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  1. Turn your living room into your man's own private 'titty bar' and give him a lap dance he'll never forget…

    Need a helping hand bringing your guy to a hand job orgasm? Learn from the man himself

    Ask Birdie…

    Oh, Sex Toys. So tempting, but how do you know what to buy? What works? What doesn't? What is even OUT THERE to try? You have questions, I have answers (most of the time…)

    Dear McBirdie,

    I've recently separated from my girlfriend of many years, and find myself single for the first time in a very long time. I have no wish to find myself in another relationship soon, but would like to use this time to find out more about how I can enjoy sex. Can you recommend any sex toys for men to use alone? For the right product, money is no object!


    Alone But Excited

    Tracey Cox Supersex Mint Tingle Lube
    A few cool tips for virgins…

    The Screaming O OHoney Vibrating Clitoral Sex Enhancer

    A couple of weeks ago, I first saw the Screaming O OHoney Vibrating Clitoral Sex Enhancer, and I was aflutter with pondering what it was all about. I had so many questions - was it rigid? Did it really lock into place? Would it become THE new couple's toy of choice?

    Well, anyone who knows me could have told you that there was about zero chance that I would just patiently sit around and wait for someone else to get one and review it. I had to have one. I think the fact that I waited nearly two weeks is pretty impressive, all things considered.

    One of the world's all-time favourite porno moves…

    Bend me, shape me! It's the new Wiggle Vibrator!Bend me, shape me! It's the new Wiggle Vibrator!
    The most flexible vibrator - ever! Enjoy the zing-a-ding-ding of the Lovehoney Platinum Wiggle Wand.

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    The Prof, The Girl and the Inflatable Sex Machine!The Prof, The Girl and the Inflatable Sex Machine!
    If you're as bored in bed as Sex Toys TV Presenter Bonny Hall reading a footie mag, pump up the Louisiana Lounger sex machine and bring back the excitement!

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    Aneros Marksman Lubricant 6 Pack

    The other day I was all giddy to find that Elbow Grease Cream was in stock so I gleefully blogged about it so that the world could experience my absolute favourite anal lube - so creamy! So thick! So oddly sweet tasting!

    Unfortunately, my glee was premature. Lovehoney isn't really restocking the line - so if you want to experience my favourite anal cream, you're going to have to move fast and grab while the grabbing is good. This is the last available in the line, so order yours before I buy up the last of the lot.

    52 Orgasm TipsOne for evey week of the year!

    Here's a cool position for the kitchen; just make sure your kitchen table is sturdy!

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