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  1. Welcome to my third weekly sex blog round up.

    Read on to learn about the town of Upminister, how orgasms will ruin the careers of doctors and much, much more…

      UK Sex Map
    • The Lovehoney Sex Map has arrived! However, I must admit that I'd never heard of Upminster (should I have?) before the Sex Map told me it was the UK's sexiest town, so I decided to do a little research in to what makes the people of Upminister so damn horny. I began to explore the Upminster Community Website to see what I could find out about this saucy town. Shops? Well, only if you need a hearing aid. Pubs? Yes, including the aptly named 'The Crumpled Horn', 'The Jobbers Rest' and 'The Optimist Tavern'. A good Neighbourhood Watch scheme? Of course. Beautiful people? No, my goodness no! Just look at who is on the council.
    • Oh, and at the bottom of the sex town pile is Badminton in Avon. It consists of 1 hotel, 1 horse and no sex. And that's it. For more stats on sex in the UK check out this blog by Lovehoney's Carly Drew.
    • Yay! Something I've always suspected (and hoped) has finally been proven true. An orgasm a day will keep the doctor away! According to this article on male enhancement products, to stay healthy we should be having at least 2 orgasms a week. That beats the gym any day!
      The London Sex Project dvd
    • Currently our Lovehoney poll is asking if sex ever features in your dreams. We're interested to find out about the deep inner workings of your subconscious and just be a bit nosy really. With that in mind, I came across this dream interpretation blog on the Em and Lo site. This week features the dream 'I made a porno with my crush'. Sexy dreams = All the fun, none of the mess.
    • I'm a single girl and I like being single. I don't have to shave my legs for weeks on end and I can eat toast in bed and no one will complain about crumb-covered sheets. I'm not adverse to beautiful people asking me out, as long as they actually are beautiful, have some wit and are not a dick. But this is rarely the case. However if I did decide I needed a relationship and I needed it so much that my desperation had me turning to the internet to resolve my issue, I'm glad that Listverse has posted this blog so I can avoid those dating websites with a difference. Difference being the nice way to say weirdos!
      Toy Joy sense luxury vibrator
    • It would seem that porn does have something to teach us. This post on the iVillage site tells us 10 Things Good Girls Can Learn From Pornstars. I particularly like point 9 - 'be a little selfish' - so I've been looking at some lovely splurges for myself. I've narrowed it down to the Toy Joy G-Spot vibrator or this baby doll underwear set from Seven 'til Midnight. Choices, choices…

      Check back every week for my top sex blog choices and get in touch if you'd like to see yours featured on the site!
    UK Sex Map - Flirty Facts and Fiesty Figures!

    With the triumphant launch of the UK Sex Map, we decided it was about time we gave you the facts and figures you’ve all been waiting for!

    Trying to figure out the sexiest university in the UK?

    Looking for a sex shop to fill your fantasies?

    Read on to find out more!

    Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    This week, I have been looking at all manner of sex blogs to find out the latest gossip!

    From the simple and sexy to the strange and unusual, read on to discover what is hot and what is not in the sex blogosphere…

    • So 89% of our voters said they would prefer sex to chocolate. I was still unsure of what I preferred so I decided to do some nosing into what other people were saying about this subject matter. That's how I discovered this blog by I Used To Have Hair. He makes some good points into why both should come out on top (my favourite point being that if you eat chocolate in the shower, the chocolate will melt!) but it didn't solve my own choosing dilemma. Until I saw this video on Everything is Terrible. Chocoritca? Chocolate erotica? This put me right off my dairy milk. From now on, I vote sex!
    • ID Him leather scented lubricant
    • We also recently announced the results for our sexiest smell poll with, err… "lady juices" coming in poll position with 35% of the votes. Coming in second, with 26%, was the smell of your partner's perfume/aftershave. However, for Utegirl it would seem that chocolate really isn't her favourite anything, including smell. So is that another vote for sex? Maybe her man should swap Lynx for our new ID Him scented lubes to help get her in the mood.
    • On a completely unrelated topic, I read about a man having sex with his car on the love and lust blog. Yes that's right, actual sex with an actual car. And not only that, it then mentions other men who have had sex with random objects including bicycles, picnic tables and lamp posts. Lamp posts?! How on earth can you have sex with a lamp post?! The mind boggles.
    • Apparently women who drink wine have better sex lives. This is according to people who call themselves 'sex scientists'. Is it just me who thinks this was just an excuse for some Italian men to put on a white coat, get girls really drunk and take advantage? That's not science. It's your average night out in Swindon.
    • Jelly Willies
    • Oh Haribo, the delicious family treat. But apparently the wrappers of the Haribo Maoam sweets have been deemed pornographic and unsuitable for the eyes of youngsters. Having looked at this article to see what all the fuss was about, I couldn't help but smile! I do believe that the green lime/man is receiving some sort of lemon induced pleasure. Oh would someone think of the children!
    • And just quickly, for those 11% who do prefer chocolate to sex, check out this blog from Sugar Plum. Quite possibly the sexiest cake I have ever seen. Yum!
    Whipped, Spanked and Loving It - Bondage Survey Results Revealed!

