1. Suraya Sidhu Singh, Editor of Filament - Credit: Gerard HarveyFilament magazine has launched, and in its wake is a media frenzy, a lot of debate and a ton of women handing over their details to obtain a copy.

    Whether you consider Filament to be art, porn, art-porn or just downright smut, you have to admit that the controversy it has created can only be a good thing.

    After all, just knowing that there's a demand for a pornographic magazine aimed at women is enough to reassure the masses that looking at hot naked men is perfectly normal.

    We caught up with Filament editor Suraya Sidhu Singh to find out more about the magazine and how you can become a porn star for the intellectual generation.

    My boyfriend is rather small and can't get into many positions. Have you got any tips for us?

    Penis size is a sensitive subject that society tends to place a great deal of importance on, but the truth is that a penis of almost any size can satisfy a woman.

    Filament Magazine - Porn For WomenErotica has taken a classy and artistic turn with Suraya Singh's brand new pervery magazine known simply as Filament.

    Unlike female-friendly print-porn of the past, which seems to target the gay male market or giggling girls out on their hen night, Filament showcases the kind of attractive males you'd see at a Faith No More concert or grabbing a cup of java from your local fair-trade coffee shop.

    But not only is Filament filled with fantastically shot, beautifully lit photography akin to that of Lithium Picnic or Steve Prue, it also contains genuinely challenging articles, believable erotic fiction and even some rather enticing recipes.

    It seems that most media outlets have already caught on to the news about Filament magazine, with the Daily Mail and The Independent getting in on the act, but the general mainstream consensus seems to be that no one could possibly find slim, slightly androgynous men attractive.

    The Daily Mail's Olivia Lichtenstein balks:

    "I turn the pages and there are the pictures of 'Boys'. Most of them are somewhat effeminate, and none of them is arousing.

    They are apparently intended as an alternative to the oil-slicked musclemen that proliferate elsewhere. The editor claims her 'research' has shown her these models represent the sort of men women really find sexy."

    Yes, heaven forbid that women have different tastes in men! We should all be admiring photos of men who drive white vans and eat nothing but raw meat and fried carbs, obviously.

    Suraya's target audience is quite clearly not Daily Mail readers.

    In fact, Filament is more for the kind of women who don't read any mainstream newspapers.

    The kind of women who have heard of Chuck Palahniuk.

    The kind of women who have more records in their collection than food in their fridge.

    The kind of women with dye under their nails, rather than false ones stuck on top.

    The kind of women who have visible tattoos and have scored top jobs due to their impressive qualifications and talents, rather than what they look like.

    And the kind of men that these women go for? The 'effeminate boys' to which the Daily Mail refers.

    The tag line of 'the thinking woman's crumpet' is spot on. Filament combines artistic photography and arousing pornography perfectly, making it more of a classy art magazine rather than an out-and-out sausage-fest.

    Filament magazine may not be everyone's cup of tea but for the target audience its aiming itself at, it does a bloody good job!

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