Recreate the Sex Scenes from Fifty Shades Darker [SPOILERS]

by Jess

on 16 Feb 2017


If like us you went to see Fifty Shades Darker for kinky inspiration (don't be shy, that's exactly why you went) then chances are you left the cinema with more than just leftover popcorn!

With an array of luxury sex toys to keep us fixated on the screen (as well as boobs, bums and heart-thumping sex scenes, of course) we were left more than a bit intrigued by what we'd just seen.

And just like your favourite member of a boy band, those who've seen the film all have a toy which they simply can't stop thinking about. (#DatSpreaderBarTho.)

So which one left you yearning for more? The silver balls? The spreader bar? Or those amaaazing masks?

Below, I've picked out my top 3 sex scenes from the Fifty Shades Darker movie and listed which toys you'll need to recreate authentic Christian and Ana roleplay at home.

Comment below and tell us which toy got your attention!

1. Masked Balls


Fans of the book and those who've seen the film (and anyone with eyes/ears/lives on planet Earth) will know about the Masquerade Ball. It's a pretty big deal.

But what about the toys? Other than Christian and Ana themselves, the stars of this scene are those silver balls.

They've been on everyone's lips (not just Anastasia's), and judging by the sex that follows, it's clear to see why.

Here's what you'll need to recreate this scene at home…

Those Silver Balls

"Now you know what those silver balls are for…" - Christian Grey

Here they are… Those renowned silver balls! And no, as Christian so eloquently puts it, "they're not for your butt".

Replicate that teasing scene from the books and film by wearing a set of love balls before intimate play. They're deliciously arousing to wear and, if you choose a set with free-roaming internal balls, they jiggle and wiggle as you move for extra stimulation. Plus they'll leave you ultra-sensitive for what happens next…

Unless you actually have a billionaire partner who can pay for your dentist bills, we recommend avoiding the mouth and applying your favourite water-based lube for easy insertion.

The Inner Goddess set featured here is perfect for authentic Christian and Ana play, but you can browse our full collection of kegel balls here.

Anastasia's Lingerie

"Are you just going to stand there gawking?" - Anastasia Steele

Just as those silver balls are a tease for the wearer, a flash of the right lingerie is sure to get your partner's blood pumping in all the right ways.

This Masquerade Basque by Coco de Mer has been directly inspired by Anastasia, and when paired with the matching thong and a pair of black stockings it oozes Anastasia chic.

Slip it on under a silver dress for the full movie ensemble, or wear with nothing but heels for eye-popping impact.

(Again, unless you have a have a walk-in wardrobe filled with Louboutins, any heels will do!)

Browse our full collection of basques here.

Bow Tie Me Up

"Put your arms behind your back" - Christian Grey

Whether you're going for stay-at-home Fifty Shades role play or really have a fancy event to attend, our Fifty Shades Darker His Rules Bondage Bow Tie looks as good on your lover's neck as it does around restless wrists.

Tailored by genuine bow tie clothiers, this neck piece would certainly fit in amongst Christian's collection (unless Mia bought it) and unlike Anastasia and Christian's new-found relationship rules, this bow tie hides a secret.

With a hidden loop inside the neck it enables safe wrist-binding for impromptu bondage fun. Now that's a secret even Ana would agree with!

All you need to worry about is which excuse to use to sneak off mid-party…

Check out the rest of our restraints here.

The Official Masquerade Masks


"Did I mention it's a masquerade ball?" - Christian Grey

No masquerade ball would be complete without masks… And what better way to replicate this scenario than to wear the official masks approved by E L James herself?

Our his 'n' hers Fifty Shades Darker masks have been lovingly crafted by our designers and given the stamp of approval by the author herself as the masks for authentic Christian and Anastasia dress-up.

Whilst our Secret Prince mask boasts sleek, masculine details to frame a steely "Christian" stare, our soft, elegant Anastasia mask features hidden symbols from the storyline to truly bring your fantasies to life.

