1. What do you want for Christmas? How about a cuddly toy sporting an outsize erection? Thought so. A guaranteed conversation piece of the Christmas turkey, The Erection Collection has 15 different soft plush animal toys that all come complete with a suitably aroused appendage. Take your pick from "Masturgator" the Alligator, "Slowpoke" the Turtle and let's not forget "Orgazmatang" the Orangutan. You can even get a "Patriotic Donkey" which comes complete with an Uncle Sam striped hat and - you guessed it - an Old Glory striped phallus too. You really have to see it to believe it. The only soft toy we've got in stock is the Bad Boyfriend Voodoo Doll, perfect for putting the hex on errant Significant Others. It doesn't have an outsize erection, but it does come with 10 pins to stick in it. Ouch.

    HipTechBlog highlights an innovation from China - a spray on condom. They've got a picture of the packaging and note "This world’s first liquid condom went on sales this week in China, after China’s health and drugs administration formally gave the manufacturer the green light. The manufacturer claims that it forms a physical membrane inside the vagina, protecting it from infection, acting as a barrier to pregnancy and providing a lubricating effect."


    If you want something a little more tried and tested, we've got tons of condoms for all occasions ready for you to browse.

    "Reuters: Pablo Picasso, Lord Byron and Dylan Thomas had more in common than simple creativity. They also had active sex lives, which researchers said on Wednesday was no coincidence. Psychologists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Open University found that professional artists and poets have about twice as many partners as other people. Their creativity seems to act like a sexual magnet. But Dr Daniel Nettle, a psychologist at Newcastle University's School of Biology, said it is a double-edge sword. "Poets and artists have more sexual partners but they also have high rates of depression," he said." So next time your Significant Other writes you a poem, get ready with the Viagra or the Prozac…

    The former Mrs Mick Jagger has been busy promoting a new awareness campaign to help people tackle the taboo of erectile dysfunction. "It might be a conversation with your doctor or maybe with your partner but it's never too late to get the most from your love life," she said in a statement, as reported by Reuters. Here at Lovehoney we couldn't agree more - and we've plenty of ways to help you feel frisky once again.

    Earlier this month we mentioned the ongoing clinical tests on wonderdrug PT-141, which is being touted as "Viagra for women". It's going to be a while before it hits the market yet, but New York magazine has published a lengthy piece on the ramifications of what will happen when it finally arrives:

    The potential market for PT-141, in short, is all of us. And the potential transformation of the modern American sex life is no less sweeping. Consider the precedent: Just more than four decades ago, it was another drug’s arrival in the marketplace that triggered what would eventually be called the sexual revolution. Before the advent of the birth-control pill, sex and procreation had been eternally, inseparably linked. After it, the link was pretty much optional. Momentous things ensued: women’s liberation, gay rights, the abortion controversy, all of them arguably the Pill’s indirect consequences, all of them reverberating to this day. And if all that can follow from a drug that simply made pregnancy less a matter of fate than of choice—what then to expect from a drug that does the same thing to passion itself?

    New Kerala: "It's a universally acknowledged truth that ‘sex' sells, and now rapper 50 Cent is hoping that the same will come true for him as well, as after trying his hands at almost everything, he is planning to release his own new line in condoms and sex toys.

    The In Da Club hitmaker, who already has a clothing line and a range of energy drinks, is planning to extend his business into the lucrative sex market, by making condoms, and even creating a vibrator that looks just like him.

    "I need to make a 50 Cent condom, and a motorised version of me. A motorised version of me will definitely have to be waterproof, so you could utilise it in the tub. A lot of them (vibrators) aren't waterproof," Contactmusic quoted him as relling America's GQ magazine." (Found via Slashdong).

    Sounds like Mr Cent has got some interesting ideas about bringing his motorised Mini-Me to the market…

    File Under You Couldn't Make It Up: "SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore scientists looking for ways to transmit the sense of touch over the Internet have devised a vibration jacket for chickens and are thinking about electronic children's pyjamas for cyberspace hugs." We're all in favour of remote controlled love - take the Mantric Miyakodori Remote Control Bullet for example - but giving your kids hugs over the internet by getting them to wear pyjamas wired up to the mains can't be right.

    "NICOSIA (Reuters) - Condoms, hair gel and waxing are so much a part of Cypriot life that statisticians will from January count them among 150 new products and services used to calculate the monthly consumer price index. Authorities are revising the list to better reflect household spending patterns in the Mediterranean country nicknamed the island of Aphrodite for the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The new list includes condoms, hair gel, waxing to remove unwanted hair and medication to treat erectile dysfunction along with zivania, a strong alcoholic beverage whose production was once banned, the newspaper Phileleftheros said."

    Blimey. Sounds like the Cypriots know how to have a good time. We're not far behind though - we've got condoms, waxing kits and male virility pills galore if you want to follow the ways of our Mediterranean friends.

    Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. "The Grandmaster of Iron Crotch, Tu Jin-Sheng, strapped his penis to a rental truck and twice pulled it across a Fremont, Calif., parking lot.

    The 50-year-old who believes sex organs have great power tied a strip of blue fabric around the base of his penis and testicles Tuesday, tugged to make sure it was tight, then lashed himself to the vehicle, the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune reported Wednesday." So says WebIndia123. We really wouldn't recommend you try this at home. Not even if you've been busy with Dr Joel Kaplan's Pro Penis & Scrotum Pumping Set.

    BBC News: "Some couples may disagree, but romantic love lasts little more than a year, Italian scientists believe. The University of Pavia found a brain chemical was likely to be responsible for the first flush of love. Researchers said raised levels of a protein was linked to feelings of euphoria and dependence experienced at the start of a relationship. But after studying people in long and short relationships and single people, they found the levels receded in time." That may be so, but there's plenty of ways to reinject some passion into your long term relationship - Lovehoney has thousands of products with which to surprise your man and a ton of better sex books to help you find inspiration on how to keep the home fires burning…

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