position Challenge then you should be prepped and ready for something a little trickier. Introducing… The Hammock.

This position requires a prop so remember to get it ready beforehand to reduce the mid-flow kerfuffle.

How to achieve The Hammock:

Begin with the man sitting on some form of foot rest or pouffe. A sturdy stool or the side of the bed would probably suffice. The woman then straddles him backwards, facing the floor.

Once you feel comfortable in this position, join hands and have her slowly lower her body forward while he leans backward to counteract. Lastly, the woman raises her legs so they are in the air. Sounds easy, right?

Let us know if you try The Hammock and how you got on in the comments section below.

Although we have used a heterosexual couple for this example, this position could be adapted for gay couples and lesbian couples with the use of a strap on dildo.

Can't wait for next month to get another position? Try our Kama Sutra Playing Cards for more adventurous inspiration.

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Originally published on 22 May 2015. Updated on 5 Aug 2020