Let's Talk About Sex... Toys! Introducing the Brand New Lovehoney TV Ad

Let's Talk About Sex... Toys! Introducing the Brand New Lovehoney TV Ad

by Lovehoney

on 21 Jul 2016

Above: Take a peek at the brand new Lovehoney TV ad, then go tell everyone about it!

We've only gone and made a new advert for the telly.

The ad makes its debut on small screens in the UK tonight (21st July). We hope you agree that it's a cheeky and fun celebration of sex and sex toys.

Please let us know what you think in the comments section below. We've also put together some questions (and answers!) that you might have about the ad.

New Lovehoney TV Ad Q&A

This is quite a bit different from your last advert…

It certainly is. Our previous ads did a great job for us and helped to bring sex toys even further into the mainstream, but they’d been running on TV for a while.

We wanted something new, exciting and adventurous, which is just how we like our sex toys!

Who’s the advert aimed at?

We know that our hundreds of thousands of loyal Lovehoney customers (hi folks!) don’t need convincing about the joy of sex toys, but we did want to put a smile on their faces.

However, we also know that there are millions of people out there who are thinking about trying sex toys but haven’t quite made the leap yet.

Hopefully the ad will persuade them to get trying and buying sex toys and begin their sext toy adventures!

We’ve also created a new section of the Lovehoney website to help first-timers find the best sex toys for them. Click the banner below to take a look.

  • Get Started with the Best Sex Toys
  • Get Started with the Best Sex Toys

So, how did you come up with the idea?

Firstly, we did loads and loads of research into what people, both fans and newbies think about sex toys.

Then we invited some advertising agencies to pitch their ideas to us, based on the findings of the research.

We evaluated those ideas and tested them out on the public and a winner was chosen.

Next we worked with the agency to thrash out the script, then we filmed the ad, then we edited it… and edited it again… and again. This is the result!

But, but… it’s an ad for sex toys that doesn’t show any sex toys?

Yes. Getting clips of 12 inch realistic dildos (or indeed any sex toy) past the TV regulators isn’t an easy task.

We opted for some good old-fashioned British innuendo instead. Matron!

Lovehoney TV Ad

Speaking of TV regulators, everything’s above board, right?

Right. The ad meets all of the current rules and regulations for advertising on British television. The advert only airs after the 9pm watershed. We worked with the organisation who approve all ads at every stage of the making of the ad.

Is that bloke putting his hand in… hair gel?

Might be.

Do say:

“I loves an innuendo!”

Don’t say:

“I'm too shy to watch!”


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Originally published on 21 Jul 2016. Updated on 5 Aug 2020