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  1. Berman Center Lina Vibrating Pen with Sleeve

    I have recently had the good fortune to speak on the phone with Dr. Laura Berman, of the Berman Institute, to get her opinion on all things sex toy related. She was just as warm and intelligent as you would assume from a woman who is head of one of the most couple-friendly, woman-centred sex toy companies. Look for the interview to show up next week, but in the meantime, I thought I would focus this week on four hidden gems from the Berman Institute line - no reviews have popped up for these toys yet, so they are just begging to become our next favourite toy.

    This week: The Berman Center Lina Vibrating Pen with Sleeve

    Sue Johanson Royal Jubilee G-Spot Vibrator

    This week at Lovehoney get a power-packed Sue Johanson Royal Jubilee G-Spot Vibrator worth £24.99 absolutely free when you spend £50.

    This soft and pliable vibrator has a wondrously thick, dimpled shaft and multispeed vibrations, which are easily controlled using the controller in the base. And it's waterproof, too - knee-trembling fun!
    This offer has now closed but you can find out about our new free vibrator offer here.

    Sue Johanson is Canada's foremost sexual educator and counsellor. For the last 30 years, she has provided frank and honest sexual education to thousands of Canadians through her lectures, radio programmes, and the Sunday Night Sex Show on national television.

    Currently, she offers expert sex advice on the weekly, live Talk Sex With Sue Johanson, which airs in the U.S. and 22 other countries.

    Reader Tips: Anal sex advice

    If you're curious about anal sex but find the thought of being penetrated by something as big as a willy somewhat tear-inducing, try experimenting with a toy which gradually increases in girth, like the Spectra Gel Beaded Anal Vibrator.

    The smaller beads at the end allow you to start off with a little gentle probing and with time you can build up to a fuller sensation with the larger beads.

    Make sure to use a thick water-based lubricant such as Doc Johnson Anal Lubricant and go slowly. It really does make all the difference how gently you play.

    The beaded texture also allows the muscles in your arse to close around the toy, holding it in place, so you get used to having something up there. As it's also a vibrator, you'll get some new and interesting sensations. Well worth exploring!

    Tenga Hard Rolling Head Cup

    Over my spring break, I had a friend visit me from the US - he was doing a big world tour and had just spent some time in Japan. Over wine one evening, we got to talking about the male masturbators that have been created over there - meant to be used once, and looking like a wee can… this is normal conversation, right?

    I was all over curious about them, as I had yet to meet someone who had actually used one and I had to know how they stood up against the Fleshlight that everyone loves. I was just tickled pink when he went on and on about how fabulous it was. Big hand gestures, raised voice level of excitement - he asked if I wanted him to write a blog on it, he loved them so much. Instead, I present you with one of the glowing reviews coming out on the Tenga. And be sure to check out the entire range - they're all slightly different:

    A big thank you to everyone who entered the Lovehoney Sex Tips Competition. As always we were astounded by the quality of the tips (or should that be the wondrous workings of your erotic imaginations?!)

    Now that the overall winner has been notified (we'll be publishing their tip shortly) and all of the prizes sent, I thought I'd share some facts and stats on the competition. Take note, they may come in useful next time!

    We received a total of 330 tips - 110 of which received prizes (not a bad ratio I think you'll agree.)

    The most common reason for rejecting a tip was that the entrant had forgotten to add their name and / or postal address to their Orgasm Army record. With so many tips to choose from it was impossible to email each person to check their addresses, plus we had stated in the rules that we required full details. Sorry chaps - no address, no prize!

    Ice, hot drinks and mint of any description proved a bit of a turn-off this time, too. Yes they all work, but when 51 people suggest the same thing I'm afraid it loses its edge! Ditto pearl hand jobs, alphabet oral or getting your partner drunk!

    That said, there were plenty of tips that left me hot under the collar, so much so in fact that a few of them will be featured here in the future. They're so good, it would be rude not to share!

    Exposed 3-Piece Wet Look Halter Set

    One word… absolutely sensational!

