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  1. Are there any sexual positions during intercourse that would give my husband a tighter feeling?

    The best positions to give your husband a tighter feeling are missionary with your legs over his shoulders, or with your feet resting against his chest.

    Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    Welcome to Lovehoney's weekly sex blog round-up!

    As usual, I, Harrie Handley, will be your compere, your ring master and your guide through everything smutty and saucy in the blogosphere.

    See my latest picks of naughtiness and suggest one of your own!

    • So Halloween has come and gone. In the end I dressed up as a zombie sailor girl. I must say that this year's standard of good costumes was immense. In my local pub alone I happened to meet the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew, a very much alive Elvis, a schizophrenic devil and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Of course it's not just me that seems to be talking about how great their Halloween was this year. It seems that a lot of effort was put in by everyone, including the celebs. Check out what the A list dressed up as over at Jezebel. I love Gwen Steffani's Jessie the Cowgirl outfit. Not sure about Mariah Carey's angelic look though.
    • The Cowgirl, the Cowboy, Doggy, Scissors, Spoons, 69… the list of sex positions goes on and on but if you're anything like John DeVore over at the Frisky then you'll agree that the Greatest Sex Position Ever is missionary. And in the hope of not sounding boring, I may have to agree!
    • Seven Til Midnight Multi-Layer Mesh Ruffled Boy ShortsIt's all in the name of scientific research, apparently. This article on the Nerve, filed under their 'I Did It For Science' section is entitled 'Selling Panties on Craigslist'. Would you sell your used underwear for a quick buck? This lady did and it makes for quite a good story!
    • I discovered the blog, The Red Sneaker Diaries, a few days ago and ever since I've been hooked on it. There's everything you could possibly want from one sex blog - saucy erotica, honest reviews on sex toys, spot on advice and a great insight into one hell of a sex life! I recommend giving it a look.
    • Durex Extra Safe Condoms (12 Pack)Sex and birth control has come a long, long way. After reading this article about the Evolution of Birth Control on News Week I'm actually rejoicing over the modern day condom. 18th century condoms were made out of animal guts and packaged in paper envelopes. Think I'll stick with Durex, thanks.
    • I do love following the dating adventures of Harriet Donato on O'Joy. Not only do we have the same first name but we also seem to have the same bad luck with terrible men. Her latest installment on her love life is called No No NoNoNo and I think you can guess by that title that it's not a story that ends with wedding bells ringing.

    If you're planning a dirty weekend away, then it's worth considering which naughty products you need to pack.

    With security as high as it is, having your njoy Eleven pulled out of your hand luggage and investigated isn't as unlikely as it sounds.

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    How Important is Regular Sex in a Relationship?

    There was recently quite a controversial blog post on Lovehoney from international sex expert Tracey Cox, dealing with the subject of lack of sex in a long term relationship.

    This post caused many interesting follow up comments, some agreeing and some disagreeing.

    As we like to give a range of opinions, we asked the original Orgasm Coach, Lisa Turner, to give her view on sex and relationships.

    Lisa is probably best known for her research into orgasm and its ability to affect a woman’s career. Lisa found that while men lose energy through orgasm, women become empowered and gain clarity of thought, meaning that they can move up within a company and become career confident.

    But Lisa Turner is more than a one-trick-pony. Lisa also specialises in a form of sexual therapy that leaves you feeling energised and ready to take on the world, instead of emotionally drained afterwards.

    So who better to take on this tricky topic than the Orgasm Coach herself!

    Find out more below the jump…

    Free Sexy Extract of No Reservations - November's Book of the Month!

    As it's coming up to Christmas, we thought we'd offer a very special Book of the Month from Black Lace - No Reservations.

    But what makes this sensual piece of erotica so exceptional? It's written by not just one of the best authors around, but two of them!

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    Bondage Boutique - The First Bondage Loyalty Scheme!

    Lovehoney have done it – the first Bondage Loyalty Scheme ever!

    The Bondage Boutique range is Lovehoney's first full collection of slap-and-tickle products, designed for both the beginner and the more advanced players.

    And not only is there a new range of leather and suede kinky gear to be had, but you can also earn points for buying it!

    When searching for sex toys, it often seems like the majority of them are aimed at the heterosexual market but there's actually a large amount of pleasure products that are perfect for Sapphic sensuality.

    From strap-ons to double dildos, from clitoral vibes to oral sex simulators, there's lots of lesbian-friendly sex toys out there, so enjoy and explore with the aid of Lovehoney.

    New Fleshlight and TENGA sex toys for men

    Amidst the giddy sex toy revolution that is Sqweel, it's easy to forget that men like sex toys too - but we haven't! Recently we've seen the launch of better-than-ever male sex toys from both Fleshlight and TENGA - and just in case you missed them, here's a quick low-down…

    Weekly Sex Blog Round Up

    This week's round-up is full of fun and frolics!

    From sexy quizzes to accidental penises, this blog post is designed to educate you in all the weird and wonderful things that are going on in the sex blogosphere this week!

    Read on to find out the best of the best…

    • This is my final installment of Halloween greatness before the big night approaches this weekend. And even though I have been talking about this non-stop the past few weeks I still haven't chosen what I want to go as. Luckily the internet is full of possibilities and I've been browsing many sites for costume ideas. The Frisky have a few ideas on how to create Halloween costumes while living in these recession times in their post Free Halloween Costumes Already Hanging In Your Closet. I like their French idea, especially as I would get to wear stripes. However, I must say that today I feel very lucky to work at Lovehoney with our extensive range of sexy costumes and dress up ideas. I'm really considering going as a sexy sailor. It's the little hats that do it for me!
    • Something I don't recommend this Halloween are these instructions on making your own home made sex toys… out of a pumpkin! I came across this while looking on the About Sexuality site. It seems a little bit pointless to me, seeing as you have to buy a dildo to get most of these alterations to work, so why not just use the dildo and save yourself the bother? And why would you ever want to perform frottage with a pumpkin?! Each to their own I suppose. There is also a fun quiz on this site, Baby Toy Or Sex Toy? It's a lot harder than it sounds. I got an average 8 out of 15. Why not see if you can beat it?
    • I thought Your Tango posed some really good opinions in their Community Blog with the subject The Feminist Side Of Pole Dancing. 'Pole dancing is a controversial sport. It's hard to do; you have to have excellent core and upper body strength, and you have to be fairly coordinated. But it’s also undeniably erotic. Watching it immediately conjures up sexual thoughts for men, and most likely even for some women. It is inexorably linked to exotic dancing, otherwise known as stripping. Therein lies the feminist dilemma.' I happen to think that Pole Dancing is a very empowering thing for women and it's great to hear a piece, written by a woman, celebrating women publicly displaying their sexuality. Three cheers for the rise of pole dancing and erotica!
    • I found this site last week, Accidental Dong, and I think it's hilarious. It's full of all things that accidentally look like penis', and most of the time I just think 'How could the manufacturers not realise that looked like a giant cock?!'

    That's all from me this week. Why not get in touch with your Halloween shenanigans and pictures? I'd love to see what everyone gets up to. Have a happy Halloween!

    When I orally want to satisfy my boyfriend, he doesn't climax. He's in his late 40s - is this why?

    Most men love being given oral sex, and I certainly don’t think that being in his 40s is any bar to that!

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