#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails

by Lovehoney

on 24 Mar 2016

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails

Every now and then, we decide to have a little gander at how #Lovehoney is doing in the Twitterverse, just in case we're number one trending topic in the world or something (it could happen).

Occasionally, we come across the most fantastic Twitter fails.

It appears not everyone knows what they're hashtagging when they type '#Lovehoney' into their tweets and often, it changes the meaning of their once innocent tweet entirely.

Below are some of our favourite #Lovehoney fails. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

1. The Concerned Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails

Cheers for the heads up, Chi-Qi!

2. The 'If Only' Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails We want to be with you too, but some things just aren't meant to be.

3. The Blabbermouth Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails Looks like SOMEONE couldn't keep their mouth shut about our next lubricant flavour. Way to spoil the surprise, Holly.

4. The Deep Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails SO profound.

5. The Absolutely Livid Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails Sorry Trace, it won't happen again.

6. The OTT Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails

We know our flavoured lubes taste good, but calm down.

7. The 'Oh My' Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag Fails

He knows.

8. The Life Hack Tweeter

#Lovehoney Hashtag FailsEvery parent's dread. Perhaps you should invest in one of these.

Think before you hashtag, folks!

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Originally published on 24 Mar 2016. Updated on 5 Aug 2020