1. While we here at Lovehoney constantly pursue the newest innovations down below to keep your smile fully aglow, there are some sex toys out there that are so visionary they don't even exist yet. Except in the basement rooms of crazed but fearless inventors who are trying to push the limits of technological pleasure ever further.

    Slashdong is one man's ongoing chronicle of DIY sex toys. As he so pertinently puts it: "We'll be hooking up sex toys to anything we can get our hands on, making teledildonics free to those brave enough to put homemade electronics on their genitals. We hope they'll take pictures, too, 'cause we sure as shit ain't testing this stuff on ourselves."

    The new filmic adaptation of the life of Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century serial shagger widely regarded as the world's greatest lover, has already been getting mixed responses. Starring Sienna Miller and Heath Ledger, the film's premiere attracted a fair amount of criticism for dumbing down Casanova's life - and also for not having much sex in it. As the Evening Standard's Derek Malcolm reports: "There's little actual sex in the movie, just remarks like that of Ken Stott as Casanova's police nemesis: "Eternal damnation for one night with Casanova?" to which a pretty young nun replies: "Seems fair." "

    You can find more about Casanova at Wikipedia, read Casanova's autobiography online at Etexts, and you can find out how you can be a better lover with our own sexcellent lovemaking guides.

    Sex And The City author Candace Bushell says that "Success is the new sex". Talking about her new book, Lipstick Jungle, which is published today, Bushell reckons that women in their forties are more interested in their careers than sex. She recently told Reuters: "Certainly when you're in your twenties and thirties, yes, you spend a lot of time thinking about it but when people get older there are other things that are more important. The reality is most women have to work."

    Lipstick Jungle is a sort of sequel to Sex And The City, examining what happens to single women in NYC as they get older - and in a masterstroke of self-delusion, Bushell maintains "'Sex and the City' to me never really was about sex, that was kind of the icing on the cake". We'd beg to differ, and we reckon S&TC star Kim Cattrall's book Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm will prove a more, er, satisfying read than Bushell's latest. And let's not forget the real star of Sex And The City which has brought pleasure to thousands of viewers - the Jessica Rabbit vibrator!

    Yeehaw – howdy Pardners! Lovehoney is holding the Stroke 29 Shoot Out Survey to compile a study of current trends in one-handed hoedowns across the UK, whilst attempting to compile the first ever Average Strokes To Cum (ASTC) Index. And the survey needs YOUR help…

    Participants are promised a great hand-job and free lube for their efforts, whilst contributing to a vital sex study, simply by liquidising their assets via a five knuckle shuffle. Use the online form to register and get your free sample of Stroke 29 cream. Once you receive the sachet, you can then carry out the important anonymous research for this prestigious study. So what are you waiting for? May the Stroke be with you…

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    Post Chronicle: "Britney Spears, according to Asian News International, has reportedly mastered the art of giving oral sex, thanks to a little help from Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall.

    Britney, eight months pregnant, reportedly learned the art of fellatio after reading sex manual Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm, written by Cattrall.

    The Actress' book contains what has been described as numerous graphic diagrams complete with instructions on how to perform a variety of sex acts and different positions for intercourse."

    Don't let Britney get ahead of you (ah ha ha!) - get hold of Kim Cattrall's book for yourself from the Erotic Book Shop.

    Straight from the drawer marked "You couldn't make it up" comes news that the Governor of Colorado has objected after a Denver artists was given a $5,000 grant - to make art out of sex toys.

    The piece, originally called Twelve Didlos on a Hook, has been renamed "Large Implements on Hooks" to make it more palatable to the gallery-going cognoscenti of Colorado.

    "Obviously, this is offensive and in extremely poor taste," said Gov Bill Owens, who hadn't actually seen the artwork himself but had had it described to him by staffers.

    "They're meant to be sex toys, but sex toys that are talking about a lot of issues," says artist Tsehai Johnson in defence of the work.

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    Well, we are well aware of the popularity of sex toys spreading far and wide in the last decade or so, but it looks like our business has some serious heritage…

    Researchers have discovered an ancient stone phallus in a cave in Germany, and have dated it to be around 28,000 years old. At 20cm long and 3cm wide, it's giving the Future Tech Ultra 7 Jessica Rabbit vibe a run for its money, although we wouldn't be able to recommend a sex toy cleaner for this prehistoric 'tool'…

    Found in the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura, the precise use of the object has been pinpointed by Professor Nicholas Conard, from the department of Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology, at Tübingen University.

    "It's highly polished; it's clearly recognisable," said Professor Conard. "In addition to being a symbolic representation of male genitalia, it was also at times used for knapping flints." Whilst we don't sell any vibrators that double up as lighters, if there is a market out there do email us and we will endeavour to find a solution for you.

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