Gamers Apparently Have The Most Sex

Gamers Apparently Have The Most Sex

by Guest

on 27 Dec 2017

Gamers Have The Most Sex

Whether it's reading, running, or socialising, we've all got our favourite me-time hobbies to let off steam after studying or working.

But have you ever thought about what your hobbies say about your sex life?

If not, and you're a guy who's a fan of video games, then we've got some good news for you.

A recent study conducted by a UK voucher company has indicated that of the groups 'trend-setter', 'nerd', 'rocker', 'gym goer' and several others, the group that has the most sex (by a pretty significant margin) was gamers, averaging six times a week.

That's quite some shag-streak.

But why might this be?

To find out more about the button-bashing world of gamer sex, just keep reading.

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Could it be just a 'Fable'? Or a 'Far Cry' from the truth?

This might sound like the product of outlandish boasting, but the survey claims to have not asked the male gamers themselves but their girlfriends, asking which category their partner falls into and how often they have sex.

Obviously, these results need to be taken with a pinch of salt - the study looks only at heterosexual couples, and doesn't take into account single gamers.

Not only that, but you can never 100% trust any kind of survey like this where the data is submitted entirely anonymously, with a relatively small sample size and little vetting.

That said, if any of you (gamers or otherwise) out there are lucky enough to be getting busy six times a week, make sure you have the basics taken care of! Lube and condoms are of course a great starting place.

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Do it like a gamer

The idea of which of these so-called 'tribes' has the most sex on average, and why, is definitely intriguing.

Would a gamer have less sex during the jam-packed winter release period, with games like Call of Duty: WWII and Super Mario Odyssey demanding more hours to complete than most of us have available? Or is sex another way of earning real-life achievements?

Similarly, it would be fascinating to get more information on things such as the number of partners members of each group have on average.

Is a trend-setter more likely to sleep with multiple partners, being on the cutting edge as they seem to be? Does the stereotypical buff gym goer more often hold down a steady relationship or flit from fling to fling?>/p>

While this study may not be the most reliable ever conducted, it is great that people are starting to ask more questions about how our sex lives affects everything else we have going on, and vice versa.

It may be purely anecdotal evidence, but from personal experience I am always quick to jump onto the latest gadget fad (as my dusty VR headset can attest), so maybe that's why I'm so often browsing and buying from Lovehoney's What's New in Sex Toys section.

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But what about the others?

It may also interest some readers to learn where the other 'tribes' scored on the average sex per week survey.

The 'hipster' and 'chav' groups were joint second, with a still-impressive 4 times a week, while the 'trend-setters' clocked up an average of 3 times.

But second from bottom were the gym goers, with an average of once per week.

In last place, not altogether unsurprisingly given the pressures of childcare, we have the dads, with an average of once per fortnight.

Got any thoughts on the link between 'tribe' and sex life? Want to share the female or non-binary side of the coin, and if your experiences line up with the results of this survey? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

The ViBlogger is a student at the University of Leeds, where he studies Astrophysics. When he's not writing for The Sextbook, he can usually be found in a Yorkshire field reenacting the 12th century.

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Originally published on 27 Dec 2017. Updated on 5 Aug 2020