Sex O'Clock: The Facts About Male and Female Horniness Revealed

Sex O'Clock: The Facts About Male and Female Horniness Revealed

by Lovehoney

on 10 Oct 2015

Sex O'Clock

Ever wondered why you and your partner want sex at different times? It's not just them being awkward, it's biology.

According to our survey of 2,300 people, men and women's peak times for horniness occur 15 hours apart… Nightmare.

A whopping 78% of men and 69% of women admitted they desire sex most at different times of the day to their partner.

And what are these magical times that bring each of the sexes to life with lust? Well, if you're a man, it's all about the morning glory. Men prefer to wake and shake between 6am and 9am with 7.53am being the optimal time for horizontal refreshment. For women, it appears that nocturnal nooky is the favourite. The hours between 11pm and 2am are most popular for females with 11.21pm being the most moist minute.

I guess it's true what they say: men are from Mars and women are from Venus and the two planets appear to operate in different timezones.

The Times That Men and Women Said They Were Most Turned On

Sex O'Clock Results

The mega survey also revealed big differences in male and female sex drives. Just over half of men (51%) said their desire for sex was pretty constant, compared to just 36% of women. A third (34%) of men said their carnal urges were affected by their mood compared to 47% of women. A further 16% of women and 17% men said that their sex drives were completely unpredictable.

Most of us (68% of women and 63% of men) have dated someone whose sex drive was different from our own but for 44% of women and one third (33%) of men, this mismatch in horniness caused real problems for their relationship.

If you find yourself in such a predicament where you partner wants to wake up and catch the worm but you're more of a sexy night owl, try taking it in turns (or mixing it up completely).

Don't have time for a morning mingle? Set your alarm a little earlier and make the time. The endorphins and adrenaline produced by sex are enough to get you through the day feeling elevated. Plus, you'll probably get complimented on your glowing complexion.

Too tired for late-night loving? Perhaps try something a little less energetic. A sensual massage will often lead to great sex and you'll sleep like a log after.

Another option is to meet in the middle. Many of us have to work during the day but that doesn't mean we can't grab some afternoon delight at the weekends. Give it a go!

The moral of the story here is to compromise. Mixing up your sex schedule can keep both partners happy and do wonders for ridding you of bedroom boredom.

Do you and your partner have mismatched sex drives? Tell us how you keep all parties satisifed in the comment section below.

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