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  1. More top tips from the heady world of free online smut - please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for your favourites, looking through all these sites has plenty of - um - distractions that can easily lead to sore wrists and general lethargy. Ahem! Right, so onto the next batch of story sites:

    - www.lustylibrary.com is a neatly laid out site billing itself as 'stories for the sexual intellectual', which means it may not host the down'n'dirty smut we all secretly crave occasionally. But if style and a cool, distanced tone are your thing, this is the place for you! The stories are free but there's also a special member's area.

    - www.sexstoriespost.com features a vast archive of stories with a full range of highly specific categories, from 'slut wife' to 'smut diaries'. Truly something for everyone.

    - XNXX.com is a well-established site for reader-ranked stories of all categories. And we do mean all - no guidelines here! There's even a 'Mind Control' category for those of you who like to fantasise about what celebrity hypnotists get up to in their spare time.

    More coming soon…

    CB-2000 Points of Intrigue It's not every day you see a toy review with a line like 'my penis had strong marks on it which made my Mistress happy', but then the CB-2000 Points of Intrigue isn't an everyday toy. Boys, if the idea of cock clamping makes you shrivel, make sure you sit down with a nice stiff drink before reading this. And girls, this is for - uh - consensual sex play, OK?

    By working out your menstruation cycle, you can harness your natural increase of testosterone for better sex

    Andro Penis Enlargement System Spotted in the Metro last Wednesday: Cambodians warned over DIY penis enlargement. Apparently a Cambodian man injected hair tonic into his penis in the hopes that it would make it grow - or maybe to give it thicker, more lustrous hair, who knows? In the event it caused massive ulceration, the pain from which was so great that the man hanged himself, the poor sod.

    Feed your inner exhibitionist by having sex in the following public places…

    O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel

    Want a piledriver orgasm? Who doesn't? To paraphrase erotic author Yolanda Celbridge in yesterday's interview, there's no time so good that a little O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel can't make it better. One of our Orgasm Army reviewers clearly thinks so, trying it with her man, a small pencil vibe, a willy dildo then a GX4 super rabbit - talk about road testing! Thank god she 'locked the cats out of the room', eh?

    Auto Pulsator Power RingIf your man is prone to losing erections quickly and you have trouble orgasming during penetrative sex, kill two birds with one stone with the amazing Power Ring!

    Punished in Pink

    Taking the tawse at a finishing school? Jolly hockey sticks japes that end up with reddened rears upended in the shrubbery? You must be reading a Yolanda Celbridge book. Yolanda's one of the most prolific erotic authors on the scene, with Punished in Pink, Slave of the Spartans and The Smarting of Selina just a tiny selection from her vast back catalogue. And yes, before you ask they do often have alliterative titles! If Penny Birch writes a kind of pimped-up, anarchic Just William, Yolanda's speciality is more Enid Blyton with canes, all polite girls vying with each other to see who can take twenty on the bare without crying. We've heard a rumour that Yolanda may have hung up her pen for good (gasp!) but before she vanishes into the ether (or wherever erotic authors go when their creative juices have run dry), we asked her to share some of her thoughts on writing, reading and the judicious use of the
    Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo. To find out more, read on…

    Head Honcho It may look a bit like the evil robot in Terminator 2, but the Head Honcho delivers. As you'd sort of expect it to with a name like that… If your memory needs refreshing, the Head Honcho's a male masturbator with a unique three-suction chamber that delivers in spades - so much so that it was awarded 'Top Toy of the Year' by the US TV series 'Talk Sex With Sue Johanson'.

    No, they're not an erotic folklore. Multiple orgasms are completely obtainable as long as you set aside plenty of time and patience to achieve them…

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