9 Reasons to Stay at Home During Boxing Day Sales (and Do Your Sexy Shopping Online) in GIFs

9 Reasons to Stay at Home During Boxing Day Sales (and Do Your Sexy Shopping Online) in GIFs

by Lovehoney

on 26 Dec 2015

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Check out how happy and calm these guys are. That's because they didn't step foot out of the house on Boxing Day.

Just because you're not wrestling with a rabid bargain hunter to grab the last item on the shelf, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the action.

You can get involved from the comfort of your own home and dodge any sales-induced injuries by doing your sexy sales shopping online.

Still tempted to leave the house? Allow these GIFs to take you on a journey of realisation as you discover nine valid reasons not to.

1. Boxing Day is when the leftover Christmas food is at its prime.

Do you really want to walk away from that?

2. Being caught up in a stampede of crazed bargain hunters is a real threat.

Nobody wants to do a Mufasa.

3. It's bloody baltic out there!

Stay in the warm and feel snug (and smug) as a bug in a rug.

4. You can wear your pyjamas at home.

'Nuff said.

5. Panic buying in the heat of the moment is always a mistake.

It will leave you poor, broken and confused.

6. This is all kinds of nope!

You could be that box.

7. You will lose track of your group or partner.

And when you do, all hope will be lost.

8. You might do things you never thought you were capable of.

Unfortunately, "January sales made me do it" won't stand up in court.

9. At home, you can do your sexy shopping discreetly.

There's no risk of bumping into anyone you know (or getting papped).

At the end of the day, it's a no-brainer. Why leave the house when you can get amazing deals right here?

Lovehoney has bucketloads of deals that you won't find anywhere else. Stay safe, just in case.

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