Book of the Month: Hot Sex by Tracey Cox

Book of the Month: Hot Sex by Tracey Cox

by Lovehoney

on 14 Apr 2015

Book of the Month by Tracey CoxHands up who wants Hot Sex in their lives?

Sexpert Tracey Cox shows you how to get the sex life of your dreams in her best-selling classic Hot Sex: How To Do It. Pick it up from Lovehoney this month, and you also get a free pack of Lovehoney Assorted Flavoured Lubricant Sachets to help you get started on your sexual re-awakening.

Tracey Cox is Britain's most renowned sexpert, sex author and relationship agony aunt. You may also recognise her as the designer of two of our best-selling sex toy ranges: Supersex (sex toys and bondage for couples) and Edge (stamina training for men).

Hot Sex: How To Do It is the first of Tracey's 15 books about sex and relationships, and a classic tome in its own right. Talking you through the ins-and-outs of sex in her unique, witty writing style, Tracey uses interviews and glossaries to give an overview of everything sex you need to know.

Review of Hot Sex: "Fantastically informative and good-humoured read"

"I bought this book with the accompanying 'Hot Relationships', both of which I would thoroughly recommend."

I would consider myself as pretty clued up and open, yet this book still gave me some new ideas. It is very sex-positive, informative and funny at times, with great advice on how to keep sex interesting as a relationship matures. It also has information about STIs and losing your virginity so I would thoroughly recommend it for people just starting out with sex and all its wonderful intricacies. It also has helpful sections for people dealing with abuse, as well as page after page of useful references and a handy index."

It is my strong belief that every sexually active (particularly young and perhaps misguided people) person should be given a copy; the frank and honest nature of this book is both encouraging and enlightening." - roaminghands, Lovehoney customer

Book of the Month - Hot Sex by Tracey Cox


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