1.  Wicked Tingle Tip Vibrator 6.5 Inch
    This week at Lovehoney get a wonderfully cheeky Wicked Tingle Tip Vibrator worth £14.99 absolutely free when you spend £35.

    At first glance this firm, massaging vibrator looks pretty normal until you spot the protruding nub right at the top of the tip. Fire up the powerful multispeed beast and let it go to work on your pleasure regions. Orgasmic sensations await.

    You can read more about the free vibrator offer here.

    Hit your G-spot with one of these fantastic bendable vibrators

    Give your G-spot an orgasmic treat with one of these new bendable vibrators. Designed to hit the pleasure points that other sex toys cannot reach, these bendy vibes can be twisted and turned to hit those seemingly unreachable sweet spots.

    Whether you prefer a realistic-style vibrating dong or a clit-tickling rabbit, there's something here for all tastes. And prices start at just £16.99.

    Why not add one of these fabulous new realistic vibrators to your sex toy collection?

    Silk Seduction Bondage TiesUsing silk ties on your partner as a form of foreplay can be a huge turn on, especially when combined with oral sex

    It's the second of our videos from the Venus Sex Show, in which my johnson gets a treat from a masturbation machine.

    Hail Caesar! The ultimate sex toy is here…Hail Caesar! The ultimate sex toy is here…
    280 pumps a minute - see the ultimate sex machine in action! This thrusting beauty delivers incredible orgasms - and you're in complete control!
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    Have a luxury orgasm with the Jimmyjane FORM 6!Have a luxury orgasm with the Jimmyjane FORM 6!
    See the incredible Jimmyjane FORM 6 put through its paces and discover why it's one of the finest sex toys ever created.
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    Climax H2O Lubricant

    So I have a sex blog. I try out a lot of sex toys, I read a lot of news on sex, people talk to me about sex. I wouldn't call it a cushy job, but it certainly has its perks, right? But there is a downside, my friends. A very serious downside. Just this evening - after having yet another friend tell me that what I do is certainly not work - I was sat here with vibrating nipple clamps dangling from my… well… nipples, naturally, for the betterment of my sex bloggy knowledge. It is all for you, and darn it, I don't complain.

    Until tonight.

    You always do it at the same time, roughly the same night, in the same place and in the same position/s. If this sounds familiar to you, you and your lover could be stuck in a sex rut

    There's nothing more frustrating than a vibrator that doesn't quite get you there, and when it comes to vibrators, for most people it's a case of 'the more power the better'. But working out how powerful a sex toy is, without trying it for yourself, is near-enough impossible. Don't worry! Lovehoney has valiantly tested the lot to find the top 10 toys with the strongest vibrations and most intense sensations.

    Mains powered sex toys top our chart, because of the large amount of energy they receive from your power supply - there's just no beating them if power is top of your vibrator shopping list. Rechargeable toys come a close second, with their excellent battery life and strong motors, followed up by traditional battery-powered sex toys that still pack an incredible punch.

    Erotic fantasy is the spice of any good sexual relationship, so let yours run wild in the bedroom…

    At the end of day two of the Venus Berlin Sex Show, a dump from the camera's memory reveals some random weirdness - most of it willy-shaped.

    Penis salami - looks like a penis! Have you ever noticed when you're at at deli counter in Sainbsbury's that the salami (titter) looks just like a (titter) penis (titter).

    Well, somebody else has too, so they've taken sausage-tittering to the logical extreme and produced a salami THAT REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A PENIS! And they called it Mr Salami.

    One slice or two?

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