    Our most recent BDSM survey looked at the kinky goings of the general public.

    From the results, we discovered several very intriguing things about what all you naughty people get up to and were able to send out a selection of paddles, floggers, whips, cock rings, restraints and ticklers to encourage you too!

    It seems that the most popular act of kink is being blindfolded.

    With 22% of the votes, this simple yet seductive bedroom activity is more popular than ever - and the Bondage Boutique Leather Blindfold is the perfect way to indulge.

    Another intriguing bit of information that we gleamed from the survey is that exactly half of the participants were male and half were female, proving that men and women are equally as naughty!

    When asked what material is preferable in a bondage product, an overwhelming 27 percent of people selected leather.

    There are already over 50 leather products in the Bondage Boutique range and this is set to expand in the future - so all you leather lovers, keep your eyes peeled!

    The most popular age range for survey participants was 18 - 24, meaning that bondage is becoming more mainstream and less of a taboo in the younger section, which can only be a good thing.

    Over £500 worth of Bondage Boutique products have been sent out, so thank you to all the participants in the survey and those who have submitted their reviews already.

    If you were unlucky this time, keep your eyes open for our next survey with some very exciting prizes!

    Hello! Welcome to the Lovehoney weekly sex blog roundup. Here are a few of our top blogs with a wide range of topics from flavoured lube to female ejaculation. Check them out!

    Durex Play Flavoured Lubes

    Recently, the team here at Lovehoney asked what was better; sex or chocolate. A tricky question, and although a 'don't think, just do' response was wanted, my rubbish instincts and indecisive mind just couldn't choose!

    I decided to do a little research and came across a brilliant site talking about the pairing of wine with flavoured lube. Personally, I quite like the idea of the Peaches and Cream Oralicious lube and as I've never been one to take much persuading when it comes to a glass of wine, I'm not going to make a decision on chocolate versus sex. I'm just going to drink a bottle of the recommended wine and see what happens. Enough said!

    In a similar, but not quite as tasteful (see what I did there?!) link, I came across this amazing blog called College Candy. I didn't really learn anything apart from the obvious; never fart in bed on the first date. This blog did make me laugh a little and, I'll admit - I can't help feeling better about myself when other people's misadventures are so much worse than mine. Sorry!

    It's back to school time and everyone across the UK is in preparation, especially those about to head off to uni for the first time. I always get a bit nostalgic around this time of year, remembering back to when I was a fresher. If only I'd had the advice of this blog on Facts and Friction - what to take to university, to get laid at university - I may not have forgotten my duvet and had to use makeshift bedding formed from towels and a state of inebriation for the first week of uni. Not that it mattered. I was an 18 year-old with braces. My target market was a little limited for anyone to see my DIY duvet issue!

    Slimline G-Spot vibrator- female ejaculation SQUIRTING! Always a word to grab attention. The mystery of female ejaculation continues and, as someone who has never experienced it, I found this blog on Good Vibrations to be quite interesting reading.

    The Germans, the environmentalist mentalists of the world, now have Eco brothels. Probably the best news I've ever read from the Guardian. And that's a fact!

    Recently launched at Lovehoney is the new range of CB chastity belts. No longer a 19th century method of punishment, a lot of fun can be had with these contraptions. But chastity belts for dogs? Really? Im not sure I agree with the logic here.

    Doc Johnson iVibe pocket rocket And last but not least is this blog written by the Countess. It's a good review on the classic Pocket Rocket sex toy, which you can check out on Lovehoney, that is until you get to the last paragraph. It's not just me that thinks vibrators and cats, in fact any animal, should never ever make contact, right? I have so many questions about this I don't even know where to begin! All I hope is that the Pocket Rocket was thoroughly cleaned after. Along with the cats!

