A Sex Shop Made Entirely of Felt is Coming to London (and We Got a Sneak Peek)

by Lovehoney

on 9 Oct 2015

Lucy Sparrow Felt Sex Shop

It's not something you hear everyday, but felt craft just got a whole lot sexier.

Introducing Madame Roxy's Erotic Emporium - the Soho sex shop made entirely of felt - brought to you by artist Lucy Sparrow.

The art installation, which will be open to the public until 17th October, took six months to create and every single sex toy, condom and bondage item on the shelves (around 5,000 in total) was stitched by Lucy's nimble fingers.

Queen of felt Lucy hopes that the erotic exhibit will challenge society's 'Victorian attitudes' towards sex, particularly the commercialisation of London's provocative Soho area.

She explained: "While London's Soho undergoes sterilisation with strip clubs and sex shops being swept away in favour of trendy wine bars and hipster coffee shops, so Britain's laws on pornography are also being cleansed."

See if you can spot some of your most-loved Lovehoney products in the snaps below.

  1. Felt Sex Shop Exterior

    Feast your eyes on Madame Roxy's Erotic Emporium - offering everything your heart could desire (providing that you only desire kinky bits and bobs made of felt).

  2. Felt Sex Shop Products

    The Lovehoney Jessica Triple Rabbit Vibrator and Lovehoney Double Penetration Dildo are bound to leave you feeling fuzzy-headed.

  1. Felt Sex Shop Products 2

    Choose the Lovehoney Double Penetration Dildo to guarantee a good stuffing - but be careful, you don't want to end up needing stitches!

  1. Felt Sex Shop Products 3

    The Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Realistic Dildo never felt sew good. It just seams so reel (we should probably stop these jokes soon before we run out of good material).

For more information about Lucy Sparrow's #FeltSexShop, visit www.madameroxys.co.uk or follow @sewyoursoul on Twitter.

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