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  1. Shock news from the Royal Mail! The Communication Workers Union is going on strike again, which means there'll be no postal service from mid-day Thursday until Wednesday next week. And then it'll be playing catch-up with a big backlog of mail.

    But never fear! It's important to us that we provide you with a first class shopping and delivery service - even if first class post isn't available.

    You can beat the strike with Lovehoney - all orders will be despatched by next-day express delivery courier service at no extra charge over our normal postal charges.

    That means you can spend £30 and get next-day delivery free!

    Here's the full Royal Mail announcement:

    Royal Mail is hugely disappointed that the Communication Workers Union has announced a fresh round of strike for the following dates:

    48-hour national strike on 5 and 6 October
    48-hour national strike on 8 and 9 October
    An indefinite rolling programme of functional strikes to continue weekly
    until the resolution of the dispute

    We are currently assessing the likely impact on services and will
    communicate these as soon as possible.

    Royal Mail has well-developed contingency plans in order to reduce the
    effect of the strike and minimise disruption to our customers as much as

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