Wey-Aye Man! Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson is the New Face of Lovehoney Lingerie

by Lovehoney

on 19 Oct 2015

Lovehoney Love Me Lace Halter Bra Plum

We've only gone and bagged ourselves a worldie! Introducing the new face of Lovehoney Lingerie - Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson.

The 23-year-old wild-child joined MTV's Geordie Shore back in 2013 (series 7) and for those of you who haven't seen it, things tend to get pretty lively…

Series 11 will commence on Tuesday 20th October where you'll be able to see the gorgeous Marnie and her pals making waves on the Greek islands.

Lovehoney met with Marnie for a top secret, lingerie photo shoot after she was finished with filming. During the shoot we made an exclusive behind-the-scenes video and had a chat with the reality TV Star about what she loves most about our exciting new lingerie lines.

Scroll down for a gallery of our favourite saucy snaps.

Q. What do you think of Lovehoney Lingerie's new lines?

A. The lingerie is lush! It is great to wear and it makes me feel incredibly sexy. It's super comfortable and definitely something that I would choose to wear if I was having an intimate night with a partner.

I'm single now and I think it's really important to wear sexy underwear just for yourself, not just for other people.

Q. What's your favourite thing about your body?

A. I am pleased with my figure. I'm never going to be a catwalk waif but I don't want to be one - I love my curves.

I think my best feature is my legs - they are long and slender and whenever I put on weight it never goes on my thighs, which is a blessing.

Q. Have you got your eyes on anyone at the moment or are you happy being single?

A. I've been in relationships pretty much full-time since I was 15, so it is nice to be a free spirit again for the first time in almost 10 years.

I want to cut myself off from boys for a while and I am not looking for anyone at the moment. I'm just celebrating being single, sexy and young.

Q. Are sex toys a big part of your life?

A. Every girl has a few toys. They are fun when you are in a relationship and fun when you are on your own, too!

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