Food Foreplay Tips (That Would Make Even Christian Grey Jealous)

by Sammi

on 7 Dec 2017

Food Foreplay Tips (That Would Make Even Christian Grey Jealous)

Last week saw the release of the steamy fifth book from international best-selling author, E L James.

Darker retells the erotic rollercoaster ride that was Fifty Shades Darker, but this time from the perspective of its tortured and enigmatic male lead, Christian Grey himself.

Though we get some exhilarating new insights into the sexy scenes that we know and love, we also learn more about Christian's tangled relationships with Elena, Leila, and his mother, as well as greater understanding of how a 27-year-old got that damn rich.

But the scenes that have got everyone talking don't involve floggers, whips, or nipple clamps: they involve food.

More specifically, a carton of Ben and Jerry's, and a chicken stir fry.

If, like Ana and Christian, you want to involve something a little sweet (or savoury) in your lovemaking, we've whipped up our favourite food sex tips to make it extra-delicious.

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Pick your menu wisely

Pouring the contents of your fridge onto your lover, 9½ Weeks-style, may seem like a great idea, but there are certain foods that lend themselves better to erotic play than others.

Do go for:

- Viscous foods like honey, chocolate sauce, or warm peanut butter that are great for pouring onto skin. They aren't too runny, and can be used to trace words, patterns, or trails across your partner's body.

- Fruits like cherries and strawberries, or other sweet things that you can nibble with your partner (plus, fruit's a natural aphrodisiac).

- Grapefruit - check out the grapefruit blow job technique here (but do be careful if you're on any medication which says to avoid grapefruit).

Don't go for:

- Spicy foods that could irritate skin and other sensitive areas. If you fancy some tingly, warming sensations, why not try the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sweet Pink Cupcake Warming Lube?

- Food that's tasty but smells weird. A melted Camembert may be delicious, but it doesn't create the most erotic of scents...

- Any sort of phallic food as a replacement for a sex toy. Cucumbers, carrots, bananas and the like can cause irritation if used internally, but if you're determined to try, make sure you slip a condom over it first.

Play with temperature

Food play is a great time to experiment with the different sensations of heat and cold.

Try warming a squeezy bottle of honey in a bowl of warm water. Then take an ice cube, run it across your partner's body, and while their skin is super-sensitive, drizzle on the warm honey and lick it off.

Or make like Mr Grey and grab a tub of ice cream instead to cool things down.

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Engage all your senses

Though food sex is all about the taste, it's also a perfect opportunity to involve sensual sights, sensations, and smells as well. You can always add a blindfold to heighten your sense of taste, too!

Sight: As they're always saying on Come Dine With Me, you "eat with your eyes" first. Choose visually appealing foods in a range of eye-pleasing colours; if you're using ice cubes, don't use the ones from the novelty ice cube tray; and try pouring oil or sauce from a swish decanter or jug rather than straight from the supermarket own-brand bottle.

Touch: Play with different food textures to keep your lover guessing, whether it's the slick sensation of caramel sauce, the juiciness of kiwi fruit, or the fizziness of champagne. Remember: moist is good. Slimy is not.

Smells: Food such as mangoes that release a sweet or alluring fragrance when they're opened are perfect for sexing up the mood even further. Scents that are proven to turn us on include vanilla, orange, and chocolate.

Sounds: For lots of people, the sounds of sex are an enormous turn on. Playing with juicy, slurpy foods such as fruit will help to set the aural mood as you eat them off your lover.

Keep it sugar-free

Though a drizzling of chocolate sauce down below sounds deeply sexy, the truth is, sugar is the enemy of vaginal health - so, as tempting as it may be, keep that sweet stuff away from your privates.

Glycerine and other sugars can mess with the delicate pH balance of your lady garden, leading to thrush and other nasty infections.

And though it's not quite as detrimental to dongs, if you're planning on putting that penis inside any other orifices later on, it's best to keep it sugar-free, too.

... and don't forget standard food hygiene practices

"Put the chicken in the fridge," as Christian would say.

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