1. It's time to tell the world about what you've been getting up to between the sheets in the biggest ever sex survey launched in the UK. MTV, Radio 1 and Durex have got together in a particularly frenzied threesome to launch Bare All This Summer, the biggest ever youth survey about sex – and it’s your chance to make your voice heard.

    Visit the special website at bareall06.co.uk and fill in the survey - and if you do, you get the chance to win money-can’t-buy prizes, including treats from Sugababes, Gnarls Barkley, Muse, Pink and more.

    You can also see what the likes of Pink, Sway Jody Marsh and Duncan James at this MTV web page have to say about their own sexual experiences and see how they compare to yours.

    If you're still feeling like writing more sextastic stuff, you should head to Orgasm Army and contribute a review of your favourite sex toys, or read up on the opinions of others about the best toys to make you smile.

    The national press in the UK has been awash recently with adverts for "The Original Blue Pill", a daring attempt to bring libido-enhancing drugs to the pages of The Daily Telegraph.

    We salute any effort to improve the sexual health of the nation, but have to say that on close inspection, it's hard to tell what the products in the ads actually do… God bless the placebo effect!

    If you want some that'll put a little lead in your pencil, have a go on one of our little blue pill alternatives.

    >We all know that the success of Britney Spears' debut single Baby One More Time was as much due to the sizzling video where she appeared in a sexy school uniform as it was the song itself.

    Ms Spears reinvigorated a perennial uniform classic, and here at Lovehoney we have a veritable wardrobe full of sexy school girl uniforms. We've just added three new sexy school uniforms to our ever growing list of hot costumewear - there's the Punk
    School Girl Uniform
    , the

    This is on top of the horde of other sexy school uniforms we've already got on stock, like the Masquerade
    3 Piece Plus Size Schoolgirl Outfit and also the one that'll make you look just like Ms Spears herself - the Naughty Schoolgirl Uniform… Follow the link for our complete range of sexy
    school girl uniforms

    To celebrate launch the He Says You Say condom awareness campaign, we're giving away 10,000 Durex Performa condoms - we want to know what they do for your sex life!

    The Durex Performa Condom contains a special lubricant in the end of the condom that helps to delay climax for men. Durex claims this helps prolong sexual excitement for longer-lasting love-making - but does it really? Let's find out!

    Get your free condom here!

    It's the end of an era! [Cue gnashing and wailing] The Lovehoney Sex Toys Blog now has a new home.

    Update your bookmarks, change your favourites, reload your RSS readers, we've moved to a new home, barely nanoseconds from here.

    The Lovehoney Sex Toys Blog will continue to keep you bang up to date with sex toy news, sex toy reviews, details of special offers from Lovehoney and all the juicy sex-related goodness you've come to know and quite probably love.

    Looks like there's going to be an attempt to get into the Guinness Book Of Records with the largest Strip Poker contest. Irish Bookmaker Paddy Power originally suggested the idea as a joke, but had nearly a hundred people enquire about taking part. "We're trying to investigate whether it's possible or whether we'll get put in prison for it," said a spokesman. (Spotted in All Headline News).

    We've got several pack of cards to liven up a strip poker session - see our Kama Sutra Playing Cards and Nude Male Playing Cards.

    And for those of you in Ireland, shop locally with Lovehoney Ireland, our sister site that can deliver all the usual Lovehoney goodies discreetly to your door and bill you direct in euros.

    The New York Post give a thumbs up for Trojan's Vibrating Ring, saying it helps women get a lot more pleasure in the bedroom and works well with a condom too. Here's a bit of their in-depth review of the Trojan Vibrating Ring:

    Only about 30 percent of women reach the big O during sexual intercourse, the majority requiring more creative forms of stimulation to climax.

    Last fall, the company introduced the Vibrating Condom Ring. (Competitors like Durex have recently done the same.) It is a prophylactic-cum-sex toy devised for protection and to enhance his and especially her pleasure during the act of coupling.

    As a self-proclaimed torchbearer of female libidinal gratification, I believe this revved-up condom represents a milestone in women's sexual history. Because Trojan is the country's leading condom manufacturer, the arrival of the Vibrating Condom Ring - now carried by mass retailers like Duane Reade, CVS and Kmart - means that a woman's coital satisfaction is no longer regarded by the mainstream as subordinate to a man's.

    "Female sexuality is out in the open and the message is, 'Take control of your sexuality,'" said David A. Johnson, group product manager at Trojan, noting that more than 40 percent of condom buyers are women, a market that is expanding and one the company is specifically targeting. "Adding a vibrator to a condom is a way that both parties can achieve pleasure at the same time. It adds spice to the bedroom. It's a known fact that vibrators do help women achieve better and more powerful orgasms."

    And if you don't believe them, you can head over to Orgasm Army and read lots of reviews by sex toy users about the best vibrating rings and all sorts of other fantastic gizmos to make your sex life go wild.

    Or, if you're already convinced, you can choose from our big range of vibrating rings - and we've got Trojan condoms too, of course.

    While Sex And The City may have come to an end over two years ago, tours of Carrie and Co's favourite haunts in New York City are still flourishing. New Zealand's Stuff magazine explains:

    "We thought that this tour would have a life of three years after the show but it looks like it will be more," tour organiser Georgette Blau says.

    About 900 people a week take the trip, she says, with New Yorkers making up about 10 per cent of that figure.

    "New York is the show's fifth lady and people feel they need to see that." Another reason for the tour's survival, adds Blau, is withdrawal. "The sales almost tripled when the show ended. People are upset the show is gone," she says.

    As the bus passes through West Village, we stop at the Pleasure Chest - a sex toy shop - where Charlotte bought her famed "rabbit" vibrator."

    If you can't make it to New York, we can bring a little bit of Sex And The City to you - and the most pleasurable bits to boot. We have Charlotte's rabbit vibrator, natch, but we also have the Love Swing that Samantha used to for gravity-defying whoopee. Put the two together and it could mean stratospheric sex…

    The Big Kick Off is not far away and Lovehoney is already getting all patriotic with our very own World Cup England Victory Vibe - Come On England! It's already been shown off in The Sun and it's guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your partner whatever happens during the game. And with Rooney injured, we can do with all the smiles we can get…

    But the England Victory Vibe is not the only World Cup goody that Ms Honey has stashed in her knickers - we've got Come On England G-Strings and Come On England Posing Pouches too, plus the Come On England Candy Bra for half time snacks. And if you're taking to the terraces, you can sport a St George England World Cup Glitter Cowboy Hat and a St George World Cup Feather Boa too, while keeping some World Cup Durex Condoms handily stashed in case you meet someone special during the game.

    In a development that is positively almost too good to be true, we are giving away 10,000 free condoms in our all-new survey.

    To celebrate National Condom Week and launch the He Says You Say condom awareness campaign, we're giving away 10,000 Durex Performa condoms - and we want to know what they do for your sex life!

    The Performa condom contains a special lubricant in the end that helps to delay climax for men. Durex claims this helps prolong sexual excitement for longer-lasting love-making - but does it really? Help us find out!

    Sorry, but this promotion has now closed.

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