1. We mentioned the luxury range of vibrators in the US - and now it looks like Kate Moss has given them the seal of approval by splashing out on a Jimmyjane vibrator while shopping in New York. Kate Moss has reportedly splashed out $200 on a solid gold vibrator. The supermodel picked out the limited edition sex toy - which she was apparently buying for a pal - while shopping in New York's La Petite Coquette store. The 32-year-old catwalk beauty also bought some sexy lingerie from the exclusive store.

    A source is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "Kate bought a Jimmyjane Little Something vibrator in 24-carat gold for a friend, and some lingerie for herself. J Lo, Britney, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman - you name them, they all shop here.""

    Coo. While we don't have Jimmyjane, we've got plenty of other luxury sex toys and sexy lingerie that we'd be all too happy for Ms Moss to model if she's in need of some more shopping this side of the pond.

    The Daily Telegraph carries an article about Marrena Lindberg, the woman who claims to experience spectacular orgasms because of what she eats - the Orgasm Diet, if you will. The Telegraph, in true witty quality newspaper style, say they find this "hard to swallow". Arf. The secret is apparently lots of fish oil, a little chocolate, but no coffee. From reading the article, it sounds like Marrena has too many orgasms, if you can imagine such a thing. It seems to scare blokes off a little bit, which is a shame. Still, her advice is certainly worth reading for any woman who finds it difficult to climax - Marrena also recommends using a Kegel Exerciser, and we've got several of those you can browse and buy. We've got the chocolate too, but usually in the shape of chocolate willies, so not quite sure she meant that…

    Someone's been watching too many movies, wethinks: "A man's pantyhose led to his arrest, authorities said. An unshaven man wearing a black evening gown, fishnet stockings, calf-high boots and a black wig robbed a USA Gas station Monday morning, authorities alleged.

    About 35 minutes after the robbery, police Officer Chad Ventimiglia spotted a black Saab with fishnet pantyhose hanging from the front driver's side door, dragging on the ground, investigators said." [Read the full story].

    We're more fans of stockings and suspenders ourselves. Our lingerie collection is fully law-abiding - we even have policeman PVC uniforms for men and women, and - in case you want to recreate how the gentleman above will be spending his time in the privacy of your own home - we have a deeply sexy Prisoner Outfit for girls.

    Mississippi isn't the only American state to ban sex toys - Texas is at it too. There's a 2002 film, Dildo Diaries, chronicling the Lone Star State's descent into a dildo wilderness. As Metro Weekly says:

    Deep in the heart of Texas, something silly has been going on. Well, maybe not the heart, but it’s certainly deep in something. The Lone Star state, you see, has outlawed dildos. These days in the more liberal state capital of Austin, you can’t buy a dildo to pleasure yourself or someone else. You can, however, buy an educational model if you have a “friend who needs to be educated” about how to, say, put on a condom . Texas is suddenly filled with safer sex educators.

    Just don’t own more than six of them, or you may be considered a felon.

    Dildo Diaries is a tongue-in-cheek investigation of the Texas legislature’s obsession with “dipshit stuff like this,” as political columnist Molly Ivins puts it. Listening to Ivins take potshots at the three-ring, backwoods hick circus that is the Texas state legislature provide some of the most amusing parts of Diaries. [Read the full article]

    So we've all heard of Wayne Bobbitt and his angry wife Lorena who hacked off his manhood in a fit of pique… but 33-year-old Jakub Fik went one better (or worse) and hacked off his own manhood and hurled it at police. Along with some knives. Quite what he was thinking hasn't come to light, but luckily the resourceful officers in Chicago not only apprehended Fik but also his severed member, getting him and it to a hospital in time for them to be surgically reunited. (Via All Headline News)

    Channel Cincinnati has the scoop on dastardly thieves making off with $1500 worth of sex toys from a Florida convention.

    The victims were three women who were selling the toys at the Southeastern Erotic Cultural Conference. "They told police that someone took two pairs of leather and metal bondage suspension cuffs, a 28-inch-long leather whip, bath salts, rainbow pot holders and an electrical stimulation device."

    We're wondering what they're going to get up to with those… and we're also wondering quite how much the ladies were charging per item - it seems like not much stuff to ring up an (unpaid) bill of $1500. Maybe it was all super deluxe toys. Either way, we sincerely hope they find who did it and they get properly compensated for it too.

    Lovehoney has its own vault of bedroom bondage goodies securely tucked away…

    Florida might be getting its sex toys stolen, but at least it's legal to buy them there. In the state of Mississippi, just a couple of states across from the sunshine state, state judges have recently reinforced the law that says the sale of sex toys in Mississippi is illegal.

    The Japan Times has an interview with Minori Kitahara, the owner of Love Piece Club, Japan's first sex-toy shop owned by a woman and catering exclusively to women. She believes that women deserve their sexual fun and games and she has just the right toys for them.

    Minori has lots of firmly held convictions and is a real free spirit, as you'll see if you read the full interview. Of sex toys, she says: "If you don't use sex toys, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Think of them as different cuisines that can spice up your life." And, of course, she has distinct Japanese pride in homegrown technology: "Japanese vibrators are very good because they use advanced technology. But for me, the design and material are very important so my dream is to manufacture the kind of sex toys I want to use."

    We can't rival Minori's own shop for quality Japanese sex toys, but we do have a few of our own which are top-of-the-range beauties for those who love to have the best with the Vibratex range. These Japanese sex toys are ma of the finest materials and beautifully designed. And you don't need to go to Japan to get them - you can simply order them from us and get them delivered straight to you. Check them out for yourself!

    Glasgow's Daily Record carries an interview with Judith Crofts, who designs and tests vibrators: "With a BA from the London College of Fashion under her belt, Judith's mission is to bring a bit of chic to the sector by making a vibrator a tasteful designer accessory.

    She wants to produce vibrators that look girly, pretty and appealing, rather than looking like they have been taken straight from an erotic movie.

    Vibrators should be a discreet but acceptable part of women's lives. Long gone are the days when they were hidden away at the back of the wardrobe."

    Here at Lovehoney we say "hear, hear!" to Judith's mission and wish her every success. Unsurprisingly, we've got a extremely wide selection of vibrators, ranging from the ultimate bling bling titanium vibrators through to tiny, discreet pocket vibes. Whatever your taste in vibes, we've got something to suit, we're sure!

    Something very peculiar is going on in Denmark - "In what took locals by surprise, the national symbol of Denmark, the Little Mermaid sculpture perched on a rock overlooking the Copenhagen port, was splattered with green paint by vandals and adorned with a dildo, according to local police.

    Investigators have "no leads on the perpetrators of the act … which took place early on Wednesday," he adds.The vandals scrawled "8 marts" across the rock on which the Little Mermaid sits, marking the date in Danish of International Women's Day which was celebrated around the world on Wednesday." [Read the full story at All Headline News]

    Obviously Lovehoney doesn't condone such rum behaviour towards national monuments, but we're left scratching our heads as to what the point of it was. Some sort of feminist protest? A dildo liberation front action? Most odd.

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