1. Do these products really work? Looks like it…

    Flower Power Lip Balm Orgasm Booster review"I have tried serveral other products simular to this but so far this is the best orgasm booster i have found. not only that but it is packaged nicely but it also smells heavenly. it is a great way to boost oral sex for her and gives him/her something lovely to taste and smell.

    i found that by rubbing this waxy balm into non aroused clit just before leaving work and leaving it to sink in hep maximise the effeciveness of this product from good to OUT OF THIS WORLD GIVE IT TO ME EVEN HARDER!!…"

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    Liz Hoggard interviews Ann Summers chief Jacqueline Gold in today's Independent, off the back of her more-than-generously giving away £200,000 on the new ITV show Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway.

    The piece is long on the history of Jacqueline's mould-breaking work at Ann Summers (which is very well covered in Jacqueline Gold's autobiography) but very short on quotes and insights into her views on running a £140m pleasure empire.

    Yes, it trots out the hoary old chestnut that "the Rampant Rabbit featured in Sex and the City".

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    Extra Thick Vibrating 9-inch Cock with Balls review"Bought this with some other stuff, carry the box home you could tell where this monster was laying cos its a heavy tool. Unpacking it, I really started to wonder about my greed. Loads of lube and very slowly is essential. So far I have managed to get nearly all the head into my pussy…"

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    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    Lovehoney Buzz Tongue Finger Vibe review"Well, where do I start, what a toy… and at a great price too. I bought this specifically for my wife who cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Now normally she's a quiet wee thing, but did this change with the Buzz Tongue…. YES it most certainly did!

    Talk about screaming orgasms, she stated that she had never had such strong feelings with any of our other toys that she gets with this one. Using it on and around the clit can delay orgasm as you like, but keep it on there and you'll have her begging for more.

    This is the first toy we have used where she found she was actually ejaculating herself… wow, what a sight!

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    Tracey Cox Orgasm Gel Up your orgasm quota with extra stimulating Supersex Orgasm Gel! Contains Arginine to intensify arousal and to increase sensations when used on your own or with a partner. A fantastic sexual treat from best-selling sex expert Tracey Cox!

    Free Wriggle Wand! Get your Christmas shopping off to a sexy start! Spend £40 at Lovehoney and we'll send you a Wriggle Wand Vibrator worth £14.99 absolutely free! Happy Christmas!

    Sex by Numbers, Sarah Hedley Top sex expert Sarah Hedley has give us an exclusive extract from her new book Sex By Numbers. The book is packed with fascinating facts and lists which answer every question you have about sex…

    Read our exclusive Sex by Numbers sex tips here.

    Seen the advert on TV? But what's the Durex Ring like in real life?

    Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring review"Ok I'm sorry, but this was the worst product I've ever used. Tried it last night with my partner and we were like "woo hoo lets get naughty"!! It was like having a human vibrator, but alas it totally disapointed us!! the vibrations were weak and it didn't even get close to my clit!!"

    See the full Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring review at Orgasm Army.

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    Another Lovehoney world exclusive! iBuzz Two is the new-version of the best-selling iBuzz music-activated vibrator. You plug it into your iPod (or any music player) and its bullets vibrate in time to the music.

    iBuzz Two goes one-step further than all other music-activated vibrators by letting you plus two sets of headphones straight into the control unit - not fiddly adaptor required.

    This means that both you and your partner can listen to your music while you get jiggy with the music-activated vibrating twin bullets. ROCK ON!

    Check out the iBuzz Two mini site now for more details and a rather neat little animation…

    Gadget Candy girl geek blog For far too long, the world of electronic gadgets has been dominated by blokes, so it's great to see girly geek stire GadgetCandy.com redressing the balance.

    As well as covering all that's new (and sometimes pink) in the world of mobile phones, home entertainment and videogames, the site also has a Naughty Candy section where it rounds up the latest knee-tremblers and pleasure products. Lots of fun to be had!

    Add it to your RSS reader to read on your PDA and you'll be more informed than the know-it-all blokes down the pub!

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