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  1. Green Eyed Monster Vibrator Sex Toy (small picture) Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, eh? So where does that put the Green-eyed Monster Vibe? If you've ever had a pantie-dampening moment while watching Attack of the Saucermen or Mars Attacks, or if you've suffered the trauma of alien abduction and want to put the experience behind you (not that hole, Mr Grey!) with some ribtickling sex-toy play, this is the vibe for you. Unfortunately it's not actually going to be made - or not by us, at least - because it didn't win our Design a Sex Toy competition. Still, you have to love any entry that features the phrase 'the man puts the monster on his penis'. We've all been there, pal …

    Spotted in the Sun online: according to a new book, The Rough Guide to the Brain, sleeping with someone early on can increase your chances of a long-term relationship.

    Dr Barry Gibb (not to be confused with a Bee Gee) claims that, 'During sex and particularly orgasm, the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin are released, with are associated with the build-up of commitment, bonding and trust.'

    Most girlies know the common erogenous zones on their lover's body, but there's one top secret, super sexy zone that you can stimulate to get your man's blood truly pumping…say hello to the cremaster muscle!

    Candy Garter - just add teeth Ever since Jodie Marsh was seen sporting an underwear ensemble made entirely of sweets, the candy underwear range has been a real hit. It's a great birthday gift idea and also a good choice for hen or stag night hilarity. Giving a jokey present is actually a good way to try something new in the bedroom - if your partner turns their nose up, it's easy to laugh it off and say it's just a joke.

    But sometimes, like Orgasm Army reviewer Lisa1984 you can turn a joke present into the cue for a red-hot night of passion…

    "One of my friends bought me one of these on my 21st birthday, when I opened it we all had a laugh. 'I will save it for later in the bed room,' I told 'em all. Later when me and my fiancee went to bed I put it on, but I had forgotten he has no teeth and could not bite into it! Lol!…"

    You really couldn't make it up… :-)

    Have you seen a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man? Well, we're going to play a little game based loosely on that diagram. Very, very loosely… In fact, forget I mentioned anything about it.

    Jack Rabbit Pearl vibrator Poor Orgasm Army cadet KLASSK… We can understand why many of you like to name your vibrators - the cute smiley face, the loveable tickling ears - but you may find, as in the following tale, that it makes you too emotionally attached!

    We sell Shoot Your Own Adult Home Movies, which features all kinds of tips about how to - uh - shoot your own erotic movies. Perhaps if I'd had this book before starting my own ill-fated career in adult cinema, I wouldn't have made the mistakes I did…

    Stroke 29 - perfect for your masturbate-a-thon Coming soon… the 2007 Masturbate-a-thon, to be held in San Francisco on May 26th. As the organisers (none other than Lovehoney favourites Good Vibrations) put it, 'In our effort to encourage masturbation pride, we invite you to put the "fun" back in "fundraising" by wanking for a good cause'. Fundraising for what? The Center for Sex & Culture, 'dedicated to sexual freedom and safety, offering classes and workshops that continue to promote a sex-positive reality. Come for this good cause. Wank for the greater good (Stroke 29 Masturbation Lube can help). Jill-off in pride and support. Help keep sex education safe, accurate and fun.'

    14-inch Extreme Dildo with Suction Cup Yowser! We know you like your anal toys out there - in fact it's probably safe to say that without ass there could be no Lovehoney. No ifs or - uh - butts (sorry). But we don't often see the kind of enthusiasm expressed in this review from Orgasm Army, which shows a level of evangelical fervour usually reserved for rants about the Messiah's second coming. The Church of Ass, now that's a thought…

    Love Sex Machine with FREE UK power converter review
    Just when you thought it was safe to look at our sex stories blog again… our intrepid Orgasm Army reviewer keith.b has penned another lengthy piece that moves out of the realm of reviews and into something altogether different. Last time it was his girlfriend being strapped to the machine. This time the tables are turned - read on to see what's going on behind closed curtains on your street right now! Possibly, anyway…

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