1. How to give him the perfect hand job!

    You can never underestimate the skill required to deliver a fantastic hand job - here are a few simple tips that will help to drive him wild.

    ID Him - The Sexiest Smelling Lubricant Around!

    You may not think that the way a lubricant smells is important in the grand scheme of things but ID Glide have just launched a male masturbation cream that will cause some serious scent-sual seduction.

    ID Him, the oil based masturbation cream with a difference, is ideal for male solo play as it's thick, long-lasting and packed with smooth sensations.

    But ID Him is also made to be shared. It has a warm leather scent to it which is utterly mesmerising and will hold your partner in utter lust until you wash it off!

    According to our most recent poll, leather is one of the top five scents that people find sexiest, so this lubricant is a must!

    Discreetly packaged and available in three sizes, ID Him guarantees that masturbation will never be the same again.

    For those with a sensitive nose, check out ID Him Unscented – just as smooth but with none of the smell!

    My girfriend indulges her teenage son and I am worried it will affect our relationship. Help!

    It sounds as though she can’t manage to say ‘No’ to him - with the result that his demands have become more and more extreme.

    89 Percent Think Sex Is Better Than Chocolate - Nomi Tang Agrees

    Three weeks ago, we started a survey to see which is better - sex or chocolate?

    The overwhelming majority voted sex as the more pleasurable of the two, with a massive 89% of the overall votes!

    Chocolate, in all its many shapes and forms, scored a measly 11 percent of the votes with people more willing to work off those calories, than pile them on.

    Nomi Tang, the designer name behind one of the most innovative sex toys of the year, agrees with the majority.

    Nomi Tang's Better Than Chocolate Clitoral Massager Vibrator is the perfect addition to any bedroom activity and is sure to give more pleasure than a family sized bar of Galaxy!

    This clever vibrator comes gorgeously presented in a pure white confectionary box, perfect for discreetly hiding this beautiful sex toy.

    The powerful vibrations can be felt all over the ergonomic body and the unique touch-activated slider can change the vibrations from fast to slow, pulsing to throbbing!

    Made of skin safe rubber, this sensual vibrator is ideal for intimate play and all over body massage.

    Lucky winner, Christina from Wales, has received her Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Vibrator and edible goodies for taking part in the survey, but you can get your hands on this brilliant vibe now - exclusively at Lovehoney!

    Reviews Round-Up - Your 5 Best of the Week!

    Welcome to the first of the new Lovehoney Community Best-Five-Reviews-Of-The-Week round-up. Before we applaud the word smithery, let's first stand back and raise a salute…

    76. SEVENTY SIX. In a single day. Yes, you can pat yourselves on the back (with whatever comes to hand - whoa there Mistress Cara!) because on Thursday August 20 the Lovehoney community committed 76 reviews to website.

    You're currently writing well over 200 reviews every week, providing the ultimate buying advice for folk across the planet.

    Highlights then… well there are too many to mention, so here's five of the best reviews from the last week-and-a-bit.

    Whipped, Spanked and Loving It - Bondage Survey Results Revealed!

    Our most recent BDSM survey looked at the kinky goings of the general public.

    From the results, we discovered several very intriguing things about what all you naughty people get up to and were able to send out a selection of paddles, floggers, whips, cock rings, restraints and ticklers to encourage you too!

    It seems that the most popular act of kink is being blindfolded.

    With 22% of the votes, this simple yet seductive bedroom activity is more popular than ever - and the Bondage Boutique Leather Blindfold is the perfect way to indulge.

    Another intriguing bit of information that we gleamed from the survey is that exactly half of the participants were male and half were female, proving that men and women are equally as naughty!

    When asked what material is preferable in a bondage product, an overwhelming 27 percent of people selected leather.

    There are already over 50 leather products in the Bondage Boutique range and this is set to expand in the future - so all you leather lovers, keep your eyes peeled!

    The most popular age range for survey participants was 18 - 24, meaning that bondage is becoming more mainstream and less of a taboo in the younger section, which can only be a good thing.

    Over £500 worth of Bondage Boutique products have been sent out, so thank you to all the participants in the survey and those who have submitted their reviews already.

    If you were unlucky this time, keep your eyes open for our next survey with some very exciting prizes!

    How To Solve Erection Problems with Libido Enhancers

    There are plenty of erection enhancing supplements and pills on the market, but figuring out what they do and how you use them can be more hassle than it's worth!

    With Lovehoney's quick and easy guide, you can discover exactly which bedroom booster is right for you - and how to take it too!

    What is a sexual enhancer?

    The most famous sexual enhancer is Viagra and its little brother Cialis; however these chemical formulations have a range of nasty side effects which can result in you feeling less than in the mood, despite the rock hard erection!

    All erection enhancers do is open up and engorge the blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood to flow and your erection to become bigger, firmer and longer lasting.

    Lovehoney sells only approved herbal formulations which have minimal side effects but incredible capability!

    What do you recommend?

    Firstly, we recommend going to a doctor. If you're concerned about your size, are having problems achieving an erection and/or maintaining it, your GP is your first port of call. It's better to get the A-OK from the doctors than to be left worrying!

    VigRX Penis Enhancement OilIf you find that you don't get along with their methods of treatment, you want something natural rather than chemical or you just have the occasional erection problem, then take a look at our herbal supplement range.

