1. 12 Sex Experts Share Their Best Ever Sex TipsAs the sexual happiness people, Lovehoney asked 12 leading sex and relationships experts to reveal their all-time best sex tips - those guaranteed to increase intimacy and improve your sex life.

    With scores of best-selling books and thousands of hours of research under their belts, these sexperts gave away their best kept secrets for a stronger relationship… and steamy sex!

    From foreplay and oral sex techniques, to sex toys, and keeping your relationship fresh and exciting, it's time to discover new ways to lavish affection and attention on your partner.

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    Fifty Shades of Grey by E L JamesUnless you’ve been avoiding the internet, the TV and newspapers for the past couple of weeks, you’ll have heard some of the buzz surrounding the now mainstream erotic book Fifty Shades of Grey.

    The first novel penned by E L James, a TV executive, wife and mother-of-two living in West London. The book was released in a small print run but became a near-overnight sensation as an E-book, topping the New York Times Bestsellers List. Even more amazingly, Focus Features and Universal Pictures have already bought up the movie rights and are seeking to bring the trilogy to the silver screen.

    Fifty Shades of Grey by E L JamesOriginally penned as Twilight fan fiction, 50 Shades of Grey is the first in a trilogy of erotic books centering around Anastasia Steele (Ana), a sweet and chaste university student, and the gorgeous billionaire businessman, Christian Grey.

    Ana’s gentle disposition gives way to her curiosity and unbridled lust for Christian as she begins to fall for him. Christian has some dark desires and only wants Ana if she’ll succcumb to them, on his terms. A passionate and forbidden affair ignites between them and what transpires is an emotional and physical journey that transforms them both.

    During the course of this tense sexual thriller, you’ll follow their relationship in candid emotional and explicit physical detail, enjoying a rich and varied storyline resplendent with vivid depictions of their erotic adventuring. Intelligent, witty and incredibly sexy, this novel offers a unique insight into BDSM lifestyle and Dom/sub relationships and will be especially interesting for those whose partners don’t share their kinks.

    Fifty Shades of Grey goes on general sale on the 13th of April, but you can order it from Lovehoney on pre-sale for £7.99 along with a free Lovehoney Whisper Bullet worth £9.99 - all delivered free!

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    Meeting Her Match by Justine ElyotThe scene I've chosen is from my Xcite novel Meeting Her Match. BDSM erotica is very current, with all the hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, but it's certainly nothing new. Just ask the Marquis de Sade… Anyway, it's long been my favourite erotic sub-genre and I still think you can't beat a good whipping. You can't whip a good beating either. Especially when it's a step on the way to some other intimate pleasures.

    In this scene, our heroine has attracted the attention of a shadowy dominant figure known as His Lordship while attending a fetish party with her kinky friends, Justin and Maz. The quartet have retired to a hotel room, where His Lordship wants to pursue his interest in the heroine by watching her submit to Justin. I love this scene because it mixes all of my favourite elements -spanking, submission, exhibitionism and a whole lot more - into one gloriously lust-drenched episode. I hope you like it too.

    Guest post by Justine Elyot

    Everytime you write a sex toy review for Lovehoney you have the chance to win an amazing £100 to spend with us, on whatever you like!

    With each passing month we gather a selection of commended sex toy reviews, rewarding each of them with 2,000 Oh! Points to spend with us as they wish.

    Review of the Month

    This month's winning review offers an account of the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock UR3 6 Inch Vibrating Harness Set, it describes everything that you'd need to know about buying the toy, with everything from how it fastens to how easy it is to use.

    We felt that this particular review offered a thorough account of the product, focusing on the positive and negative aspects, while offering honest advice for any future customers.

    "We got this primarily for my OH to use on me for anal sex. This is our second Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock strap-on set. This was delivered very quickly and discreetly as has always been the case with Lovehoney. The set came in a smartly presented box and looks professionally produced.

    The instruction leaflet is mostly used to show off other products in the range. The key instructions relating to adjusting the straps were clear and easy to use. Likewise for the care instructions - wash with mild soap and water then hand dry with a soft cloth."

    Read the full review by MrJay, and take a look at our Guide to Pegging and Strap-On Sex for Men if you're interested in finding out more.

    Continue reading to discover which other Lovehoney reviewers recieved commendations, and earned Oh! Points this month. Make sure you write your own sex toy review to be in the running for April!

    Sexy Model of the MonthAnother month, another Model of the Month. March saw lots of submissions with entries from members who haven’t uploaded before. Once again it was really difficult to pick the overall winner, but we think you’ll agree with our selection.

    We picked acoupleofwankers as March’s Model of the Month thanks to this incredible shot. Simple and seductive, we love the composition of this shot and the understated way it shows off the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren 6 Strap Suspender Belt. They treated us to a two photos this month, the other also showing off the suspender belt. Both were strong contenders for the winning slot but after several cups of tea and a lot of consideration we decided this image had the erotic edge. We look forward to seeing more!

    We also chose four runners up this month, who’ll each receive 2,000 Oh! Points to spend…

    Succu Dry Vampire Awesome Sex Toy of the WeekI have a soft spot for sex toys that are designed to indulge a specific kink, especially if that kink is a little unusual.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that in this day and age vampire fetishists are all drippy girls with a thing for guys with sparkly skin, but in truth getting jiggy with a bloodsucker is a classic fantasy for guys too.

    If you fancy driving your stake between the eager chops of a ravenous vamp then the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succu Dry (£39.99) is the only way to avoid it being your last great thrill.

    The Lovehoney Bedtime Bullets are new to Lovehoney's collection of own brand toys, and they're ideal for almost anyone. The Bedtime Bullet's range from Twin Vibrating Cock Rings, Twin Bullet Vibrators, and a Rabbit Vibrator Set, all of which have been carefully crafted for amazing satisfaction and stimulation. In this week's Lovehoney TV, we're focusing on the Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug, which is perfect for anal sex toy beginners.

    Annabelle shows off the 10 vibrating functions, suction base and smooth tapered shape in this Lovehoney TV video:

    The plug recently received a 5 star review from Lovehoney Community member, innocent-on-the-outside, who said, "Power-wise, the first time I used it it went straight onto its highest setting - much more powerful than I was expecting - very nice!"

    My guy's come tastes awful - what will make it better?

    Get him eating celery and strawberries, and try giving him a big glass of pineapple juice around 3-4 hours before you go down on him again – with that and upping the water you should definitely notice an improvement!

    Are you ready to fly first class? Flight by Fleshlight is a discreet and fantastically textured masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior and incredibly bumpy canal to take you to new heights of pleasure. Prepare for extreme turbulence!

    Compact and ergonomic, the Flight has been redesigned to have a sleeker and more modern appearance overall.

    At £49.99 it's an affordable way to experience the legendary Fleshlight - the world's #1 selling male sex toy.

    So how does the Fleshlight Flight compare to other Fleshlights? What exactly is the case like, how does the opening look, and what does the texture feel like? Read on for the answers to all these questions and more…

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