    This gorgeous new wet-look selection of triangle bras, halter tops, G-strings and eye-popping minis and shorts from Exposed is guaranteed to make his jaw hit the floor with a resounding thud.

    Made from top quality wet-look Spandex-mix material with a soft cotton inner lining, this daringly teasing selection comes in a range of sizes, right up to Queen size.

    Check out the new Exposed range.

    Going on a hen night this year? You need Hen Night HQ!

    Lovehoney's sister site has got everything you need to make the bride-to-be's last night of freedom a party to remember

    Hen Night Costumes and Accessories
    Hen Night HQ has a huge selection of hats, headgear and accessories. Angels or devils, cowgirls or police women, you can take your pick and prepare to put your glad-rags on!

    Whether you want all the girls to wear willy boppers, cowboy hats or angel wings, we've got the outfits for you.

    We've also got more Hen Night Accessories than you can shake a silly willy at. And the good news is, the more you buy, the more you save, so you can kit out all the girls without breaking the bank.

    We've also got the biggest selection of silly willies under the sun. Don't have a hen night without one!

    Plan a hen night and win £10,000 of prizes!
    Use our new hen night planner to set up your own hen night home page and you could win a share of £10,000 of prizes!

    Within seconds you'll have a personalised Hen Night Home Page where you can plan the party with maps, invite and organise friends by e-mail, and discuss your plans.

    It's free and easy to use - start planning your hen night now!

    Tracey Cox's Supersex range of vibrators has just gotten even sexier!

    The new Tracey Cox Supersex Massager is a quiet, powerful, multispeed vibrator – the perfect foreplay sex toy for couples. It's waterproof, too, which makes it an ideal companion for the shower!

    "Use the Supersex Massager directly on the clitoris or your most sensitive parts but if that feels too intense, tease around the sides," says Tracey. "Orgasms with a strong vibrator happen quickly, so stop and start to make the experience last longer."

    As a special introductory offer we're giving away Tracey Cox Supersex Mint Tingle Silicone Lube worth £7.99 free with every Supersex Massager – which adds extra toe-curling sensations to your sexy fun.

    Slim, super-strong and very long… it can only be the new Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator! Small enough to take anywhere but packing a punch way above its weight, this stylish and discreet mini vibe is the finest bullet yet.

    "Because bullets are small, they're ideal for multiple stimulation," says Tracey. "Try holding one alongside your partner's tongue during oral sex or on the clitoris while he uses his fingers. The adventurous will also find it perfect for wicked teasing in all sorts of exciting places…"

    And for a limited period we're giving away free Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube worth £4.99 with ever Supersex Bullet Vibrator.

    Wicked Silicone Ribbed Sex Toy Kit

    This week at Lovehoney get a fabulous 3-piece Wicked Silicone Ribbed Sex Toy Kit worth £19.99 absolutely free when you spend £40.

    The 3-piece kit includes:

    1. Ribbed multispeed vibrator (5 inch) with 18 ribs (yes, we counted) that deliver sensational pleasure.

    2. Mini multispeed bullet vibrator with sleeve attachment and string handle.

    3. Orgasmic Silicone Anal Beads - with 10 different-sized beads.

    This offer has now finished but you can read about our latest free vibrator offer here.

    How a Blogger Spends Her Evening

    So I know what you're thinking. "Boy, McBirdie, I bet your evenings are glamorous affairs, full of excitement, prestige, and sexiness - you are, after all, a Sex Toys Blogger, and they are by nature a glamorous peoples."

    Peeps, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. In reality, I have spent the past couple of hours or so squishing the unbelievably soft balls attached to the Japanese Motorised Control Cock and seeing how well he wears a French Tickler. I can tell you that he wears it quite handsomely - like he is proud of his wee spiky cap - but also that if you're going to enjoy him, hat and all, you better do it within the first hour as he starts to eat through the condom bottom of the Tickler. Silicone toys, dontchaknow. But now I can tell you how many different ways you can use the Control Cock, so the evening was well spent.

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