These Are the Sex Essentials That You HAVE To Take To Uni

These Are the Sex Essentials That You HAVE To Take To Uni

by Guest

on 14 Sep 2016

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So, you're off to university and there are 10,000 things you have to remember to bring with you.

Though you've probably thought about plates, cups, towels, and most of the boring stuff, with all the stress about where you'll be living and how you'll find your course, other details can be overlooked.

And guess what? Your prospective sex life may perhaps be one of those details.

I myself will be starting university in my first year in October and whilst I am of course sorting out accommodation and education-related items, my thoughts have indeed turned to what activities I will be up to when not studying. I have a high sex drive, so intend to engage in as much pleasure as I can.

As such, I have thought ahead so you don't have to! Here are what I believe to be essentials (plus a few optionals) to ensure you can play hard as well as work hard this academic year.

The Essentials


Durex Pleasure Me Condoms (12 Pack)This is the single most necessary thing you need, whether you are planning to be sexually active at university or not. Sexual pleasure is fun, but sexual health is actually important, so always be prepared.

If you do not already have a preferred method of contraception, make sure to do research before you go – once you're potentially drunk in Freshers' Week, in bed with a hot stranger, you'll wish you had weighed up all your options earlier if you don't spend the time now.

Even with other methods in place such as The Pill, I would still recommend a barrier method, such as condoms, since these should protect you from any STIs floating around.

Go to your local sexual health clinic to pick some up from there and save money. It will also give you an opportunity to discuss any other contraceptive methods you are interested in that could be better suited to your body.


I know that I seem to be in the minority in my generation who thinks lube is a beautiful thing. Guys, you need to see the light! Lube is awesome for so many reasons: if your lady parts are feeling uncooperatively dry; if you're like me and sometimes swell up and get tighter during penetration; or if you want to engage in any sort of anal play, lube is just the thing.

There are so many varieties out there, but if you are only going to own one, make sure it is a good-quality, non-flavoured or scented, water-based lube. That way, it will be compatible with all condoms and shouldn't trigger any unknown allergies or irritation for you or your sexual partner, as some flavoured or tingling lubes can do for some sensitive people.

One Nice Lingerie Set

C'mon, we all feel awesome when wearing some underwear that makes us feel sexy as hell, whether we're having sex or not.

This is something that will probably bypass many people's minds until it gets down to the moment when you want to wear some nice underwear, so don't forget to pack something that will make you feel hot, both when you want to impress and when you just need a pick-me-up.

The Optionals

Small, Discreet Vibrator

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet VibratorA bullet vibrator that can be easily hidden away and is quiet enough to make you feel comfortable using, even knowing people are in close proximity, could be a very handy tool for stress-relief and if you find it easier to orgasm using toys.

If you don't already own one, don't just settle for the first one you see. On Lovehoney, you can buy and send back an item within 365 days, even if you've tested it out and found it just doesn't work for you. Test out a couple that meet your needs of being quiet, but also powerful enough to actually do the whole point of making you orgasm!

It's also worth nothing that bullet vibes are great for couples and can also be enjoyed by guys as well as girls. After all, there are more than enough vibrations to go around.

Non-Phallic Dildo

If penetration is what gets you off best, then I would advise a dildo of the non-realistic kind to take away with you. The less phallic the toy, the less likely if somehow someone caught a glimpse, they would know what it was.

One that vibrates is great for multitasking, and you wouldn't need an extra vibrator, but again, you may have to try a couple to find one that suits you best.

Butt Plug

For anal enthusiasts, a butt plug is probably the best type of anal toy to bring along. They are usually easy to clean and mimic penetration better than other anal toys, plus a butt plug gives the option of some outside play if you're particularly daring. I mean, if you know you have a particularly dreary lecture that day, walking around with a little secret up your tush should keep you alert much better than any amount of coffee can!

Blogger supercutesecret is an established sex and relationships blogger, who studies Maths & Statistics at the University of Warwick.

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