Position of the Week: Sexy Squat

by Lucy

on 13 Aug 2021

Doing squats has never had so many benefits, thanks to this gym bunny of a sex position. Perfect for athletic couples who love to incorporate a workout into their sex life, the Sexy Squat has got it going on in all the right places, and then some.



One partner lies on their back and brings their knees into their chest. The other partner then sits on the back of the reclining partner’s thighs with their legs in a kneeling straddle position, while holding on to their partner’s raised knees for extra support.


The position allows the seated partner to be in the driving seat of the depth, pace, and rhythm of penetration thanks to the supportive positioning of the reclining partner. A great amount of strength and gusto for each grind and thrust can be achieved from the squatted kneeling position of the receiving partner, plus the angle of penetration is ideal for targeted G-spot or P-spot stimulation.


Get all of the internal pleasure zones singing from the rooftops with the addition of a butt plug for one or both partners. With a whole host of nerves to stimulate in the anus, slipping in an anal toy could add new, explosive sensations to your session.

Make it even better

The perfect way of harnessing all of those sensitive nerve-endings to make your play even more exciting, nipple clamps worn by both or one partner could give you just the right amount of pinch to take you to that special place.

Oral-style sensations could also be introduced with a clitoral suction vibrator. Ideal for clitorises, nipples and penis tips, these toys deliver all the pleasure of cunnilingus, without adding another person into the mix.

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Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
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Originally published on 13 Aug 2021. Updated on 10 Aug 2021