    The Naughty and Nice Serial MistressThe term 'mistress' has a tendency to put a lot of people on edge.

    From soap operas to chat shows to lunch time news updates, the word mistress is often used negatively to represent a woman who 'steals other women's men'.

    But this really isn't the case, as the fabulous Karen Marley is quick to point out.

    Karen has been dubbed a 'serial mistress', a title that she has embraced and used to her advantage in her own Serial Mistress blog, despite the often negative connotations.

    We caught up with the Serial Mistress to find out more about the woman behind the blogs and one of the most commented articles on the Daily Mail site

    Your Penis Offends My Delicate Sensibilities!

    Go into your local newsagents and you'll instantly be greeted by a bunch of lad's mags with pouting, semi-nude, silicone-tastic women on the front. But these magazines aren't restricted to the top shelf for being 'pornographic', they're at eye level - perfect for men, women and children to view completely unhindered. Nice.

    So with the prevalence of magazines filled with naked women, why is Filament magazine, the quarterly aimed at women who want intelligent articles and beautiful photography of gorgeous men, struggling to find a printer that isn't afraid to show an erect penis?

    No one seems to have a decent answer but one of the excuses so far is that images of nude men in a state of arousal may cause offence to 'women's groups'.

    Porn, Play Rooms and Petra Joy - The Exclusive Interview!

    Female-friendly porn is a highly appreciated form of erotic art, yet it still seems off the radar for many people.

    One of the women who specialises in female-friendly porn, and is continuing to break-down porn clichés and mainstream expectations, is Petra Joy.

    Petra has been working in the erotic film industry for many years and with each movie she makes, she tears up the rule book even further in order to give women exactly what they want - gorgeous couplings, real bodies and hot sex.

    Petra recently launched The Joy Awards - an innovative way of finding new, exciting and upcoming female erotic filmmakers who aren't afraid to capture what really turns them on.

    The Joy Awards competition is open to all first-time female filmmakers and has many amazing prizes including a pjur goodie bag and the opportunity to be featured in the upcoming compilation DVD 'Her Porn, Volume Two'.

    The Joy Award: Make Porn - Get Prizes!

    The fantastic Petra Joy, director of such sensational adult movies as Sensual Seduction and Female Fantasies, has launched a new competition, aptly titled The Joy Award, to find new and talented female filmmakers that are brave enough to break porn cliches and to show sex in new ways.

    And the prize? Well, as the competition is sponsored by Pjur lubricants, you know it's going to be good!

    The three best female directed films are rewarded with cash prizes, Pjur goodie bags and the chance to be used in Petra Joy's Upcoming sexy film compilation 'Her Porn, Volume Two'.

    The theme of the competition is 'What is erotic to you?' and aims to find lots of short, sexy films that show sensuality and sex in a new, creative and artistic way.

    So how do you get your hands on that winning cash?

    Simply make a sexy film that is no longer than 5 minutes in length on the subject of 'What is erotic to you?'

    Lovehoney's most recent online poll was created to find out the worst things to hear during sex. With an array of clickable options and the opportunity to write your own answer, the results were interesting, intriguing and hilarious!

    According to the survey, the worst sound to hear during sex is the front door closing, which took first place with 24 percent.

    What is the worst sound to hear during sex?

    The second worst sound to hear during sex is the sound of your partner screaming the words 'I love your mum'. I have to agree - that's enough to put anyone off their stroke!

    Bizarrely, clocking in at only 1percent was the sound of farm animals - apparently Lovehoney customers can really keep their concentration during those al fresco sessions.

    The best thing about this poll was the answers for those who clicked 'Other'.

    16 percent of people clicked 'Other' and wrote their least favourite sound in the box provided. Some of the other worst sounds to hear during sex included:

    1. A loud fart
    2. "I feel sick"
    3. Someone else's name
    4. Children
    5. "Show me where your mother lives!" (Hat tip to all Ross Noble fans)
    6. "Pass me a duster, I see a cobweb on the ceiling"
    7. "Would you mind if I get a yoghurt?"
    8. Your mate breathing heavily in the corner
    9. Abba
    10. "Touch me harder, Tom Cruise"

    Take part in the newest Lovehoney poll and you can see the answers here within the next few weeks!

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