How To Find Your G-Spot

In this blog, we investigate the elusive G-spot, in the hopes of giving you new ways to pleasure yourself or delight your lover. Read on to discover what a G-spot really is, how to find it, and how to have your first G-spot orgasm.

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Why a Sense of Humour is So Important in a Healthy Sex Life

Whoever designed sex had a great sense of humour. Think about it. All those dangly bits banging together. The ridiculous plight of removing skinny jeans. The noises, some voluntary, some not so voluntary. It's a laugh riot. And yet, very few of us feel that a laugh in the bedroom is... appropriate.

While we understand that no one wants to be greeted with uncontrollable chortles when they strip down to their undies, a sense of humour is actually great for your sex life. In this blog we show you why.

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