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  1. Bodystockings. The great sexual divide of our nation. Whether you've tried them or not, you've probably got an opinion about whether bodystockings are sexy. And once you've fallen into the 'sexy' or 'not sexy' camp, you tend to stay there. But maybe they're worth a re-think?

    Don't get stuck in a romance rut! It's time to dodge the wilting roses and over-priced Valentine's Day set meals and put some effort into creating a thoughtful, sensual and surprising experience for the object of your affection.

    With Valentine's Day falling on a Monday this year, it gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate the weekend before and take the pressure off the 14th. Break out from your usual seduction routine to ensure a happier, sexier and more memorable Valentine's Day.

    Whether you're planning on a weekend getaway or just shutting the curtains for a romantic staycation, take some (or all!) of the ideas in this blog and make your Valentine's celebrations filled with fresh, sexy experiences.

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    It's no coincidence that a sense of humour is often the most sought-after quality in a partner. Sharing fun and laughter is integral to having a happier relationship - and there's no reason why this can't be extended into the bedroom!

    This Valentine's Day, it's time to think outside the heart-shaped box and go for a gift that will encourage you both to have a fun and sexy time together.

    Whether you've been together for years or are just getting to know one another, each of these suggestions is a little bit different and intended to bring you together through experimentation and play.

    Read on to find out the most popular gifts for couples and see what real couples have to say about how they worked for them. With 100% Free Delivery on all products

    Buying a Valentine's gift with a difference can be tricky… but providing you know your partner well enough, if you dare to be different, you can look forward to 2011 being your sexiest year yet.

    To give you a helping hand we've come up with a list of 10 fab toys, lingerie and gifts that are guaranteed to heat up the bedroom for months to come. Whether you treat her to an exquisite piece of sexy lingerie or a teasing vibe to help you explore each other's erogenous zones, adding a little spice to your Valentine's gift buying will be liberating for both of you. And at the very least, you'll both have a great giggle!

    Read on to discover our choice of best-selling, top-rated sexy Valentine gifts and find out what real Lovehoney customers have to say about how they enjoyed their experiences…

    If it's the first time you've considered buying a Sex Toy for your man, you might be a little concerned about what his reaction might be when you present him with, say, a masturbator.

    You needn't worry, thousands of couples happily play together in the bedroom with our best-selling range of sex toys for men - whether it's with masturbators or performance-enhancing vibrating love rings.

    Share the pleasure, watch him pleasure himself or simply view it as an opportunity to indulge in a toy that can aid you in introducing new sensations and exploration to your sex life. The benefits are endless and Valentine's Day is a great excuse to treat your man to a present that will bring some excitement and pleasure to your relationship.

    Check out Lovehoney's selection of top-selling, top-rated toys (and more!) that are guaranteed to be a hit with both of you on Valentine's Day.

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    As Valentine's Day approaches, you are likely to be considering the best course of action for putting a smile on your lover's face with your chosen gift. There is no denying that most people would gratefully receive a nice box of chocolates with a pseudo-anonymous card thrown in for good measure, but there is a certain lack of imagination and creativity when it comes to what are considered to be 'standard Valentine's Day gifts'.

    It's on a similar vein as buying your Dad socks for Christmas, albeit a perfectly acceptable gift but this is where the problem lies. Is 'acceptable' enough on a day that is celebrating love and affection between two intimate companions? Why not invest in your relationship by giving your partner a Fun Gift that will help both of you achieve immense pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life? Lovehoney has a vast and eclectic range of best-selling Sex Toys and Essentials that could make a real difference and improvement to your sex life.

    Explore each others erogenous zones and share the intimate experience of using a Sex Toy for the first time or indeed building upon an existing collection of pleasure-pleasing items. It will be a romantic gift to remember and will ensure your Valentine's Day is a fun, intimate and sexy affair. With Free Delivery on all of Lovehoney's products, make finding the perfect gift for your lover and exciting and stress-free experience.

    Lovehoney has come up with some seriously good reasons to be single this Valentine's Day and we're not talking about not having to buy or receive sexy Valentine's gifts. We're talking about starting as you mean to go on for the year and treating yourself to some of life's little pleasures. Lovehoney has a wide range of best-selling Sex Toys, Essentials and Sexy Lingerie to enable you to feel buoyant and full of zest for a healthy and satisfying sex life in 2011 and beyond.

    Embrace being single and take the opportunity to explore your erogenous zones, reaping the benefits of being able to focus your attention on where and how you like to be touched. Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love and affection and if you haven't got a partner to lavish with attention, lavish it on yourself with the help of Lovehoney's Guide to Valentine's Day for Singles.

    With Free Delivery on all of Lovehoney's products, make finding the perfect gift to yourself an exciting and stress-free experience.

    So, you've decided to treat your lady to a seductive new lingerie set. That is excellent news. However, it can be more than a little daunting to know where to actually begin…

    Luckily, we've whipped up these handy hints and tips that'll ensure you get gasps of delight when she tears open the wrapping paper, rather than groans of dismay. With pointers for choosing the perfect size, style and colour, our expert videos and advice will take you through the finer points of picking lingerie that she'll love (and, even better, love to show off to you).

    Above: Not sure where to begin when it comes to underwear shopping? Watch resident lingerie pro, Sammi Cole, tell you the three things you need to know in this video.
    How can I introduce S&M into my sex life?

    This is new territory in your relationship so I suggest you take it very gently.

    What's been going on this week? (You'll be surprised to hear it's all been happening in brackets). Seriously, this week your sex toy reviews have been jam-packed with parenthetical asides (AKA 'stuff in brackets'). Read on to find out what's been said (in brackets).

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

    Having worn out an inferior bullet, Nic01 purchased the bestselling Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator and found there was no love lost for her old vibe. "(As much as I loved the first one, losing it was the best thing to have happened to me!)" Read the review.

    Pjur Med Energy Glide

    Giving us our one-liner this week was bumble who gave the medicinal-looking Pjur Med Energy Glide lubricant a good testing. Not entirely sure about the warming qualities of the lube she kept a clean-up cloth nearby. After all, "(nothing says sexy quite like a wet flannel)." Read the review.

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator

    JabbyJab steps forward to explain what enthusiastic rabbit usage has done to the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator. Worse for wear, the ears turned into a "bunny stump (surprisingly still quite satisfying though!)" Read the review.

    Cake Kissable Body Butter

    Bashful Babe's review of the delicious Cake Kissable Body Butter waxed lyrical about the scent, but explained the moisturising properties left a little to be desired. "(Is it ironic that a moisturiser dries you out? Alanis Morissette has confused me.)" Read the review.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring

    Loves huni's experience of the Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring can be summed up as "Super ring, super sex, super orgasms" but warns "(good luck getting him to last once the toy is on and in place!)" Read the review.

    Do you have any opinions on your sex toys (especially ones you might mention in brackets)? Why not test out some sex toys and let everyone know how it went by adding a new review.

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