Say Ooh! Pick 'n' Mix Vibrator From Je Joue

Say Ooh! Pick 'n' Mix Vibrator From Je Joue

by Lovehoney

on 17 Sep 2015

Ooh by Je Joue It takes a lot to raise our eyebrows here at Lovehoney HQ. We've had sex selfie sticks and vibrating diamonds arrive on our desks in the last few months alone, so it's fair to say our standards are high. But we're all loving this innovative new product that puts the variety back into sex.

Introducing Ooh by Je Joue - or to put it another way, pick 'n' mix sex toys! Ever love the vibrations on one of your toys but fancy the shape of another? The Ooh lets you pick your favourite attachment and add the super-powerful vibrating motor for a mix-and-match made in heaven. You can choose from clitoral attachment, classic vibrator shape or cock ring, or save by picking the Pleasure Kit.

We love the versatility the system offers, and it delivers on discretion and power too. The USB-powered motor offers 3 speeds and 2 patterns and 2 hours of play with every charge.

Like what you hear? Pick up the Ooh by Je Joue pleasure system exclusively from Lovehoney now, or discover more below.

Which Attachment Will You Try First?

With three luxurious silicone covers to choose from, there's something to suit everyone's taste. See what our customers have to say about each of the interchangeable heads:

  1. 1. Ooh by Je Joue Classic Vibrator Shape

    Ooh by Je Joue Classic Vibrator Shape

    "I absolutely love this toy. It's the perfect shape and size which means it's not too intimidating but it still hits all the right spots."

  2. 2. Ooh by Je Joue Vibrating Cock Ring Shape

    Ooh by Je Joue Vibrating Cock Ring Shape

    "The vibrations were electrifying and lead to a very enthusiastic session - to be repeated!"

  3. 3. Ooh by Je Joue Clitoral Vibrator Shape

    Hustler Lingerie Crotchless Knickers with Cage Back

    "I actually find the pebble shape beats a bullet as it delivers strong vibrations all over instead of just at the tip."

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Originally published on 17 Sep 2015. Updated on 5 Aug 2020