1. If you loved the Hitachi Magic Wand, you'll adore this. The Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator is a sensational new sex toy with all the benefits of the original magic wand vibrator, but a UK friendly charger. Designed to access all of those hard-to-reach places, it has a flexible head that delivers intense vibrations to all of your most intimate spots.

    Lovehoney TV presenter Annabelle explains:

    Start off with a gentle, fluttering speed and work you way up to thrilling vibrations that build you up to a truly powerful orgasm. The wand can even come in handy when you're not feeling paticularly sexy. Roll the head over your tired muscles and enjoy a deep-tissue massage like never before.

    Powered through the mains, the wand is not only powerful, but saves you money on disposable batteries too.

    My husband of 26 years wants me to talk dirty and fantasise about other men while were making love.

    He obviously finds the idea of you having sex with or being lusted after by other men a turn-on, but if it does the opposite for you, even as a fantasy, then you need to tell him.

    Top Tips For How to Make Your Vibrator Quiet

    Making a Vibrator Quiet

    If you don’t want your housemates or family knowing that you’re enjoying a solo sex life or like using toys with your partner, the idea of using a vibrator in a shared house can be offputting.

    In this enlightened age, few people will confuse the low humming of your favourite rabbit with a foot massager or an electric shaver, so for the self conscious it’s important that pleasure objects are as quiet and discreet as possible.

    It is also true that silence is rarely synonymous with power, so if you have a favourite vibe that you love but it’s too loud for you to feel comfortable using when others in the house, how do you get around it?

    Fear not, here are our top five tips for making your vibrator as quiet as possible.

    Tease Me Lovehoney Luxury Bondage RangeTease Me is the new, luxuriously sexy range of bedroom bondage products from Lovehoney. Designed to be sensual and seductive, Tease Me products are made from high quality materials including ultra soft satin and leather. Perfect for those who want to spice up their lovemaking routine or those who prefer a more romantic touch to their BDSM play.

    With gorgeous purple and black colouring throughout, all Tease Me products come presented in Lovehoney's own gorgeous packing. Tactile and simple to use, each bedroom bondage accessory in the range would make a perfect sexy gift for any lover of tie-up games, sensory play and light bedroom bondage.

    Each item in the range is wonderfully luxurious and suitable for bedroom bondage beginners and experienced players to enhance their routine with something more sensual and romantic.

    Read on to explore the range in more detail…

    Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe and UK Power AdaptorWrite a sex toy review for Lovehoney and you could be in with a chance to win a whopping £100 to spend on whatever you like! Each month we also choose a selection of highly commended reviews and reward them each with (count 'em) 2000 Oh! Points to spend as they wish - or perhaps save up for a luxury toy.

    Review of the Month

    This month's winning review was written about the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe. What stood out to us was the way the reviewer managed to describe the different toy heads so poetically and accurately - almost impossible!

    "A few months ago it was the attachment with bristles that floated my boat. The gentle sensation of oscillating lubed up whiskers all over followed with the rigid tip against the clitoris was a delight.

    Most recently the curved beaded attachment is the head of choice as it will gently lie next to you radiating sensations, and a slight change in pressure pushing the largest bead against the right spot will bring the unique deep, rewarding orgasm that this toy is quite famous for."

    Read the full review by Soooze2.

    Read on to find out who was highly commended and earned the points this month, and make sure you write a sex toy review to be in the running next month.

    Lovehoney Golf Logo

    It's a little known fact that the Lovehoney office has its own indoor putting green. (No, really.) With such a unique office feature, it might not come as a surprise that the company is home to several prolific golf players.

    One enthusiast is Customer Care Manager Matt Oxford, who recently captained a Lovehoney-sponsored team in a charity golf tournament raising awareness and much-needed funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

    The hours of practice on the astroturf must have paid off as Matt's team won the day.

    Congratulations to Matt and all who played and raised money for the cause.

    Lovehoney also donated a prize to the winning team… the details of which remain a closely guarded secret!

    October WinnerEvery month, Lovehoney customers upload photographs of themselves modelling lingerie bought from the site in the hope of becoming the Model of the Month and winning £100 to spend on sex toys, lingerie or costumes.

    Our winner this month is the aptly named Posie who showed incredible consistency over 29 (!) photos submitted during October. She followed all the tips for creating a great sexy photo given by Hella last month to showcase her Lovehoney purchases to perfection.

    In the winning photo, Posie models the Livia Corsetti Luna Satin and Lace Babydoll Set (£29.99), striking a dramatic pose that creates beautiful lines, while protecting her anonymity. Congratulations!

    Want to enter and stand a chance of winning a £100 spending spree on Lovehoney? Upload a photo!

    We were astounded by the quality of entries this month and felt there were three other candidates who stood out alongside the winner of the main Model of the Month title.

    In recongition of their photos and the way they showcased the products, we're awarding the following three members 2000 Oh! Points each:

    Halloween is upon us and here at Lovehoney we've been preparing ourselves for a zombie apocalypse and have filmed four videos about how to kill a zombie with sex toys. If you haven't seen the zombie videos yet, you can check out the very first, 'Part 1: BZSM - Bondage, Zombies, Sadism and Masochism'. With awesome instructions on how to defeat zombies using only sex toys, Hella and The Professor tackle one with a ball gag, bondage restraints and a Kinklab Neon Wand.

    Love this video? There are three others to check out too. They can be viewed on the blog post How To Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys. Or, you can go onto Lovehoney's YouTube channel and watch all four zombie videos.

    Can you have a sexual relationship with a zombie?There is no test case to cite in support of the legal mortality status of zombies, but as a zombie is capable of consent then the rules of necrophilia cannot apply to a zombie-human sexual relationship. There is likely to be debate as to whether zombie-human relationships classify as being interspecies relationships, but as zombies are considered to be humans suffering from an infection there are no such legal restrictions preventing a relationship between humans and zombies.

    When it comes to sex, there are some new safety rules you need to take into account. Zombie viruses can be transmitted via kissing, oral sex and penetrative sex so it’s vital to be extra careful when it comes to continuing your love life. You’ll need to avoid all of your boyfriend’s fluids - not just the sexual ones, so avoid contact with his face and ensure any wounds are securely bandaged before engaging in sexual contact. And I think this goes without saying, but condoms are a must.

    My boyfriend has become a zombie. Is our relationship over?Ouch! That’s got to be really hard for both of you to deal with. You want things back the way they were and he wants to eat your brains, that’s going to cause a lot of friction between the two of you.

    Where there’s a will there is a way and it may be possible to salvage your relationship if you’re willing to adapt to his new needs and desires. Dealing with his constant advances toward your brain is going to get tricky. If you can coax him into wearing a comfy bit gag and a pair of handcuffs then you should find that you can take control of his unruly behaviour.

    You may find that it’s more difficult to connect emotionally with him now that he’s one of the undead, so try to find a good balance between what you want and what he wants. Spend some nights at home in bed watching TV or talking about your hopes and dreams and others helping him hunt for his dinner. It’s key to take an interest in what’s important to him even if you don’t enjoy it.

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