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  1. Temptress Long Gloves

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    If you wear a suspender belt and suspenders go one better than most lovers.

    Put the knickers on over the suspender belt, instead of under. That way, they can come off, leaving those sexy stockings intact!

    Lovehoney has got a huge range of sexy stockings and hosiery.

    Bondage roles - are you a top or a bottom?

    Do you like to be in control? Does your partner like to be obedient? Find out which bondage role suits you and your partner…

    Finding it hard to work out exactly which size of vibrator would suit you? Check out the Lovehoney Vibrator Size Guide!

    We provide the measurements of all the vibrators that we sell, but even with the facts at your fingertips, it can be tricky to imagine just how big some vibes are.

    It's not uncommon for customers to find that some products are a little too challenging.

    Cue the…

    If masturbation forms part of your daily routine (and we think it should!), make your orgasms twice as powerful by introducing anal sex into your playtime and get a double-header of anal and clit action for the ultimate female orgasm.

    When it's time for straight-forward sex toys lovin', an up 'n' thrustin' dildo is every girl's best buddy. There are shapes and sizes for everybody - all is explained in our Big Dildos buying guide. (It's the guide that's big - and some of the dildos…)

    1. Up to 50% off sale on anal toys
    2. Deluxe Anal Douche 225ml

    Anal play is the one sexual subject that's guaranteed to put the 'oooh' into 'taboo'. But this hidden pleasure zone deserves to be explored as anal stimulation can enhance every sexual scenario, for both women and men.

    Anal sex toys are specially designed products for anal penetration. The shapes are often tapered or graduated allowing for easy insertion, before flaring out or swelling in size to stimulate those internal pleasure zones.

    Smooth and sensual, anal sex toys are designed for use by men and women and feel equally as fantastic.

    Sexually Transmitted Infections are still a major cause of ill health, infertility and complications during pregnancy. Get clued up on how to spot them and how to avoid them in the first place.

    Are you ready to dazzle this summer? You certainly couldn't slip into anything sexier than this fabulous new lurex weave Sparkling Long Sleeve Mini Dress from Music Legs.

    With a beautifully embroidered hem, scoop neck and super-classy long sleeves, it's the hottest thing you can get for that special summer party.

    And it stretches to accentuate every gorgeous curve!

    Available in stunning red with dazzling gold weave or deep purple with silver weave, it's only £14.99 – and you get free delivery, too.

    Temptress Long Gloves

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    My red hot tip is to wear a pair of long evening gloves while giving my man a slow, sensual massage over all his erogenous zones!

    Check out Lovehoney's fantastic range of sexy gloves.

    Lovehoney & Company magazine have launchd the UK Sex Toy Awards and you can be one of the judges!

    The 2008 UK Sex Toy Awards has a long-list of 30 different types of sex toys including rabbits, bullets, G-spot vibes, massagers and many more.

    To find out which vibrators are the best, we need to recruit 20 judges each of whom will be sent 10 sex toys worth more than £300 to test.

    After a rigorous month of orgasms, the judges will review and rate each of their 10 toys in orgasmic detail. And the winners of the 2008 UK Sex Toy Awards will be exclusively announced in the September 2008 issue of Company.

    Apply to be a Sex Toy Awards Judge today!

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