1. God bless Gordon Brown! Safe sex got a boost on 1 July when the Chancellor of the Exchequer reduced the rate of VAT on condoms. We cut our condom prices immediately to let customers enjoy the benefit of a rare New Labour tax cut.

    On 1 July, VAT on condoms was reduced from 17.5% to 5%, so the retail price of condoms online and in the high street should come down by more than 10%. But watch out - not many online retailers have responded by reducing prices.

    Lovehoney sells condoms from major manufacturers including Durex, Mates and Trojan.

    A pack of Durex Performa delay condoms now costs just £7.09 on Lovehoney, a saving of £1.84 on the new Durex recommend retail price of £8.93.

    We're still trying to cheer ourselves up after Saturday's nightmare with our World Cup sex toys - but there's a new study by boffins that reckons people get more excitement from watching football than having sex. Certainly we nearly had a heart attack on Saturday night…

    Soccer fan Henrik Gerdin is a contented man. His team scored a late equaliser, he won a bet and his heart rate officially rose above orgasm level.

    The 25-year-old Swede was part of an ongoing World Cup experiment by England's Loughborough University to test the effect that placing a bet on a game of soccer has on fans' heart rates.

    "The heart rates that we have recorded throughout the first stage of the study are in line with those experienced by an individual reaching sexual climax, and in some cases greater than that," said Loughborough's Prof Ron Maughan, whose research expertise includes nutrition of exercise performance. [Read the full story at Financial Express]

    Good discussion over on Livejournal Sextips about the perils of taking sex toys on holiday with you and avoiding getting in trouble with Customs and the like. Check our Buyer's Guide for super useful information on Sex Toys That Travel Well and our full range of Holiday Sex Toys

    Imagine a porn film made with lego. Actually, don't bother - just go and visit it.

    A recent article in the Detroit News describes how erotic fiction, very much the preserve of women, is becoming far more explicit

    Once banished to an underground following, erotica - a rather girly term for written porn - has finally hit the big time.

    "It used to be with romances they would kiss and go into the bedroom, and then it would then be the next morning and they'd be eating eggs," said Jesse Petersen, who co-wrote the erotica book "Scandalous" under the name "Jenna Petersen." "But more and more, readers want to read about what really goes on in the bedroom when the door closes."

    Sure, women have devoured for decades those Fabio-inspired summer romance reads featuring deep sighs, heaving bosoms, faces "flushed with desire." But this latest line doesn't shy away from explicit details and X-rated dirty talk - in fact, it revels in it.

    "If it creates an image and you are aroused, it works," said Lisa Wade, 50, who enjoys reading this type of fiction. "It's like foreplay. And if the writer can create an image in our head, it's effective."

    The power of writing is far more enticing for women when it comes to sex, experts say. From fervent love letters to X-rated e-books, many women are more comfortable creating their own sexual fantasy than having it in living, close-up color in porn flicks or raunchy magazines. And it's not exploitative to women - just words on a page. [read more]

    We have scores of great erotic fiction titles that will add some extra spice to your summer reading…

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    The CB 3000 is an excellent training tool for any wife to use on her husband to encourage good habits and/or punish bad ones. I introduced it to my wife about 6 months ago just for short-term play, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

    I have a very stressful, high-profile, professional job in the finance business and needed to get my mind off things. Being the 'vanilla sex type', my wife was reluctant to try it at first; thinking it was way too kinky. Then, after a few trial runs with it on for longer periods each time, she really learned to like it because of all of the new attention I was giving her. Actually, she likes it a little too much! It's starting to scare me (in a good way)…"

    Buy the CB3000 Male Chastity Kit at Lovehoney.

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    "The main attraction for me when purchasing the Ultime was its sleek, stylish non-phallic design. In fact, when looking for a new vibrator, I wanted to avoid the usual phallic-shape this time, and go for something that wouldn't be too obvious if found by someone else in my busy household.

    The Ultime, on this level, certainly lives up to my expectations and its smooth, curved shape in a non-offensive pale blue colour, is both unusual and aesthetically pleasing enough to be mistaken for a piece of contemporary art-work…"

    See the full Natural Contours Ultime review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Natural Contours Ultime at Lovehoney.

    Here's what they found from this year's survey of UK sex habits [read the full report at the Daily Mail]

    The British men and women make love an average of 118 times a year, a new survey has revealed.

    More than half of those questioned admitted to one-night stands while around 14 per cent said they were guilty of cheating.

    The comprehensive survey, which questioned 12,000 Britons, is the most in-depth the UK has seen - and revealed some surprising facts about our bedroom habits.

    According to the poll, we are likely to average ten sexual partners in our lifetimes.

    Nineteen per cent of female respondents admitted they had lost their virginity as early as 15 compared to 12 per cent of boys at the same age.

    Worryingly, more than half of those questioned in the poll by Durex admitted to having had unprotected sex and one in ten had caught a sexually transmitted infection.

    Wethinks everyone should start wearing condoms more often.

    Another great review from Orgasm Army -- it's an ode to the Inflatable Vibrating Chair!

    Inflatable Vibrating Chair review"As I slip aside my silken thong
    And slide onto this jelly dong
    I don't think I could aspire
    To sit upon a firmer spire.

    Ordered on the net, it soon was freighted
    With this product I'm fascinated
    Using batteries ever ready
    My knees begin to feel unsteady…"

    See the full poetic Inflatable Vibrating Chair review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Inflatable Vibrating Chair at Lovehoney.

    Well, well, well - turns out masturbation is good for you. Who'd thought it. From ProgressiveU:

    A study suggests frequent masturbation by men in their 20s provides protection against prostate cancer later in life.

    Scientists in Australia determined that men in their 20s who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer later in life.

    The study suggests ejaculation by means of masturbation provides better protection than ejaculation in sexual intercourse because men can pick up infections from intercourse that actually increase the risk of getting prostate cancer.

    So, gentlemen - start your engines! We've got bucketloads of toys to help your daily, ahem, health routine too - check our Fleshlights selection for starters, and our Sex Toys For Boys too.

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