Position of the Week: Backstage Pass

by Chelle

on 15 Apr 2022

Whoever said squatting couldn’t be fun? Get your lover working those thigh muscles as you take a Backstage Pass and pleasure them intensely from a seat below.



Putting the receiving partner in control of this steamy scenario, the giving partner kneels on the floor, back arched slightly while the other partner squats down, straddling their lover’s face with their genitals.


Especially enjoyed by those who like to initiate the pace and speed of their oral pleasure, this position allows the receiving partner to take control. By squatting up and down and thrusting gently (or firmly, if preferred) the standing partner can guide their lover through body motion and physical movement.


In prime position to pleasure several erogenous zones at once, this is an ideal stance for introducing lighter anal play. Small tapered silicone butt plugs are perfect for beginners, whilst vibrating anal plugs or prostate massagers can be an exciting addition for those more acquainted with backdoor penetration.

Make it even better

Give your lover a reason to smile as they look down for visual stimulation. Dressing your body with nipple tassels, clamps or chains may entice and excite your partner as you treat them to a dose of sensational oral sex.

Top position-enhancing toys

Not the position for you?

We're working to make sure that everyone is represented on our website, regardless of who you love, so we'll be using a variety of gender depictions in our Position of the Week posts. This will include straight, gay, lesbian, and gender neutral couples, but all positions will have details in the description of how to make them work for your own relationship dynamic.

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Written by Chelle. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Chelle is a multi-published adult author who believes great sex starts with having the confidence to explore your fantasies in the bedroom.
A bondage and kink enthusiast, Chelle is also an advocate for BDSM education, and when she’s not writing blogs for Lovehoney, you'll find her planning for her next erotica novel.

Originally published on 15 Apr 2022. Updated on 11 Apr 2022