"Looking for a first corset? Buy this!" Review of the Month, September 2014

"Looking for a first corset? Buy this!" Review of the Month, September 2014

by Lovehoney

on 9 Oct 2014

"So Incredibly Powerful" - Review of the Month, September 2014

Fancy adding to Lovehoney's [[stats:reviews]] customer product reviews and be in with a chance to win? Every month we choose the best new user-uploaded review to receive £100 to spend at Lovehoney.

September's winner is Sapiosexual, who submitted an informative review that offers great advice to first time lingerie owners. We loved how she compared the affordable Classic Satin Underbust Steel Boned Corset with custom made corsetry, so a £100 Lovehoney Gift Voucher is hers to spend on anything she likes!

"If you're new to corsets and want something you can wear for several hours, you wouldn't go far wrong with this. I tried it on under one of my formal dresses and it did make me look sleeker, held me more upright, and generally looked stunning."

"It's been worn in the bedroom with a wet-look skirt where the comfort was appreciated as I needed to move around. My OH was certainly very willing to obey his Mistress's orders that evening…"

Read Sapiosexual's review in full.

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Keep reading to find out if you were a runner up…

With so many excellent reviews submitted, it's hard to choose only one winner! Below we've chosen 3 runners up who each receive 2,000 Oh! Points to spend or save:

Runners Up

butterflybee's review of Lovehoney Classic Beginner's Butt Plug ([[productprice:productid=30704]])

"The material, while firm, has quite a bit of flexibility, so is great for angling into the best position for you. The give in the material also makes it much easier to accommodate as you insert it. My other plug has a circular base, whereas this has a rectangular base. I found this to be a big plus as it is easier to hold on to as you insert it."

Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead

Monkeysnacks's review of Bondage Boutique Beginners Collar and Lead ([[productprice:productid=30729]])

"Since the previous reviewer focused a lot on the quality of the build I'll try to review the more psychological aspects of this product. I will just make a cover-all statement first by saying that it is extremely well-made. I spent quite a while actively trying to damage it and it remained in perfect working condition.

The design of the collar looks a lot like a dogs'; bright and a little bit garish. But that adds to the psychological aspect of wearing it. You're not special enough to have a thick, padded leather one with studs and buckles. No, you get the happy, little velcro version. If you allow it to, it can really get into your head that you are just a pet and your role is to please your master."

flick_the_switch's review of Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager ([[productprice:productid=4230]])

"Like a lot of products, if you use it as directed and take your time, you'll get results, especially if you've been using the Helix beginner massager for a while. If you are a beginner then maybe go for the Helix instead as it's much more immediately effective and beginner-friendly. But even if you're a beginner, you can get results if you practice the exercises, experiment, and pretty soon you'd be most likely experiencing wonderful anal prostate sensations and having fantastic orgasms."

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