1. NewsWales: After a report that sexual diseases are rising in Wales America's biggest maker of condoms is negotiating a scheme to give Cardiff taxi drivers condoms to give to their cients.

    Drivers would hand the Trojan condoms out to passengers who request them on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after a 10.30pm watershed. The scheme in Cardiff will be supported by local media, flyers and posters in clubs and bars.

    The redoubtable Slashdong tells us some people reckon that it's only a matter of time before breast implants start multitasking. Soon your boobs will be bouncing to the funky beat of their inbuilt MP3 player - the BoobPod.

    New Delhi, India (AHN) - "A Finnish man has been arrested in a New Delhi suburb for playing a porn movie too loudly. The man and his partner, an Indian woman, were taken by police after their neighbors complained."

    Ladies, form an orderly queue…

    LONDON, Ontario. - Tyler Ing doesn't believe in haircuts - at least not on his nipples. The 20-year-old University of Western Ontario engineering student has made it into the 2006 Guinness Book of Records with a curious claim: the world's longest nipple hair. The record-setting black strand dangling from Ing's right nipple measures a startling 8.89 centimetres. "There are a few contenders on me, but that's the longest one," said Ing, who has never trimmed or plucked his hirsute teats.

    "A Mr Kang who went to a private hospital to have foreskin resection has lost more than he expected, the Xinmin Evening News reported Friday. Kang, a middle-aged man, read an advertisement and went to a private hospital in Jinshan District on September 8. He followed doctor’s instruction to take a course of microwave 'heliotherapy'. After one hour, Kang noticed that his penis had been burned black and was painful. He had difficulty passing water but the doctor had gone off work and he could find nobody to help him. On the following day, the doctor tried to treat the inflammation and advised Kang to try other hospitals. Urologists found that Kang's penis had been so severely ‘cooked’ that the burned parts had to be excised reducing the size of the penis. The president of the private hospital admitted an 'accident' had occurred but asserted that the 'operation' had been performed according to the instructions set out on the ‘heliotherapy’ manual and it was the first time that such an accident had occurred, Xinmin said." —Shanghai Daily (China) [via Pervscan]

    Disinformation specialise in producing books that challenge the status quo, and now they gone and done it with everyone's favourite subject. Here's the run down of what they cover in EYKASIW:

    # The explicit Twin Towers sex scene deleted from a 9/11 novel?
    # How circumcision hurts your sex life?
    # The world’s largest erotic archive (287,000 movies!) that no one is allowed to see?
    # FAA reports about people screwing on commercial flights (the “mile high club”)?
    # The frisky behavior of nuns and priests?
    # The photo of Jesus and the adulteress that Hustler wouldn’t run?
    # The proof that sex and orgasms make you healthy?
    # The amazing powers of the vagina in history and mythology?
    # The unexpected sexiness of blood, chess, food, pimples, and bee stings?

    Nope, these aren’t dirty jokes. They’re for real, and they’re part of Disinformation’s unbridled look at the world of sex. Edited by Russ Kick, this massive anthology features a panoply of sexperts, everyone from prostitutes to professors, legends to newcomers, sexual revolutionaries to sexologists, bloggers to novelists and beyond. This unrivaled line-up provides a wildly varied, unexpected, and untamed look at everyone’s favorite activity.

    Find out what it’s like to work at a Nevada brothel and a Seattle peep show, host a fist-a-thon, hustle for drug money, answer phones at a sex-information hotline, visit Japan’s sex museums, teach a senior citizen to be a stripper, and write copy for a huge catalog of porn videos and sex toys.

    I think we can relate to that last one…

    If you reckon everything you know about sex is wrong, we've got a stack of better sex books in the Erotic Book Shop that will see you right.

    The New York Press has a particularly frank and funny sex advice column, which recently included this gem:

    My guy really wants to have anal sex with me, but let's face it; it's a pain in the ass. Not only is it messy, but super painful. He is putting so much pressure on me about it, saying, "Most girls love it!" I don't want to lose him, but yikes! —Carol P.

    He is exaggerating. Most girls hate anal sex. If he thinks it is so great, tell him you will try it but only if he lets you ram a dildo up his chocolate starfish. (You wouldn't want him missing out on any of the so-called pleasure!) Men like anal due to the tight fit and because it's so naughty, but they don't realize how much it hurts until they try it. They think we all love it thanks to porn flicks, where the girls are getting paid to pretend they like it. Never do what you don't want to do, and if he doesn't like it, he can find himself a canal pal!

    (P.S. Do not write me telling me how much your girl loves getting it up the ass. I said "most girls.")

    This advice runs against the fact that everyone seems to be trying out anal sex these days to see if they like it. Who's to say? You can only decide for yourself. We've got The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women to let you make up your own mind about whether or not it's for you.

    About.com does a nifty run down of 6 must have sex toys, including the Fukuoku Fingertip Vibe, the Rabbit Pearl and, for the chaps, the Fleshlight. Peruse and choose…

    Trojan, the people behind Trojan condoms, have 20 detailed hints to help women reach orgasm. If you're having trouble getting all the way up there, see if these hints, which cover the psychological and physical, can help you out.

    Regina Lynn, sex-tech columnist for Wired magazine, has a lengthy review about the various merits of cock rings. So if you're not sure what they could do for you, Regina's piece spells it out. The short version: they keep chaps harder for longer and stop him going off before you've had your fun. Plus they help hold on a condom too. We've got numerous types of cock ring available for you to peruse - take a look.

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