Feel the Difference: Introducing Desire, Lovehoney's Premium Pleasure Collection

Feel the Difference: Introducing Desire, Lovehoney's Premium Pleasure Collection

by Lovehoney

on 19 Nov 2015

Desire collection

Upgrade your intimate experiences with Lovehoney's latest collection, Desire. Born of over a decade of experience and drawing on over [[stats:reviews]] customer reviews, this new range represents the point where our expertise meets our customers' insight. The result is the ultimate premium pleasure collection.

In the works for several years, the range of six toys has used your feedback to inform its designs, cherry-picking and combining the key features from your top-rated styles.

Through a meticulous process of reworking, field-testing and feedback these toys have then been refined, revised and rebooted to realise their peak potential, and fitted with high-functioning motors to maximise sensation and versatility.

In this video, Lovehoney Product Director Bonny Hall and Product Developer Paul Jaques discuss the conception and creation of the Lovehoney Desire range.

[[video:4545:width=700:centre:title=The Desire Story]]

  • According to Bonny, the notion of a premium collection was a natural next step for the company. "We've got our BASICS range, which is fantastic for beginners," she says. "We've got our core range, which is across multiple categories and offers fantastic value for money, and the gap that we had is our luxury range, giving customers that added extra, that luxury feel."

Creating the Collection

Research for the collection began with our customers, with the New Product Development team examining reviews and feedback to discover what customers were looking for, evaluating the best-rated shapes and figuring out how the Desire range could build on these. Paul affirms: "The premise of this collection is, 'What do people really want?'"

Once the shape has been decided on, each item in the collection starts as a 2D sketch, which is then made into a 3D model. "The product starts from the outside, and then we work our way in," says Paul. Following this, Paul and his team work on a 3D printed model before putting the motor, circuit boards and battery into the prototype silicone body and testing it.

Once the prototype is up and running, the toy is sent to reviewers for a real-time field test, covering aspects such as power, cleanability, use, noise and run-time.

Based on the feedback given, the product may then be honed and enhanced – as with the Desire G-Spot Vibrator, which was resized and re-engineered to house a second motor. This addition boosted its vibration strength by up to 75%, while enabling tremendous power along the full shaft of the toy. Paul comments: "The data we got back from all this prototyping enabled us to meet the customer requirement - and then go that one step further."

According to Paul, the meticulous care and effort put into the Desire motors is one of the collection's strengths. "Run-time has been maximised, the power in the motor has been optimised with that run-time, along with the noise."

All six toys from the Desire range feature a silicone casing, which Paul says has a number of key advantages over other soft materials. "It's immediately latex-free, it's also phthalate-free, and it allows itself to go through a manufacturing process… so that all the marks and imperfections are taken out."

Desire clitoral vibrator

Assured Discretion

Each toy in the collection comes with its own case, which can not only be used for storage between uses but also features a cable point for charging in privacy. According to Bonny, the storage cases answer a direct need identified during the research process: "Customers are after the discreet, they're after the thing that becomes a gift, for themselves, or for their partner."

Whether you're looking to treat yourself, or give the gift of premium pleasure, the Desire collection represents some of the most meticulously researched, carefully constructed and diligently revised products available today.

With Desire, you really can feel the difference.

Explore the Desire collection.

Desire boxed collection

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