Winning the Kegel Olympics: Lovehoney Review of the Month

Caliente's review of Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls 221gEach month we choose our favourite new sex toy review (from our growing database of over [[stats:reviews]]!) to win a special £100 Lovehoney gift card. This month's winner delievered a champion review that was not only helpful but amusing - it's a perfect 10 from us! Get a taste from the below extract:

"And here we are at the start of the Kegel Olympics 2015. First up, representing Great Britain, is Caliente. She's a intermediate kegel exerciser, but at 36 she will have her age against her in this competition. Her previous personal best was with beginner jiggle balls at a featherweight of only 56g. She smashed the European beginner's record by easily holding them in all day without even feeling them move. But is she really ready for the heavyweight division? Today we're going to find out as she attempts the biggest challenge of her kegel career, the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, weighing in at a massive 221g. Can she lift these advanced balls and manage to complete the full snatch, clean and jerk?" Read the full review.

Read on below for the latest runners up and to find out how you can be in the running for next month:

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12 Weird Things People Used to Believe About Sex


When I was a kid, I thought that people got pregnant just by sleeping in the same bed.

To be fair to my younger self, I was on the right track, but my explanation was definitely missing a few crucial steps.

We may all have believed something funny or illogical about sex before we were given The Talk by our parents or sex ed teacher – but that's nothing compared to what people have believed throughout the ages.

Cornflakes, sneezing, pineapple juice, 'loose' vaginas – here are 12 weird things people once believed about sex!

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Introducing Melt by We-Vibe

Melt Blog Product Image

How is most of your time taken up in the sack?

These days, portable tech – including social media, gaming, and streaming services like Netflix – is getting devilishly distracting from a) sleep and b) steamy sex sessions (gah!).

That's why we're massive fans of tech-savvy sex toy brand, We-Vibe, which actually harnesses the power of apps and uses it to help us up our sexytime in the bedroom, with ourselves and with our kinky confidantes.

We-Vibe's high-end vibrators, stimulators and massagers boast app control as a key feature. This means you have quick and simple touchscreen controls at your fingertips, giving complete command over your toy and all its settings.

It also means, no matter whether near or far, your playmate can help you turn up the heat on your solo sessions and you can experience epic pleasure together. Yup, that's right – whether you're on separate continents or just across the other side of the king-size, your pleasure can be amped up at the swipe of an app.

So, we always look forward to We-Vibe new launches, and every now and again along comes one that blows us away – and this time it has, quite literally.

The brand new Melt by We-Vibe borrows amazing Pleasure Air technology from fellow sex toy guru, Womanizer, and combines it into one sleek and smooth clit stimulator that takes your flower festival to full-on Coachella proportions.

Seriously, this is one pink puppy that you'll always want to reach for, no matter what after-dark antics you're up to.

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Cara Delevigne and Ashley Benson Bought Sex Furniture


Ever since Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson were papped lugging a sex bench into their West Hollywood home, sales of sex furniture have soared.

Whether the couple are furnishing their very own dungeon or dipping their toe into BDSM play is up for debate, but it looks like they're having fun, which we're all for.

So why are sex swings, slings and sex furniture so great?

Well, for starters, they make more complicated sex positions more achievable, allowing you to experiment more, and increase your chances of climax.

Then there's the added bonus of restraint. Some sex furniture includes cuffs, straps and O-rings, so you can attach other bondage accessories and treat your partner to a little touch and tease.

Here are some of our favourite sex furniture and position enhancers.

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Ep.16 Sexual Happiness Podcast: What Can I Do If I'm Nervous About Sex?

The Sexual Happiness Podcast logo

Sex. It's supposed to be all fun and frolics, but what can you do when your bedroom worries are getting in the way of your erotic enjoyment?

This week, Jess and Sammi talk through some of the most common fears about sex, and give their expert advice on how to turn sexytime from terrifying to terrific.

And of course we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

Got a question or topic you want us to cover?

Email us at podcast@lovehoney.com or comment below.

You can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. New episodes every Wednesday. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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Do YOU Live In The Sexiest City In The UK? Find Out with the Lovehoney Sex Map

Sex Map UK

Have you ever wondered whether lovemakers in London like their dildos as supersized as their buildings? Or which role play costume is most likely to take pride of place in a Lincolnshire wardrobe?

Well, now, thanks to our amazing map of Sex in the UK, you can find out exactly how kinky your hometown is!

Based on sex toy buying habits across the country, we've rated the sex factor of 720 of the biggest cities and towns, and given you a sneak peak into what your British buddies are REALLY into.

Not only that, but you can compare how your nearest city rates compares to your neighbours or rivals, and find out exactly which region shares your sexy interests, too.

Intrigued? Just click here to find out where your city came in, see who made the top 10, and find your sexy city soulmate.

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8 of the Best Sex-Related Podcasts


I am so grateful for podcasts. They're the perfect medium for me to keep learning throughout my busy day without having to stop everything to read or watch something.

I listen while on the way to work, to uni, in the shops, doing dishes, folding laundry, tidying or doing puzzles...

I have too many subscriptions to keep track of and I'm obsessed. As it's me, the majority of what I want to know about is sex stuff, so what I listen to is almost entirely sex-related.

Here are eight of my current recommendations!

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