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  1. This Thursday sees the start of Venus Berlin [proceed with caution], one of the biggest sex shows in the world. The four-day event takes place in the giant Messe exhibition centre where more than 400 exhibitors will showcase new sex toys, outrageous sex machines and acres and acres and acres of pornography. And not to mention the XXX-rated floor shows.

    Of course, we're not much interested in the latter. We're heading over there to find the best new sex toys and we'll also find plenty of time to update the Lovehoney blog with the sights and sounds (but not the smells) of Venus.

    We'll also be unleashing The Professor from Sex Toys TV - it'll be as much fun seeing what they make of him as what he makes of them. And crazy things like this $5,000 sex machine that we saw last year…

    Since introducing the topic of how to introduce sex toys to your partner, I have given a lot of advice. I have suggested that you keep things simple, starting out with toys that are not so advanced that you frighten or repel your partner before you ever get started. I have also advised that you remember to keep it fun--reducing the pressure and anxiety associated with trying new things in the bedroom leads to more good times for everyone.

    But this is the last week, so I will end with the most important advice there is to give on how to introduce sex toys into your sex life:

    So that's what they mean when they say Alan's got green fingers… Julie Peasgood, author of The Greatest Sex Tips in the World popped up on the Alan Titchmarsh show yesterday to talk about how you green your sex life - a discussion which simply wouldn't be complete without mentioning Lovehoney's Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme. Click below to watch the clip.

    Suction Mistress Breast Exerciser There has been a lot of news lately about Patrick Mallucci, the "Boobologist", and his claim to have figured out the formula for the perfect pair of breasts. Did it follow that he examined many a fine set of knockers and found them wanting? Oh, indeed. Would you believe me if I mentioned that he was a plastic surgeon who maybe had a vested interest in women feeling their breasts aren't up to scratch?

    Well, I say pooh to you, Mr. Mallucci. There are few things in the world as beautiful, erotic, and comforting as a woman's breasts. I have to think people who can look at breasts and see only how they could be more 'perfect' must be just a little bit joyless.

    So, instead of finding fault with our too small, too large, too droopy, too pointed, just-not-quite-right breasts, I say we collectively stick two fingers up by gently cupping those sweet orbs that give us and our lovers so much pleasure. I give to you…

    Five ways to treat your breasts right:

    Well that's something we thought we'd never say. TV hunk and gardening genius Alan Titchmarsh featured Lovehoney's Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme on his show this afternoon. Actress, TV presenter and author of 100 Greatest Sex Tips in the World Julie Peasgood was on hand to discuss the, er, ins and outs of rabbit recycling with Alan. The conversation soon turned to how you can green-up your sex life. Our talking rabbit has some tips too:

    Recycyle Your Rabbit and Get a Half Price Rabbit Vibrator!

    Ooooh! That's the spot!

    One of the lieutenants over at Orgasm Army asked recently for some advice on how to have an orgasm. That is always a tricky question and the answer can be very different for each person, but she did get a couple of responses to head her in the right direction.

    Men in Love

    I was reading through the Metro paper the other day, when I saw one of those little "and finally…" pieces. You know the ones that are more little blurbs than real news stories? It was on a woman named Lisa Ventura, a writer of erotica. Here is the copy:

    A Tory council candidate is leading a double life as an erotic writer who reviews sex toys online. Lisa Ventura is standing in Thursday's election in the St. Clement ward of Worcester but she has also been running for seven years. In it, the 32-year-old uses the alias Rose McCaine to discuss her sex life. In her latest entry on the 'Rose's Journal' blog, she writes about visiting the Italian town of Sorrento, using a sex toy and praises 'hot' Italian men. Ms. Ventura declined to comment yesterday.

    As you can imagine, much shock and horror followed her "outing". She has subsequently deleted all her work from online and has given up her various gigs as a sex advisor. I haven't seen how she fared in the election, but I know I am pulling for her (Tory or no).

    Thinking About Toys

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I love toys. It isn't a job for me, peeps--I truly love the tarnation out of all that goes with improving my sex life…be that toys, books, or tips from friendly folks.

    It is inevitable, therefore, that when someone is talking to me, that they will eventually hear about my latest shipment or hear me pontificate on the differences between using a butt plug versus a very slim dildo.

    That is all well and good for me, you might say, but what happens if one's partner isn't as open to the idea of talking about double-pronged vibrators over dinner?

    The Tongue Dinger Vibrating Tongue Ring has been hitting the headlines in the past few days. First off it was controversially named Vibrator of the Year by a website on the other side of the pond. So why the controversy? Well, the Tongue Dinger requires the services of another tongue (preferably human!) in order for you to get the best out of it and hardened (!) vibrator watchers reckon there are far more worthy candidates for the award.

    Observer columnist Kathryn Flett even made the Tongue Dinger the subject of her weekly column on Sunday. That was before she went on to say rather nice things about Lovehoney, more of which… eyes north!

    Reckless World of Middle-Aged Sex

    The Family Planning Association and the Department of Health have both recently come out with studies that looked at current sex practices--and while I think it is frickin' fabulous that middle-aged people are having a whole lot more sex (so long as that does not include my mother…*shudder*), there is some cause for concern.

    "Dr Patrick French, a consultant at the Mortimer Market Centre GUM (Genito Urinary Medicine) clinic in Central London, says STI rates in older age groups are rising because such people are not used to thinking about the dangers of casual sex: 'There's a perception that it's only young people who get STIs but I've met many people in their thirties and forties with them.

    'The oldest person I've seen was in his eighties.'"

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