1. No doubt you'll be aware of the practice of double bagging i.e. wearing one condom on top of another to ensure there can be no latex mishaps whilst making whoopee. In the American tradition of bigger, better, more, The Science Project took it to the max and conducted a full on practical experiment to find out - How many condoms can you wear at once? They did use a dildo, true, as no one was fool enough to sign up their schlong in the name of dubious science, and the result is - an awful lot of condoms. A truly magnificent girth was achieved. Even if there's a somewhat terrifying photo of what it looks like after the dildo's been sawn in half. You can have a go at taking on the "how many condoms on a dildo" record yourself with our huge range of condoms and dildos - if you manage to get into the Guinness Book Of Records, let us know.

    And, fact fans, it's worth bearing in mind that unfortunately double bagging is not actually any safer than using one condom, as sex advice site The Site points out.

    The LA Weekly gives an entertaining rundown of sex educators Courtney Cruz and Shelby Jones' master class "The Big One!: The Truth and Lies of Female Orgasms"

    In the 1880s, they said to women, ‘Oh, you’re hysterical. You have to go to the doctor.’ And they had actual doctors that would massage these women into what they called ‘hospitable patronage’ — meaning that they brought them to orgasm, and then all the sudden the women were calm and happy as Hindu cows.

    “And they’d send them home, and their husbands would say, ‘This is fantastic!’ And the women’d be going, ‘Uh, I have to go to the doctor again. I feel hysterical.’ And this is how it all started.”

    They also reveal how, in Alabama, it is enshrined in law that people have "no fundamental right to purchase a product in pursuit of having an orgasm". That would make anyone hysterical.

    Please God, no: Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

    Please God no, part 2: Rent-A-Dildo. This had better be a hoax otherwise it's going to come to a sticky end.

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    More people in the UK know about "dogging" than "blogging", The Guardian has revealed. 7 out of 10 people don't know what "blogging" is but 40 per cent claim they understand the term "dogging". Which isn't that much more, when you think about it.

    The World's Largest Collection of Masturbation Synonyms. Does what it says on the tin. Expand your vocabulary and impress your friends with over 1700 ways to express your self-love.

    Some no nonsense advice from the Carolinian Online for women who keep teetering on the edge but not quite falling off it. In the bedroom sense, that is.

    It's got to be Dildo, Newfoundland. As visited by Star Wars' own Carrie Fisher and fellow film celeb Meg Ryan. ("Unusual, you say? Well, yes, I would have to agree with you, but it is by no means the only village with a strange name," Fisher writes. "It's just across the bay from Spread Eagle.") World Hum has the full details…

    Star Trek sex toys. We have to get some of these in stock right now.

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