1. Forget the Golden Gate Bridge, the best thing about San Francisco is the super-ace Good Vibrations sex store. We've teamed up with or transatlantic cousins to bring you the best Good Vibrations products, including Slip Inside Lubes and Gels and the rather perty Golden Boy prostate massager. We'll be selling boat trips to Alcatraz next! (Not really.)

    Click here: Good Vibrations toys and lubes

    STOP EVERYTHING! The sun's gone to our heads and we've slashed the price of the Top Cat Waterproof Jelly Vibe with Clit Stim to a measly weasly £4.99. It's a long, multi-speed vibrator with powerful clitoral stimulator shaped like a hare's out-stretched legs to race you to orgasm. BUT BUT BUT! The price will be back up to £15.99 at 4pm Friday 22 July. So order now while you get change from a fiver!

    Click here: £4.99 Waterproof Jelly Vibe

    We've heard of stealing knickers from a clothes line, but this is ridiculous!

    A builder on the Scilly Isles has been found guilty of stealing sex toys and women's underwear from islanders.

    As if that wasn't mortifying enough for the victims, 11 woman were even dragged into court to identify their underwear and sex toys… Wonder if any of them 'fessed up to owning a
    3 Bangs Mega Dildo!

    Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe now at Lovehoney!
    Lovehoney goes to the ends of the Earth (well, Switzerland) to bring you the best sex toys. The Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe is the ultimate incarnation of the flabergasmic (!) stimulator designed by Dr Ruth Westheimer, the world-renowned sex therapist.

    The Top Deluxe is the new 2005 model that has more power, the Golden Spoon attachment and 8 stimualating heads. If you already have an Eroscillator, follow the link below to see the great new attachments you can buy. Only available in the UK at Lovehoney!
    Click here: See all Eroscillator 2 products

    Not that we're obsessed with Durex or anything, but the lip-smacking skin-tingling Durex Mint Tingle Lube is as much fun we've had with slippery stuff in ages! Try it and you won't be disappointed. And for extra fun, try the new Durex Mint Tingle condoms for size - more fun than sucking on an Extra Strong!

    Click here: Durex Tingle Condoms and Lube

    Durex Vibrations Love Ring now at Lovehoney!
    Durex doesn't just mean safe sex - it means better sex! The new Durex Vibrations Love Ring gives 20 minutes of vibrating pleasure for him and her. Easy to turn on and off, part of the fun is working out which way to wear it for most pleasure!
    Click here: Durex Vibrations Love Ring

    Kinky leather bondage fun at Lovehoney!

    Go on, admit it - you like to tie your partner up!

    We've introduced a massive new range of top-quality leather bedroom bondage gear, including wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, slave collars, masks, paddles and whips (ouch!)

    To find out more, visit our BDSM section now.

    On Wednesday night Lovehoney scooped Small Business of the Year at the annual Bath Chronicle Business Awards. We're so happy!

    "It's great for the success of Lovehoney to be applauded with a mainstream business award," said Lovehoney founder and director Neal Slateford through flowers and tears. "The judges recognized that we work incredibly hard to keep our customers happy and that's why we've been successful."

    With more than 2500 products on offer, Lovehoney has recently launched a gay men's shop and online hen night shop. Lovehoney.co.uk is leading the way for women to buy sex toys confidently, comfortably, and at the lowest prices in the UK.

    Oh. My. God. We've never really entertained the idea of having sex with a flower, but if we did, this would be enough to put us off instantly.

    The Amorphophallus titanum has a 60-plus-inch phallus, stinks like a corpse and, after three pungent days of sexual activity, goes limp.

    Remind you of anyone you know?

    It's new! We're excited! And we hope you are too! Lovehoney has launched Cock Locker to bring you the best anal toys, cock toys, lubes, aromas and a whole lot more!

    Cock Locker sells everything a gay guy needs to make his sex life go with a bang. From room odourisers to cock straps to butt plugs, it's a non-stop orgy of excitement.

    See you there!

    Click here: Cock Locker

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