How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo

How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo

by Lovehoney

on 2 May 2017

Fancy a dildo but don't want to leave your partner out of the fun? Then hop onboard a double-ended dildo for twice the pleasure, or use it solo for mind-blowing penetration!

If you've always wanted to enjoy double penetration or you and your partner want to try pegging play, then a double dildo could be just what you're looking for!

Our Top-Rated Double-Ended Dildos

  1. What is a double-ended dildo?

    BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo

    Quite simply, a double-ended dildo (also known as a double dong) is a long dildo with a moulded head at each end for penetration.

    Double dildos vary in size, from the Lovehoney BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo, all the way up to the 22 inch Hoodlum Tapered Double Penetration Realistic Double Dildo.

    While size is most definitely a factor when buying a double dong, you also have the choice of different colours, textures and materials too. There are even vibrating versions, too.

    How to use a double-ended dildo on your own

    Hoodlum Tapered Double Penetration Realistic Double-Ended Dildo

    If you're solo, a flexible double-ended dildo, like the Hoodlum Tapered Double Penetration Realistic Double Dildo, is easier to get to grips with. It might feel wobbly and unwieldy at first, but by bending and twisting it you'll find that it becomes much firmer. Choosing one that has one slimmer end makes anal penetration easier for beginners.

    To start with, it's important to cover each end with a water-based lubricant, then position yourself ready for action. Either:

    1) Lie on your back, with a cushion or two under your hips, and spread your legs comfortably. Insert one end of the double dildo slowly, then bend the other end of it up towards you to use as a handle and to guide the thrust of it.

    2) Bend the dildo into a 'U' shape and rest it against a surface with each end facing upwards. Squatting over it, gently guide one head into the anus and the other into the vagina. You will then be able to bounce on the dildo and acheive full, fulfilling double penetration!

    How to use a double-ended dildo with a partner

    Doc Johnson Classic Veined Double Header Dildo 18 Inch

    If you're playing together, then you'll want a double dildo which is a bit firmer, such as the Doc Johnson Veined Double Header Dildo 18 Inch.

    Balance and positioning are the main issues when using a double dildo with a partner, so experiment to find out what works for you.

    You might like to try having both of you kneeling on all fours and backing on to each end of the double dildo, one at a time. This allows you to both take the dildo at your own pace.

    Alternatively, sit facing each other then bring yourself on to your hands and feet in a semi 'crab' position. Slide the double dildo between you and insert it slowly. By intertwining your legs, you can both enjoy the full length of the dildo as you thrust forwards and back, while still maintaining eye contact.

    Vibrating double-ended dildos

    Lovehoney Double Delight Adjustable Pink Vibrating Strapless Strap-On

    If you want to combine the double thrusts of a twin dong with powerful vibrations, look no further than a double-ended vibrator.

    These double dildos have a short stunted end that sits internally and a longer end which sits out side the body. The vibrations come from a small bullet vibe located in the base, which benefits both partners.

    If you want to play with a double dildo that sits naturally on the body, take a look at the Lovehoney Double Delight Vibrating Double Strap On. One end sits inside the body stimulating the internal walls, while the other end sits outside the body, allowing you to use it as a thrustable, adjustable penis! The vibrating bullet rests in the special nodule on the shaft, allowing it to tease the clitoris.

    Sammi Cole tells you everything you need to know about double-ended dongs.

    Need more help with double-ended dildos?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the perfect double-ended dildo for you. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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