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  1. Sounds like Sex And The City is having a significant impact on the women of China, if this column at Asian Sex Gazette is to believed. The exploits of Carrie, Samantha, et al - especially that episode where Charlotte turns into a recluse after discovering the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator - have become immensely popular in the People's Republic, and now Chinese women want to know where how they can "feed the rabbit" as well…

    And now some good news for our American friends:

    iBuzz, the iPod sex toy that has already caused a buzz in The New York Times, Harper's Index and, will be launched in the US on 24 February - the birthday of Apple boss Steve Jobs.

    Already a best-seller in Europe iBuzz, from makers Love Labs, is the music-activated orgasm machine that can be connected to any iPod, MP3 player or music source. And when it drops into Steve's mailbox on Friday, never will anyone have been so excited to hear the song "Happy Birthday to you!".

    How does it work? iBuzz has a bullet that vibrates in time to the music and when the volume is turned up, the vibrations get stronger. It is supplied with his-and-hers ring and stimulator, white iPod-style wires to connect to a music source, and a headphone splitter so users can listen to their music while enjoying the vibrations. If you don't have an MP3 player handy, the iBuzz can be used as a stand-alone vibrator thanks to its seven vibration patterns.

    Clip the iBuzz onto your belt and slip the bullet into your pocket (or elsewhere) for proof of how a good bassline can produce euphoria in even the most out-of-touch music heads. Monday morning's journey into work never seemed so appealing…

    No MP3 player? No worries - the iBuzz still works on its own without music. Just turn on and enjoy the seven amazing vibration patterns. Better still, it is discreet, stylish and easy to use anywhere. The iBuzz - which songs will push your buttons?

    iBuzz will ship across the US from 24 February, the birthday of Apple boss Steve Jobs.

    Pre-order now at iBuzz costs $59.99 plus $7.50 shipping.

    And of course, if you live in dear old Blighty or in tres continental Europe, you can buy it from the original iBuzz UK website.

    NB: iBuzz is not endorsed by Apple Computer, Inc. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

    One of the most gloriously extravagant and worth-every-penny toys Ms Lovehoney has in her treasure trove is Je Joue, the ultimate personal massager. We talked about its supreme pulsating loveliness a few days ago, but in the meantime, Mr qDot at tech-sex-toys blog Slashdong who doesn't even have the right bits to enjoy Je Joue is still mightily impressed with it. Read his in-depth review of its clever technological chicanery - it's all there for you to hack around with on your own computer and program your own pleasure.

    Jewellry, watches, phones - they're all passe if you want to stand out from the crowd with something really bling. What you actually need to be Queen Bling is a Le Lynx Titanium Vibrator, a truly sumptuous vibe that's crafted in one of the shiniest metals known to man and comes in an exquisite leopard print and velvet-lined box. It's expensive at £160 but because it's built of medical-grade titanium, it will last and last and last, giving you quite literally years of pleasure. It looks the part and it does the business. What more could you want?

    Yale University has been experimenting with some new ways to educate its students about the joy of sex and better ways to have healthy, safe sex. They've not been shy in being broadminded, and while it's caused some controversy, such open-mindedness can only be a Good Thing. The Guardian reveals all:

    Welcome to Sex Week at Yale, a biennial celebration that has become one of the most provocative campus events in the country.

    Organizers say Sex Week gets students talking about sex in a way that's more relevant than middle-school film strips, more honest than movies and television, and more fun than requisite college health lectures.

    "To get people's attention, we do have to do things a little risque and a little different than other sex education programs," said junior Dain Lewis, who was inspired to direct Sex Week 2006 after attending the 2004 event.

    Yale's event, which ends Saturday, includes lectures from dating specialists, a sex therapist and a discussion of homosexuality with a former Roman Catholic priest. More provocative sessions include a panel of porn stars and stripping lessons from a Playboy Channel hostess.

    Critics say Sex Week is just the latest act of debauchery at colleges in recent years: Students started sex columns. Vassar and others created erotica journals. Harvard launched H-Bomb, a magazine featuring suggestive pictures of undergraduates. Washington University in St. Louis offered a sex-themed week with orgasm seminars and condom telegrams.

    If you're looking for some easy to understand information about safe sex and what sex toys are best for you, take a look at the Lovehoney Buying Guides for a whole bunch of different subjects to explore.

    Ananova: "The 'heart' symbol used to represent love is actually based on the shape of female buttocks, according to a scientist.

    Pscychologist Galdino Pranzarone, who studied the origins of Valentine's Day, says the symbol is inspired by a woman's bottom as seen from the rear.

    Prof Pranzarone, of Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, told Discovery News that he analyzed "essential literary and speculative evidence from mythology and secondary sources."" [Read the full story]

    Belgrade - "A Serbian man needed emergency surgery after sticking a pencil inside his penis to keep it stiff during sex.Zeljko Tupic, from Belgrade, told doctors he had experienced erectile difficulties in the past.So as he prepared for a night with his new lover, he decided to insert a thin pencil into his penis.Tupic had to cut his sex session short when the pencil shifted and became lodged in his bladder, forcing him to call an ambulance, the Kurir newspaper reported." Ananova [Read the full story]

    Apparently poor Mr Tupic had never heard of VigRX penis enhancement pills

    Ms Lovehoney hopes you had a cracking Valentines Day! Whatever you got up to, it's got to be better than what the poor women in Japan have to go through - instead of getting chocolate, they have to give it away. Sick and wrong!

    Reuters has the full story: "Japanese women are fed up with a longstanding Valentine's Day custom requiring them to give chocolates to men without getting any in return. According to an Internet survey, 70 percent of working women said they would be happy if there was no tradition of giving "obligatory chocolates" to their boyfriends or colleagues. Nearly 60 percent said they felt unhappy as Valentine's Day approached, citing the cost and time it takes to shop for the gifts, which are finely calculated to express just the right emotions towards a boss, a colleague or a true boyfriend. The custom has grown into a sweet 50 billion yen (245 million pound) market for Japan's chocolate makers, some of whom rake in 20 to 30 percent of annual profits in a few short weeks." [Read the full story]

    Sky News: Lovers in the Big Apple will soon be able to prove how much they love the Apple in their eye - while showing their fondness for New York at the same time. The city is bringing out New York-branded condoms. The contraceptives will feature city landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, and other city related designs, the New York Post reported. They are expected to be available in four to six months."

    Not to be outdone, who's going to be first to make London condoms featuring Big Ben then? We'd put them in our condom shop like a shot.

    Reuters: "Call it a sexual revolution of the virtual kind -- young Canadians are practising a new style of safe sex and the only touching required involves a keyboard.

    Of more than 2,500 university and college students polled across Canada, 87 percent of them are having sex over instant messenger, webcams or the telephone, according to results of a national survey released on Monday.

    "It's now extended within their sexual world, whether it be as a social lubricant as a means to then engage in something that's more real, in more real time, or if it's just a means in itself of pleasuring here and there," said Noah Gurza, a founder of Toronto-based, an online dating community for students, which commissioned the first annual Canadian CampusKiss & Tell Survey." [Read the full story]

    Blimey. Quite a lot of the virtual whoopee going on there then. We always knew there was something behind the popularity of Instant Messager. We've got a deeply cool Wireless Remote Control Egg if you want to tease your partner from afar - not quite virtual, but possibly more fun.

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