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  1. The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 3)

    In part 3 of this clever Text Sex Guide, Lovehoney has pulled together the most amazing range of phrases, from Mild to Wild, to use when texting your partner! Mix and match or let us know your favourite sexy sentences in the comments section…

    The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 2)

    In part 2 of the Lovehoney Guide to Text Sex, get some top tips on what to say and what definitely not to say…

    The Lovehoney Guide To Text Sex (Part 1)

    Over the next 3 days Lovehoney brings you the ultimate guide to text sex and talking dirty! Make sure you check back each day for lots of facts, helpful instructions and dirty talk tips then add some of your own!

    Lovehoney's Guide to Valentine's Lingerie for the Column Body Shape

    Every inch of the Column lady is desirable! Complement her magnificent physique with a camisole set that will make her feel confident, attractive and down-right sexy! Read on for Lovehoney's specialised recommendations…

    Lingerie for Ladies with a Lollipop Body Shape

    Ladies with big busts and slimmer lower body's (known as the Lollipop shape) need to buy lingerie to flatter their figure and what better way than with a supportive and sexy bra set?

    Susan Quilliam's The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover Released Today!

    The fabulous Susan Quilliam has officially released her two new books today! The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover are Susan's latest educational offering and make absolutely fantastic Valentine's gifts.

    Lingerie for Ladies with a Skittle Body-Shape

    In order to get the perfect lingerie for your partner this Valentine's Day, you'll need to take a look at our Lovehoney Lingerie Guides. Packed with useful information and top tips, you're sure to leave your lady smiling for weeks after…

    Lingerie for Ladies with an Hourglass Figure

    Dressing up the hourglass figure has never been easy. Clothing and lingerie either hangs off your curves emphasising nothing in particular or is too tight in all the wrong places making your body seem disproportioned. Lovehoney has the solution…

    Win Exclusive Copies of Susan Quilliam's Latest Books this Valentine's Day!


    The latest offering from sex, relationship and intimacy expert, Susan Quilliam is two unique pocket-sized books entitled The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover and we have a copy of each to give away - just in time for Valentine's!

    Book of the Month - Seriously Sexy 3

    This is a very special Book of the Month and it comes with a fantastic free gift. Buy erotic short story book Seriously Sexy 3 and get a free Blue Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet worth £7.99!

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