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  1. Devious Patent Ballet Stilettos Lovehoney's very own Kirstyne spotted a familiar piece of footwear in the video for the Beyoncé single Green Light. These Devious Patent Ballet Stilettos are worn by five rubber clad dancers (and The Knowles) in the promo video.

    We're not sure whether Darcey Bussell and co. could do Swan Lake in these sensational shoes but it'd certainly be fun watching them try! Check out the Green Light video here.

    Going abroad this summer? Then don't pass up the chance for some good lovin' in a hammock!

    If you or your partner have high-powered jobs Monday to Friday, you may erotically enjoy being submissive and humiliated in this rather kinky practice

    If Horny Goat Weed doesn't sound like your ideal love potion, try some of the following sex superfoods to raise your libido instead.

    An aqua-vibed sex position that doesn't require a swimming pool or penetration!

    The Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator Ever since the girls of Sex And The City revealed the magic of the rabbit vibrator to the world, it's been the must-have sex toy for women. And no wonder - its vibrating rabbit ears are able to stimulate the clitoris like no other vibrator have been able to before or since. But if you want to orgasm exactly where Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have orgasmed before, which Rabbit should you buy? Find out in our exclusive expose of the Real Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator.

    Perfect for G-spot penetration and full body contact, this swinging position is a must-try for steamy nights in…

    Prostate Milking is an age-old practice used to relive the build-up of semen by prostate massage, but more and more couples are getting turned on by it as an instant orgasmic hit for men

    Liquid Silk Lube (50ml) At Lovehoney we like to think that we're oiling the sex lives of our satisfied customers to give everybody a smoother ride, so we're chuffed when we read reviews that mention how we helped out.

    Even if your guy isn't into anal sex, you can still lavish some erotic attention on his ass without going near his delicate area…

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