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  1. Pocket Pal helps chap with inability to ejaculate…

    "I'm a 65 year old male who has had a problem with ejaculating. My wife gets worn out trying to help me ejaculate, so we bought some sex toys to help her…"

    See the full Pink Vibrating Pocket Pal review at Orgasm Army.

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    iBuzz Two knocks spots of music-activated vibrator rivals…

    "My "test partner" and I were unexpectedly impressed by the most talked about toy to come out of 2006, the same toy destined to bring more orgasms and unique experiences to adults around the world than any other.

    Forget the competitors' copycat models; the iBuzz Two is the only one that has all the options you're going to become addicted to. Believe me. I've just tested the others myself at the 2007 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with their product designers right there to show me all the tricks and switches.

    None compare to the iBuzz Two for several reasons, and I'm thrilled to have my very own to enjoy. Climaxing hasn't been the same since I opened the shiny package…"

    See the full iBuzz Two Vibrator - Music Activated Sex Toy review at Orgasm Army.

    "I'm a guy, so I can't rate clitoral stimulation but OH MY GOD this one hits the G-spot! Its smooth shaft slides into my ass with complete ease and the vibrations are powerful enough to give me amazing sensations! And it's waterproof!"

    See the full Orgasm Army Vibrator review at Orgasm Army.

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    Ever ended the night tied naked to a lampost? Kissed a guy on your hen night and regretted it ever since? Confess your hen night sins in the Lovehoney Hen and Stag Night Survey. Your secrets are safe with us…

    Second steps in anal play…

    "My partner and I have only recently had a go at playing with his arse, as we wanted to see if he can get as much pleasure from that sensitive, naughty orifice as I do LOL…"

    See the full Aneros MGX Prostate Massager review at Orgasm Army.

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    "It's made of a soft, rubbery plastic and comes with a remote control which means, apart from the controller, the whole thing may be submerged which is good for cleaning, and other things!"

    See the full Turbo Jack Rabbit Pearl review at Orgasm Army.

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    "Lots of vibes have given me clitoral orgasms but this is the first toy that regularly brings on those tremendous uncontrollable body shaking g-spot orgasms. Twist the knob and it doesn’t just vibrate it pounds. The gyrations are forceful and filling and it pulsates at G-spot depth…"

    See the full Gyrating Scintillator Vibrator review at Orgasm Army.

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    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    "Before I get going with my review I'll cut straight to the chase - the Sling Ring is genuinely an entirely new concept and you won't have felt anything like it before! It really does work in more ways than one. I’d recommend it to any guy who appreciates top quality toys and the excitement of new sensations. Read on if you want to know more…
    Okay, a conclusion at the start of a review is unusual, but so is this excellent new toy! I also felt it necessary because the Sling Ring is a very easy toy to misunderstand and therefore dismiss. I did.
    For starters, I made the big mistake of thinking it was just another cock ring with yet another go-faster gizmo or weird shaped tickler thingy stuck on the end. To put it in a nutshell, if I hadn’t been given one as a gift, my ignorance would have prevented me from buying one. Don’t make the same mistake that I did or you’ll miss out!
    We all know what a cock ring is - usually it’s something small and stretchy that you slip over your cock that keeps you hard and gives her some clitoral stimulation. The Sling Ring does neither of these. And it’s big.
    This is a totally new concept which is aimed purely at giving pleasure to the wearer. The most important thing to realise is that the hole in the middle of it is large so you can get your cock AND your balls through it. The tongue sits snugly up against your perineum, behind your balls and pointing towards your ass. I didn’t know before I was given this, but the perineum is that sensitive part of you between your balls and your anus. Next time you get an erection have a feel and you’ll discover that there’s lots of erectile tissue under there too - your penis actually extends deep into your body. The Sling Ring is designed to massage those bits which don’t usually get any attention.
    Putting it on was slightly tricky until I got the hang of it, but once I managed to squeeze my balls through I found it very comfortable to wear indeed. The sensation was a new one and rather erotic - I can best describe it as being very like the feeling I used to get from a girlfriend I once had. She used to love kneeling in front of me, looking up and whispering husky, erotic desires whilst holding my cock and my balls with her lithe fingers wrapped around me in exactly the same way as the Sling Ring. I liked the sensation so much I spent the rest of the day wearing the ring, walking about with a secret smile and all the time enjoying the sensation of being “held” Being a Tantus product it’s made of pure medical grade silicone, unlike a lot of toys.
    The real fun is to be had during sex though. As you thrust, the ring is pushed back and it massages your perineum, giving you a whole load of new sensations right at the very base of your cock. As I said, you just won't have experienced anything like it before. I find a lot of the time during sex, sensation is concentrated at the tip of your cock. Wearing the Sling Ring matches that with a deep groundswell of sensation right at the base. It’s a different kind of pleasure - much more diffuse and subtle and it does two things. First it stimulates you and keeps you going longer, and second, it builds into an amazing, more complete orgasm that spreads much wider around your body. It does for me at least. All I can say is try it for yourself!

    That’s two uses so far. A third is the visual effect of wearing the ring under tight clothes. It acts like an Arab Strap and gives you an impressive looking bulge by bringing your balls forwards and upwards. Very impressive in the bedroom - you can have bulging briefs and be equipped for immediate action as soon they are removed for you. Maybe I'll try it out next time I want to make an impression at the swimming pool…
    I discovered a fourth use too - if your cock is thick enough, wear the Sling Ring like a standard cock ring (don’t put your balls through the hole basically) with the tongue facing the other way. Do that and it gives your lady some very nice anal sensations. With a bit of lube it can give her the feeling of being rimmed whilst you make love!
    So, all in all this is one fantastic and very high quality new toy! Hats off yet again to Tantus. Don’t make my mistake and dismiss it. Try it instead - you’ll be very glad you did."

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    Silicone Vibrating Mould A Willy Kit review"On first inspection it looked rather easy and great fun to make! There were simple instructions and little packets and bits to sort through. I spread everything out and put it in order, it all looked pretty straight forward, now we just had to find a quiet moment to do the deeds!"

    See the full Silicone Vibrating Mould A Willy Kit review at Orgasm Army.

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    "Hands up anyone who’s ever looked at a pair of Ben Wa balls and thought “Hmmm - I wonder what they’d feel like in my ass… Well I have, and if truth be told I once stole my girlfriends pair and actually tried…"

    See the full Latex Power Balls review at Orgasm Army.

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