1. Now, we never pretend to be mechanically minded, so you can't blame us.

    I noticed that the car was making a kind of "zzzz…pop…brrrr" noise, which I was pretty sure it wasn't supposed to do. Starsky stuck his head under the bonnet and told us that there was no oil in the engine. And that the plug leads were hanging off (whatever they are). Still, they fixed it and we're back on the road!

    A rest stop in a field somewhere in Germany (we think). Next we're heading off to Copenhagen and then up through Sweden to the Arctic Circle (brrrrr!).

    We interrupt this blog for a brief public service announcement…

    We believe the girls (and the rest of the convoy) are currently somewhere in Scandinavia, but lines of communication have been down so we can only guess. Hopefully they'll find a cybercafe soon.

    In the meantime, we've received several good luck messages, including this one in Russian!

    "??? ????? - (Love-Honey in Russian - I think - literally Honey of Love?)

    I hope you can make out the Russian words (unicode format is needed)

    ????? ??? ?????. ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ??? ???????.

    ??????? ??????????. ??????? ??? ??? ?????????.


    Thank you Neville!

    Hang on, that's horse-racing not Formula 1… Anyway, things are getting exciting as we load up on condoms and vibes and start arguing about what music we're going to be listening to on the journey.. Maroon 5, Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand and Red Hot Chilli Peppers are in my stack -- Jenny is bringing a load of show tunes… How camp!

    We've also bought a couple of phrasebooks which will help us get by. Jenny says she can get by in Italian and French, and can ask the way to the train station in German. Useful if we get lost and breakdown I suppose…

    Not that I'm massively into football, but well done England (which is, after all, where I live) for getting through to the next round of the European Championships.

    If Rooney Mania gets any more frenzied, we'll have to paint a picture of him (or Shrek!) on the side of the car to celebrate. Instead, we're getting a nice big picture of Honey, the Lovehoney mascot, who you can see pretending to me over there on the right of this page.

    Preparations are continuing apace and thank you to everyone who has linked to our blog. The more people that come, the more money we raise (in more ways than one!).

    Quite a few people have asked us how they can help raise money for Breakthrough. Obviously we'd love you to sign our sponsorship form, but we can't very easily pop round your house and thrust it under your nose.

    Lovehoney was going to donate 15% of everything bought on Lovehoney by our blog visitors to Breakthrough, but they can't do that because it breaks a business / charity law.

    So you'd like to give, send us your money! Or send Breakthrough your money direct! Hurrah!

    We have a confession to make. Actually, that's not quite accurate -- I have a confession to make…

    I. Haven't. Passed. My. Driving. Test.

    Initially I kidded myself that this might not be a problem and that I'd magically be able to pass before we leave on 2 July, but it doesn't look like there's going to be time.

    Obviously I will have to leave the driving to Parker (pictured on the right). She has lots of experience of driving in foreign countries, even if it did take her 3 attempts to pass her driving test…

    At the risk of appearing totally cheesy, here's a shot of us trying to test how many vibrators we could fit in the boot. We're not sure what the ratio of condoms to toys to essentials (food, drink, clothes…) will be, but there's going to be thousands of condoms and (we reckon) a hundred or so 'toys' (ahem).

    Click the image for a bigger pic… This picture is a bit of a dead giveaway that the boys didn't do a totally bang-up job on the paintwork -- they didn't even do the inside of the doors! I expect we'll have to provide our own furry dice…

    If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well… Now that we've overcome our initial regret at accepting this challenge in a drunken haze, we've decided to give it our all. It wouldn't be right to have a pretty pink Reliant Robin and have us slobbing round in our jeans, so we've persuaded Lovehoney to lend (well, give) us a couple of pink racer suits. Hot stuff!

    We had started arguing about which of us was going to have to dress up as Parker, but we've decided that this extra-special FAB1 is going to have two Lady Penelopes at wheel (but not at the same time, of course). More pictures soon!

    They said it couldn't be done… and they were wrong! This morning we were presented with the pinked-up Reliant Robin that will be our home-on-wheels for the first two weeks of July.

    Jeremy Clarkson, are you reading!?!?! Oh, and not forgetting more info on our pretty-in-pink racer suits!

    As if delivering safe sex and orgasms behind the Iron Curtain wasn't enough, we're also going to be raising money for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

    Obviously this is a cause dear to us girls' hearts, but the Supercar Shootout boys are fully behind it as well. We aim to raise a minimum of £1,000 for the charity through sponsorship and donations, but between us the total raised could be much, much more than that.

    The Breakthrough Web site has loads of information about what the charity does. Girls, if you read just one page on it, make sure it's Understanding your breasts which explains how you can examine yourself to detect any unusual changes in your breasts.

    Public service announcement over!

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