And those stunningly beautiful light-reflecting gems we couldn't take our eyes off in the movie? Yep… We added those too.

View all our masks and blindfolds here.

2. Spread 'em, partner

What happened to "curiosity killed the cat"? If Fifty Shades has taught us anything, it's that it's perfectly fine to go through your partner's things.

Ok, so that's probably not true, but we can't deny that Christian didn't seem too bothered by Ana going through his kinky drawers, and in fact it leads to a pretty steamy sex session.

So what did she find? Let's take a look behind drawer number 1:

They're Nipple Clamps

"The sensation is more intense when you take them off" - Christian Grey

For role play which oozes Christian and Ana styling, check out these official adjustable nipple clamps - they're amazing for heightened sensitivity during play.

If you've read the books or seen the film, you'll know that Christian doesn't go further than testing these on Anastasia's finger tip, but we recommend you go the whole hog and tickle a nipple (or two!)

With adjustable pinch and silicone-coated tips they offer a velvety squeeze and, just as Christian says, they really come into their own once removed.

Follow up pinching pleasure with licks, flicks and tweaks to take advantage of those newly-enhanced nips.

Browse our full range of nipple clamps here.

Spreader Bar to Spread 'em Far

"Are you ready?" - Christian Grey

In surely the hottest of all the sex scenes (amirite?), Anastasia insists on finding out what this contraption is. The contraption being? A spreader bar.

Throwing "let's walk before we run" out of the window, Anastasia can't take her eyes off this bit of kit, and it's clear to see why.

With a set of cuffs at each end and an expandable bar in the middle, spreader bars are a fantastic position enhancer for couples who want leg-spread-positions and easy access for all sorts of erotic endeavors.

Not sure how to use one? Check out my handy video guide over on YouTube: How to Use a Spreader Bar.

Explore our full range of spreader bars here.

3. Red Red Roo-oo-oo-m

Remember the passionate Red Room scene from the book which involves ALLOFTHETOYS? Well get ready for a visual treat like no other in the film!

If, like everyone else, you want to recreate your very own Red Room at home, you're gonna need some of the gear.

These should get you started…

That Silky Blindfold

"Take me to your Red Room…" - Anastasia Steele

An absolute staple when it comes to BDSM fun, sensory deprivation immediately heightens sensitivity all over the body, and this set of Fifty Shades of Grey blindfolds is great for creating this at home.

Shaped to fit over the eyes and nose perfectly and padded for effective light restriction, they stay on with a simple elasticated strap for maximum comfort during wear.

Plus they come with a drawstring bag for premium storage between uses.

Check out our full selection of blindfolds here.

The Wrist Cuffs

"Arms behind your back. I'm going to cuff you." - Christian Grey

Now, it's no secret that Christian has some pretty fancy bondage gear. He always goes for the best in the business - that's clear when he binds Anastasia's arms behind her back in the Red Room.

If you're like us and pay attention to detail you probably spotted the beautiful leather cuffs which appear in both films. With their sumptous padding and stunning metal hardware, they have an aesthetic like no other.

So for authentic Red Room role play, you can't go wrong with these deluxe Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Wrist Cuffs. They're so sophisticated we wouldn't be surprised if Christian had a set in his Red Room, too!

Fancy something different? We have a whole plethora of wrist restraints to choose from here.

Massage in a Bottle

"…his touch sends a delicious shiver through me…" - Anastasia Steele

[SPOILER ALERT] Get ready for boobs!

If you want to recreate this sensual chest massage at home (who wouldn't?!) it's as simple as picking up a bottle of massage oil and drizzling it over your partner's chest whilst they're blindfolded. (Boobs not mam-datory)

In the film Christian opts for a glass bottled massage oil because it looks as sensational as it feels and its glass bottle makes warming the oil a cinch.

Recreate this sensual massage at home with the official Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil.

We have loads of massage oils and candles to choose from. Check them out here.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on 16 Feb 2017. Updated on 24 Feb 2021