1. Lovehoney Magic Power Wand Mini Vibrator

    Harry Potter's wand might be able to pull a few fancy tricks but wait till you see the new Lovehoney Power Wand Mini Vibrator work its sexy magic. Whoosh! Hey presto, it's an orgasm!

    Small but beautifully formed, the Power Wand packs an amazing amount of energy into its 5 compact inches. There are 7 speeds and patterns to enjoy, from gentle pulses to chin-wobbling vibrations – so whether you're using it for clitoral stimulation or all-over massage, solo or with a partner, the Power Wand always casts a sensational spell.

    The curved shaft is wonderfully smooth and the silver base is solid with simple, easy-to-use buttons. It's a fantastic gift – and a great treat for yourself, too! You can find out more about the all-new Lovehoney Power Wand here.

    If you've got time and patience on your side, tantric sex is worth exploring. Here's three cool moves to get your tantric juices flowing…

    Spartacus Heavy Metal Dual Cock Rings As promised last Monday, today I'm taking a closer look at the dual cock ring--one of those toys that we tend to look at but sometimes pass over as being a bit too confusing and intimidating to purchase for ourselves.

    Christmas for a Quid

    This week at Lovehoney get your sexy toys gift-boxed for only £1! No messing around with torn wrapping paper and bits of Sellotape stuck together – we'll pop your sexy gift in a sexy gift box for just £1.

    Thousands of sexy gifts are eligible for gift-wrapping and no matter how many items you choose, it only costs £1!

    You can see our gift box demonstration on Sex Toys TV here.

    Bend me, shape me! It's the new Wiggle Vibrator!Bend me, shape me! It's the new Wiggle Vibrator!
    The most flexible vibrator - ever! Enjoy the zing-a-ding-ding of the Lovehoney Platinum Wiggle Wand.
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    Good G-Spot Vibrations with the Rock ChickGood G-Spot Vibrations with the Rock Chick
    See the Vibrating Rock Chick in action and find out why it's the best-selling G-spot vibrator.
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    It's not just women who love their nipples licked!

    Don't be a wallflower in the bedroom: ask and ye shall receive!

    Dominate your man and feast on your sexual prey with this powerful erotic move

    njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

    At this point, it would be impossible for me to actually get all of the gifts I've put on my Wish List for Christmas, but I just keep stumbling across exciting new finds when I play around on Lovehoney and Orgasm Army. What is interesting about this one is that the reviews aren't showing up on the Lovehoney site - so if you haven't ever gone over to Orgasm Army (where real people are writing reviews of all the sex toys they have bought to better help us all get the right toy).

    I love the look of the njoy Pure Wand. I really like a toy that has look of class about it and this one definitely has that. It looks rather like something futuristic and should appeal to the geekies in the room. The box it comes in is also gorgeous - it is like it does Christmas for you. But what is most impressive is the reviews. Check out what they're saying:

    Cleopatra's Crystal Pleasure ClipThere's a fine line between pain and pleasure, and any S&M hottie will love this pretty beaded clamp

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