    VigRX is our most popular supplement and comes in oil or pill form.

    This clever bedroom booster contains an amazing libido enhancer called 'Horny Goat Weed', Cuscuta Seed Extract for improved sperm mobility, Ginkgo Biloba for improved erections and several other ingredients with exceptional enhancing properties.

    We also sell several creams, gels and sprays which work to enlarge and engorge your erection on a more temporary level.

    How do I use erection enhancers?

    Pills, Capsules and Tablets
    VigRX Penis Enhancement PillsIn general, VigRX pills or any other erection booster, will take 30 minutes to 2 hours to work. Simply take one orally with or after a meal, using water to wash it down. You should find that you start to feel the effects within an hour, but it is not advisable to take more than the recommended dosage if you don't feel anything - they may work slower on some people!

    It is worth remembering that VigRX is a long-term pill. It won't instantly give you a massive erection and unending stamina but it will work subtly over a number of months to give you lasting results.

    Oils, Creams and Gels
    Pro Solution GelThese amazing liquids are designed to be used topically - they're not edible! Simply dispense a little into your hands and rub all over the penis, from the base to the head. These are then absorbed through the skin to provide improved erections, greater rigidity and controlled ejaculation.

    Whilst oils, creams and gels will get to work quicker than pills, their results don't last as long and will occasionally need to be reapplied.

    A Quick Warning

    It's worth remembering that different erection enhancer's work in different ways, for different people. Whereas some men get on really with VigRX others will find that Pro Solution works better for them. Experiment with a few different kinds and give it a week or two to see how you get on.

    Adam and Eve Dick Plumper Thickening CreamAlways read the packaging! This will be where you find any medical advice and dosage instructions, so read carefully and check with your doctor if you're concerned.

    If you start feeling any side effects, do not take anymore pills or apply anymore solution. These effects should be minimal and wear off within a short time, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!

    Hello! Welcome to the Lovehoney weekly sex blog roundup. Here are a few of our top blogs with a wide range of topics from flavoured lube to female ejaculation. Check them out!

    Durex Play Flavoured Lubes

    Recently, the team here at Lovehoney asked what was better; sex or chocolate. A tricky question, and although a 'don't think, just do' response was wanted, my rubbish instincts and indecisive mind just couldn't choose!

    I decided to do a little research and came across a brilliant site talking about the pairing of wine with flavoured lube. Personally, I quite like the idea of the Peaches and Cream Oralicious lube and as I've never been one to take much persuading when it comes to a glass of wine, I'm not going to make a decision on chocolate versus sex. I'm just going to drink a bottle of the recommended wine and see what happens. Enough said!

    In a similar, but not quite as tasteful (see what I did there?!) link, I came across this amazing blog called College Candy. I didn't really learn anything apart from the obvious; never fart in bed on the first date. This blog did make me laugh a little and, I'll admit - I can't help feeling better about myself when other people's misadventures are so much worse than mine. Sorry!

    It's back to school time and everyone across the UK is in preparation, especially those about to head off to uni for the first time. I always get a bit nostalgic around this time of year, remembering back to when I was a fresher. If only I'd had the advice of this blog on Facts and Friction - what to take to university, to get laid at university - I may not have forgotten my duvet and had to use makeshift bedding formed from towels and a state of inebriation for the first week of uni. Not that it mattered. I was an 18 year-old with braces. My target market was a little limited for anyone to see my DIY duvet issue!

    Slimline G-Spot vibrator- female ejaculation SQUIRTING! Always a word to grab attention. The mystery of female ejaculation continues and, as someone who has never experienced it, I found this blog on Good Vibrations to be quite interesting reading.

    The Germans, the environmentalist mentalists of the world, now have Eco brothels. Probably the best news I've ever read from the Guardian. And that's a fact!

    Recently launched at Lovehoney is the new range of CB chastity belts. No longer a 19th century method of punishment, a lot of fun can be had with these contraptions. But chastity belts for dogs? Really? Im not sure I agree with the logic here.

    Doc Johnson iVibe pocket rocket And last but not least is this blog written by the Countess. It's a good review on the classic Pocket Rocket sex toy, which you can check out on Lovehoney, that is until you get to the last paragraph. It's not just me that thinks vibrators and cats, in fact any animal, should never ever make contact, right? I have so many questions about this I don't even know where to begin! All I hope is that the Pocket Rocket was thoroughly cleaned after. Along with the cats!

    I don't like the way my husband smells and it's become a major turn-off. What can I do?

    Stress, heavy drinking, smoking, and a lot of spicy, animal or dairy products all affect the way we smell.

    13 Inch Dildo - One Of The Many Search Terms That Leads To Lovehoney

    If you're searching for something naughty on the internet, your search engine will often lead you to the Lovehoney site - after all, we have aisles and aisles of filth here!

    Occasionally, however, Google will throw you a curve ball and you'll end up on Lovehoney when you're searching for something entirely unrelated.

    By using incredible technology and magic squeezed from the udders of a unicorn, we are able to see which search terms land people on the Lovehoney site and if we're doing our absolute best to cater to those lost and forlorn web users.

    By analysing the data, we were able to find the top 500 search terms containing the word 'inch' that sent visitors to Lovehoney during the month of June 2009.

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